"Welcome to Undercity.

A city caught somewhere in the convergence of time and space. Here, you can be anywhere, anytime, anyone.

Explore the drenched and neon soaked ambience of Undercity circa 2088. Chart your own path, a trailblazer amongst the stars in 2808. Maybe you'd like to douse your thoughts with a splash of vodka with interesting company in a present day bar. Or perhaps venture throughout the distant past as you meet strange and exciting creatures. Whatever you can dream up, there's a place for it here.

Welcome to Undercity.

Welcome home."

Hello and welcome! The counts and viscounts extend a courteous invitation and introduction to our community. We are an 18+ community and ERP discord server here for passionate writers. From the new bloods at writing, to those with a little more... infamy, there's a place for you here.

Our goal is to provide a place to allow any writer—new and experienced both, to explore and play out whatever deepest and darkest desires they may have. Here, you can make friends, accrue fame, and make your way up the societal ladder of the Undercity!

Make a name for yourself and notoriety will soon follow— The Baroness will keep an attentive eye on your progress.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

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