Artalk-Fr a pour but de regrouper une communauté pour partager et discuter de toutes les formes d'Art, comme: Gaphismes (dessins...) Sons (musiques...) Modèles 3D (builds Minecraft...) Animations (...

The World

Artist, art enthusiast, and dedicated meme lords welcome!

Art City

A public Art Discord were artists of all kinds and share their work and share ideas. artists can also share links to their social media. Bots: Dyno, Mee6, Poni

Somolia: Return of Tiki

Join to join the cause -Do not promote -Do not be toxic -Don't be a Melvin

All Deviants Arise!

All Deviants Arise! is a Discord server originally made for users of dA, but has since become a general server. Most of the server members are furries, including me, the creator, so it welcomes all...

Artist Server! (old)

This is an artist server! You are always welcome, and we love to meet new members, your art dosen't have to be perfect, because what counts is that you have fun with your art and have fun with othe...

Strawbunnii Lemonade

Hi, this is an art server for anybody in general to join and come hang out. Most of us are artists and we'd love for more people to stop by and share their art!

Art Central

We are mainly an art server. We have roles which you can assign to yourself. We have music and a gaming channel, and more! Join here:

Star's Bewitching Mansion

Starlet's bewitching mansion is a server community where we talk about games, art, and other social related things going on around us! Join us at Starlet's secret mansion as a guest! Where you can ...

Talented Geeks

We are a growing Art server for diverse talents, meeting new people, and communicating. Share your incredible ideas, in any form of art you desire.


Ctrl-Z is an art-focused server where we highly value our community and keeping it safe. You can share, view, critique, learn, and discuss art here! Ctrl-Z your mistakes and hone your art skills as...

Chilla Art Server

An Discord Art server where you can show your art, get critique and help!.

Art Club

Art Club is a fun and safe place for artists, both amateur and experienced, to share & promote art, provide commission information, and more!

Art Lounge

The largest Art server on Discord! We accept ALL types of artwork, stylus or pencil, big or small, new or experienced, show it all!


Petit serveur pour les artistes et les gens ! Communauté d'entraide !

The Creativity Cabin

This server's sole purpose is to create a nice environment for you to chat with other creative people, share your creations and inspire each other. You don't have to be a creator to join, you can s...


A server which discusses creative things such as art, graphic design, story, games, (especially) music, code, and last but not least, philosophy.

vviv.iann’s official discord server

Server For Vviv.iann, feel free to join and chat with other members <3!


Join a community of artists and art enthusiasts! Hop on the chats and let us all have a good time!!

The Artist Center

A new art server for like-minded individuals. Things that we do: Community submitted tutorials, Collaborations, Concept art, Game design, and more.

Art Emporium

We are a server dedicated to art, artists and those who appreciate art, webtoons, comics, manga, anime. All is allowed the sky is the limit or if you just want to have a friendly chat


General use hangout server for art, music, anime, games, bots, memes, news, coding, etc. No global emotes yet but currently using non-global CFC emotes. I use it so those interested can keep ta...


chill & art related server.


?☙✾✿✾❧? A place to help your art skills grow and flourish, and chat with fellow artists. All mediums welcome! A friendly server dedicated to helping each other. Like art? Want to learn and/or want ...

Zeph's Birb Cult (& art)

A safe haven for all artists alike, open to non-artists as well, please prove you’ve read the rules once you’ve joined (phrase will be hidden in the rules), or you will be banned, and just have fun...

Firestrike's Art Server

This server is for all things art, mainly drawing, but we welcome all here!


Welcome to Artistopia! This server is for artists, musicians, singers, songwriters, writers and photographers to do what they do best! We are an all age inclusive and friendly server, events and ...

Opera Art Gallery

Welcome to Opera, a community for sharing your art! All forms of art are accepted here from digital drawings to poetry! Feel free to post anything your creative pursuits led to in order to fill the...


Aeon is a place for artists to go chat, and showcase their work to other artists.

Aera's Insomniac Lounge

A place for Artists, Writers, Photographers and many other talented people to join and chat. We are a small server but we try to make sure that everyone is friendly and drops by time to time.

Creator's Corner

Server for creators who want to talk and get feedback on their content

The internet's Dump

Art and gaming server. Welcoming community. Art sharing and critique channels.

The Art Lounge

Hey there, this is The Art Lounge for all artists! We're a small very friendly community who would love to have new members! We're kinda small at the moment, so we would ask you to please join. We ...

Meat Pile

This is an art server for artists to mingle, share art, joke around and have fun. Come say hi and enjoy the environment. -We offer critique on art when asked -A safe environment for everyone -Very...

The Gucci Squad

A small discord community that you can go to be yourself! Theres memes, photography, art, a place to talk about your problems, and more! Please consider joining this small and growing community. It...

The Wicked Trinity

Are you looking for players to join you in your next adventure? Wanting to share your artwork with talented artists? Do you enjoy singing/listening to amazing voices? We host daily events across al...

the Muse Tavern

A creative community for everyone whether it is art, writing, music, artisan, film, music...whatever. If you are creative this is a place for you. If you want to be a critic or show your appreciati...

Artist Drawing Community

This is a friendly server where new and old artists can join, it dosen't matter if you are digital or traditional everyone is welcome. :)

Artoholics Anonymous

A growing event-oriented server with interactive monthly events to keep you hooked. From artists, for artists; no instagram flowercrown edits. Welcome to AA!

quíєt lσungє

Giggity Giggity House is looking for more artists and gamers to join our small but close community! We play games together, voice chat, and share lots of memes! There's no reason for you to not jo...

Arts and Crafts

Come share what you create!

Elega Art

Art server for Literature, 2d, and 3d art!

Artists Galore

A server for artists or people who love art . Our focus is mainly anime art, but all the art types are accepted! Come join us if you are an artists and wanna share your art, announce streams, adver...


Welcome to KoolKidzArtCorner. Every Artist is welcome here! Share your art with other artists. Advertise your art related social sites, have fun and chat with others and level up for awesome roles!...

Nuke's Designer Community (ALPHA)

Discord server for artists, designers, illustrators, animators & all other creative types! All skill levels and mediums are welcome!


come join the team Australia and New Zealand community, share art, development projects, play games, meet people get notified of free games.


A small server fit for chilling around. Warning: furries and nerds inbound.

panapana eng fan server idk

english fan server for Panapana (87sukiyaki on twitter)

Art Gallery

This server is for artist and non-artist alike to share art of all kinds! Including music, paintings, drawings, pastels, woodcarving, sculptures, etc. We also have channels for other topics, we als...

Art Gallery

A small, recently created group of artists of many forms. From videography and special effects, to photography, music, fine art, and more. Everyone is not only free to join, but is encouraged to! (...