Welcome to Loki's Playground ?

Loki's Playground is a fun and safe BDSM room with a Norse/Viking theme. We take pride in the protection of our server and making sure that everyone feels safe. To enter this room you must be 18+ (for subs) and 21+ (for Dom/Dommes).

We are a drama free zone. So please leave all drama at the door before stepping over our threshold.

With your safety in mind and to encourage activity, we have a multi tier system in place, where the more active you are in the server, the more explicit content you unlock.

This room caters to most BDSM needs!!! We have a pet area, littles area, brats area, a high protocol area, and of course our sfw and nsfw for all you riskkyy people, including specialty extreme content rooms? All these special interest areas are opt-in, so if you don't want to see it, you don't have to.

There are MANY roles to choose from and much fun to be had!! We have daily themes and fun tasks for all!

Do you dare to enter the realm of the trickster god?

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