➤ An amazing buying/selling as well as trading area. We have lots of fast middlemen to make sure no one gets scammed! We have categories for selling/buying/trading with lots of games like GPO, MM2, Deepwoken, adopt me, PSX, and much more

➤ Many different channels and categories open to all, like we stated above, and so much more!

➤ Staff members that are active on a daily basis and that patrol our server accordingly!

➤ A trusted MM team, that works quick 24/7.

➤ We ban all scammers and have Double Counter to prevent them from making alts!

➤ VC where you can talk with friends or listen to music!

➤ We offer an active server with many different types of people chatting regularly!

➤ Sophisticated bot system where our bots can also check our server.

➤ Open to feedbacks, suggestions and much more, and you do not need to hesitate to talk to one of our staff members if you need help

➤ Last but not least, the best fun you could ever have!

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