Realm of Transcendence is a 18+ Trans/LGBTQ+ community as well as a vrchat club hoping to provide a safe place for likeminded people to be able to express themselves comfortably and meet others in a mature environment with those that understand you!

What we'd like to offer you:

  • lgbtq+ friendly space
  • large Trans community
  • fun vr events like meetups, dance events, game nights!
  • people to meet & hangout with
  • introduction & lfg channels to find others
  • lots of emojis & roles & bots
  • pokemon bot
  • venting/support channel
  • political channel
  • absolutely no chasers and layers of protection against them(including a leveling system)
  • a sex positive bdsm/kink friendly nsfw section (id verify required)
  • very friendly owner that has the ideal to create a warm space
  • plural friendly space!

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