New Age Roleplay | QBCore | Economy Server | London Based | Public ───────────────────────────

NARP is a QBCore Economy Server (Currently Public) based on the United Kingdom that offers its Community a wide range of choices for Jobs, Gangs, Clothing, Vehicles, Scripts, Fun Activities, Criminal Activities & More!

Listed below is some of the main Server Features:

Civilian Jobs:

Taxi Service Farming Delivery & Trucking Services Garbage Collection Fishing Mining Lumberjack Restaurants & More!

Whitelisted Jobs:

Mechanics Real Estate NHS, London Ambulance Service | EMS Activities | Advanced EMS Scripts | LFB, London Fire Brigade | Smart Fires & Smart Ladder | MPS, Metropolitan Police Service | ERPT | RTPC | MO19 | CID | DSU | More | Player Owned Businesses | Start Your Own Business!


Player Ran Gangs & Whitelisted Gangs ATM & Parking Meter Robberies Shop Robberies Jewellery Robberies Bank Heists Dirty Money NPC Pimping New Updates Planned Item & Weapon Crafting Drug Processing | Weed | Coke | Meth | LSD | Heroin | Black Market Prison Economy & Gangs

Misc Activities:

Metal Detecting Recycling Pawn Shop Diamond Casino Paint Balling Go Karting Boxing Ring Illegal Street Racing Hunting DJ Boothes Arcade with Retro Games House Decorating Pets Skateboards 8 Ball Pool

NARP is a newer Community with an active Staff and Development Team, we are also open to welcoming new members who want to take part in a new and growing experience where your feedback and suggestions matter, if you're looking for a new Community then why not give NARP a go!

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