Do you like philosophy? If ya do, then, why don’t you mosey on down to the wild Wild West philosophy server! Despite it’s name, this server doesn’t only welcome western philosophers, or just philosophers in general. Everybody and anybody are welcome!

This server is a light hearted hootinany for all people who like philosophy, discussion, conversation and (dare I suggest) fun.

Oh, and yeah, this server also has a gimmick…. I mean THEME! Of being set in the Wild West! (Although, just to be clear, it isn’t really a roleplay).

Because of this Wild West theme, the server has a few interesting quirks. For example:

We have a “saloon” channel, which is meant for anyone who has had a few drinks and wants some company. (although all are welcome!)

We also have a “meet at high noon” channel, which is meant for when tensions are high between members of the server. Any members of the server who feel a bit too riled up can have at it in an old fashioned (text) brawl. (This channel is moderated however, so we will be there to make sure any arguments don’t go too far).

And finally, just in General, who doesn’t love talking like a cowboy? (Not that it’s compulsory).

If this seems at all enticing, then come on down to our server and pull up a musty old bar stool, you’ll be more than welcome to stay!

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