Vertiose Media is an English-speaking, professional, results driven community of talented creators, and marketers centered around growing online brands.

Streamers & Gamers can self-promote in dedicated channels, and learn modern tricks to develop, scale, and monetize their online presence.

Influencers & Content Creators can self-promote and learn useful tips to increase engagements organically.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners can promote products, services, pitch ideas, and find talented employees.

Everyone is welcome to receive paid coaching on how to develop additional income streams to break free from the Matrix. With Moonlight Academy, we give clear, concise instructions on how to make money online using print-on-demand stores, Amazon E-commerce, AI for business development, SEO, Copywriting, Influencer Marketing, Retail Arbitrage and more!

Free Member Benefits Include: ⚑ 384kbps Audio + 100 Emojis! (Level 3 Nitro Boosted Server) : 60+ Channels For Self-Promotions Of Streams, Other Discord Servers, Social Media & More : 10+ Topical Chat Channels For A Variety Of Topics : 20+ Bots & Immediate Staff Support : Custom Server Templates For Streamers, Businesses & Personal Brands : News & Editorials Feeds For Wealth, Technology, Business, Sports & More : Curated Business Training Video & Programs : 20TB+ Library Of Resources : Bi-Weekly $100+ Giveaways Such As Gift Cards, Stream Decks, Consoles, & More :Free Sponsorship, Streaming, E-Commerce, & Fitness Tips : So Much More!

Are you ready to unleash your online presence? Join our Discord today!

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