Tyrant's Social Hub

Make friends within my community through socializing, gaming etc. Looking for people who can fit in nicely within our community.


Welcome! This is what we offer: ? Self promote your server or social media. ?Premium Advertising: Paid & FREE offers ? 25 server categories to advertise in ? Social hub to converse and share with ...


Chatear y hacer amigos en nuestra sala ¡Discordia o conoce los eventos interesantes en nuestra web! ;)

Apex Community

Apex Community is a new community on Discord, where you can chat and make new friends. We are giving OG exclusive tags right now, we are looking for Event Team and Staff Members. Once joined make s...

Waystone Inn

A friendly well moderated mature social discord community come talk to us about anime, gaming, music, movies / TV shows or current events , custom roles,colors


TikTok is not your ordinary destination for short-form mobile video. It's raw, real, and without boundaries. Join our Discord server!


A social refuge for the wandering soul. Come meet a welcoming, wholesome, & growing community!

Lunar Light 🎄

This is a general interests and hobby server. We have channels for most hobbies and there's something for everyone. We have regular events including movies and karaoke, a short list of rules, and a...

The New War

Unser Server ist ein Deutschsprachiger Warframe Server, der immer auf der suche nach netten, aktiven und hilfsbereiten Membern ist. Hier findest du immer jemanden mit dem du zocken kannst, der dir ...

✦✧ 𝓚𝓻𝓲𝓸'𝓼 𝓒𝓪𝓫𝓲𝓷✧✦

This a server where you can just chill out and have fun. We have awesome and amazing staff, and they are there to help you all the time! We also focus on keeping a kind, open community, so that you...


This place is very versatile, we try to suit everyone's needs. It's a fun server to be in if you like to make friends! We revolve around chatting, anime and gaming. We have giveaways from time to t...


An open gaming community for adults. GamersUnitedFront.com

Le Friends

Is your Ultimate quest to have an Epic experience regardless of what you do, and or have to be better and improve your communities? Then Welcome to more than a group or an ideal. Welcome to this ex...


The officially unofficial Warframe Partnered Discord server! Join the war, Tenno!


We’re a community server with many people from everywhere in the world! We accept everyone and hope you join us and come host and attend events with us.

Gamer Network

***My server is a Community with memes, Staff, jokes, bots, gamers and so much more. Please mind we are a new server but we love help and suggestions. Hope to see you soon!!!*** ?⚠️?????? *** Curr...

Creative Hub

Hi! This server was created for uniting every artist and every beginner in one place where they can socialise and help each-other. Everyone is welcome on our server, but keep in mind it was created...

Degenerate Warrior Regiment

Small Community server trying to grow, we're still in the expanding stage so the server is quite small, you can hang out, chill out or, anything in general. So please join, please.. I really need f...


monkeys is a very fun and epic server which is community-based which attracts a lot of incels and virgins all around the world. We do not accept pedos here but anyone else is welcome. Frequent give...


This server has no theme. You like gaming? Talk about gaming... art? Talk about art. This server is what you make it. This is one of the most unique discord servers out there. You won't find anothe...

Proxima Centauri

We are currently a small group of friends looking to create a large community of both casual and competitive members. We hope to one day host tournaments for cash prizes and form large guilds in ot...

Niggy Wiggys

Yo just chill here and stuff, we're new so if you're not annoying you can be staff. Whatever

Shake's Bake

Welcome to Shake's Bake We're a new Community dedicated to Chilling out and enjoying ourselves In the future we're looking at having Movie Nights Community Playthroughs And More If you want a nic...


ეს არის ქართული სერვერი. სახალისო და კეთილი ადამიანების დახმარებით შექმნილი. არ ვიგინებით! ეს


Welcome ? This is a fun, kids friendly community chat. We have a wide variety of bots, music, art, memes and much more. If you join, (I suggest you do) I hope you enjoy!

The Unsafe Space

The unsafe space is a brand new server , meet new people , enjoy the company of people interested in the same things as you

Free Premiums

On this server, you can chat with other members and share your music and playlists ! There's also weekly giveaways where you can win free Spotify accounts !


This server is made for the sole purpose of chatting, finding new friends and such x3 We also have some gaming channels and some Roleplay channels. We accept anybody and everybody here as long as y...


just want to make some friends and have fun. looking for mods as well.

Hotel? Trivago.

This server has no description!

Strawberry Empire

Ever wondered what its like to be on a strawberry farm? NO?! Well join and find out with a community that accepts everyone for who they are and what they want to be. We all love you and hope you en...

sicko mode

for retarded people who enjoy dark humor and shit. + nsfw + mudae + roleplay + fandoms + events (soon) + socialize + gaming

*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Pleuvoir *•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚

❆ A wholesome winter-themed server for anyone that needs a bit of aesthetics and kindness in their life. ❆

❤ Loved Ones ❤

A new and growing server for everyone! SFW channels, and voice chats for you to make new friends in. - Looking for staff!

Period Community

Find new friends! •Talk about the things you like •Play games •Watch anime /Anime events •Have serious discussions •Music lovers •Non toxic community •NSFW •Bot fun etc.


- Community im Aufbau! - ab 16 Jahren - spielen, reden, Teil einer Community sein - Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten - Spaß haben! Werde zum Urgestein und Fundament von Blubb, trete jetzt bei! Euer SirKju

Beyond! - A Community Server

We are a new server, launching on January 1st, 2019. Join plz!


This server has no description!

<insert funny discord server name>

A new community welcoming everyone and anyone! We got all the good stuff including them epic memes and some nsfw channels if that's your thing. Pretty much a community server but a lot more epic. ...

Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp is a camping themed community server for everyone! We provide 30+ emojis, advertising for your Twitch or Youtube, and a friendly community of many different types of people! We hope ...

p a n d e m o n i u n

pandemonium is a server focused on the discussion of the satanic bible. Whether your intent may be for insight or expression into the path of will, the server brings forth an enjoyable community...

Racie's Kingdom

Hello there, dear strangers. Do you want to join a fun and friendly server? My kingdom provides: - Anime - Furry - Kpop - Gaming - Minecraft - Pokemon Also, it is LGBT+ friendly, has age-restrict...

bepis has entered the chat

good community my dude just talk about stuff you like idk people are nice

Cafe Anime

Brand new server just created, looking for laid-back chill people who enjoy all sorts of anime, gaming, and any general conversations to help build a new and fresh community. Quite dark humour so d...

Youtube creaters

This server has no description!

Discord Opportunities

Discord Opportunities is a community-driven Discord server where literally anyone is eligible to apply for any position and possibly even take over the server to apply their own changes in the comm...

Where your heart is.

Timeless is a new server. We are looking for friendly people to chat with about anything. Come and join us if you want to make new friends! :-)


A discord server for both gaming and chatting! All are welcomed.

Kev's klan

This server has no description!

~ The Social Hub ~

The Social Hub is an interactive community that’s fit for anyone! I want to create and grow a very kind and fun community. You can make new friends, play video games with others, and you may even l...