Ever dreamed what it was like to manage your own sports team? Call your own shots. Hire players, fire coaches, set minutes, guide training, win the championship. Do all that here!

We're a sports management gaming server which run our own stylized sports simulations through Google Sheets. Fully interactive, you completely call the shots and face off against randomly generated teams and other managers as well. Join other managers in multiple sports leagues!

• Quidditch - The game of the Wizarding World. 7 players face off against each other in the skies and try and score goals before the snitch is caught. Fill out your own rosters with (currently) all 13 canon teams, stay under the salary cap limit, set your strategy, and try and win the League Cup.

• Gravball - a 6 man game, a mix of basketball and lacrosse. Fill out your roster within the salary cap limits, set the minutes and try and win the championship against other managers. Completely revamped with a new engine and methodology and restarting with Season 1 of the IGGBL

Games are run weekly and carefully curated for fun and fairness for all, adding new features and bug fixes constantly, with an open dialogue for ideas and additions. Only a few minutes requirement each week needed... but you'll find yourself spending a lot more than that on accident!

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