»—⋆◦★•. Cosmic Creations˚ ⭒₊☽◦⋆—«

Cosmic Creations is a chill server for all art enthusiasts to enjoy! Join us to share your art, get feedback, make friends, and more!

»—⋆◦★•. What we Offer:˚ ⭒₊☽◦⋆—«

★-» Channels dedicated to many forms of artwork

★-» Aesthetic Theme

★-» Non-toxic Environment

★-» A place to advertise and request commissions

★-» Off-topic channels to make friends and hang out

★-» LGBTQ+ Safe Space

★-» DID and OSDD system friendly

★-» Games and events!

»———⋆•. ☆ ˚₊☽ ★◦⋆———«

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