Similar to Hermitcraft,

  • Must be at least 14 years of age
  • Java
  • MC server has not launched yet, plans to launch in june


  1. Be nice to all other members
  2. Shops can either be around the starter mountain, or anywhere else. (Just know that the starter mountain is the most popular place)
  3. Diamonds are the currency
  4. No extreme greifing
  5. No killing, except if you have reason
  6. You shall not add anyone to the server without permission
  7. Use the correct discord channels for the correct usage
  8. No stealing from people
  9. No using peoples farms without their permission
  10. No spamming in MC or DISCORD
  11. Do no reveal any private information of a person
  12. No MODS or HACKING is allowed
  13. Stay respectful on controversial topics

INFORMATION • This is a Minecraft java server • This is free for you! • This is a non-violent no greif building SMP, although it is a rule to not kill, if you have reason (a mini-game, server event, self defense) • We play in seasons, every season we reset the world, get a new seed, and delete everyone's items to keep it interesting. Seasons are from major Minecraft updates to another. (So like 1.17 to 1.18 was a season) • There is NO LORE • This is a JAVA ONLY SERVER • The minimum required amount of time you must spend on the server is 1 hour a week, obviously if something more important comes up IRL you don't have to play for that week! • If anyone is not active, they will be kicked and replaced. • This is a BUILDING SERVER, if you aren't good at building, leave. • Must be at least 14 years of age

Eligibility will be checked through a google form!

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