You’ve received a letter of acceptance to strixhaven, We are a server that is built around mixing dungeons and dragons and E/RP. It's a perfect place for beginners and experienced people of all walks of life.


  • • Arcane College setting with 5 houses to join
  • • A system for leveling up by having RPs
  • • A better stat array of (18, 15, 14, 12, 10, 8) that is on par with roll. [No rolling for stats allowed]
  • • Feel free to play as a Monster via the Side Kick system form TCE
  • • Magic items awarded for leveling up automatically
  • • Free help building and balancing your character sheet
  • • An ever expanding server, contently trying to improve with feedback from players like you.


You can play without touching any NSFW aspect like some of us, but please note that this is an 18+ community exclusively so join at your discretion.

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