Tales of the Rewritten

Welcome to the forest! The four Clans live in relative peace and harmony, but BloodClan is rebuilding itself in Twolegplace, presenting a growing problem for ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and ...

►Que-e's Place◄

Hello! Please come to our server. In here, we offer friendly staff and people. You can search some RP and ERP friends in here. See ya!

Citizens of Amford

Welcome to the City of Amford! We are a small roleplaying server centered around corrupt city life. Feel free to come check us out!

👑ଘRoyale Highଓ👑

Hello and welcome to the Royale High discord server! Here you can meet other Roblox Royale High students and hang out, talk about classes, and get advice

Roleplay Hub

A server where you can Roleplay, chill, and have fun! Enjoy Roleplaying without any complaining or insults on how you do it! So join Roleplay Hub, and have the best roleplaying time of your life!! :D

Ospya Egren

This is a rp server for all to join just follow the rules please.

Deronim Academy

Heya! We are Deronim Academy, a small new school for any person! We are looking for staff and school staff! So please join, make friends, listen music, meet new people and give us a chance! Who kno...

Reese’s Roleplaying Server

A very small roleplaying server-- you can help make it bigger, though! Join! (literate rping)

Monster Crossing! RP Server

You awaken into a new world full of wonder! Participate in a world inspired by animal crossing and monster hunter. Create a character and RP!!!

Lost World: Revenge of the Beast

A massive beast has gotten loose. A beast who finds joy in demolishing anything in it's path. Join the server, make you own character, explore the city, compete, and meet new people! Find your adve...

Tri-Dimensional Roleplay

Tri-Dimensional Roleplay is a server where you can rp your hearts out in a extremely big playing field, whether your in depth or just the simple 1 2 it is all ok in this server! the more members we...


Welcome to Naevris! A roleplaying server with steam-punk fantasy magic elements! We're focused on action-packed roleplay along with some slice of life elements. Everything is text-based so nothing ...


Welcome. It's the Earth year 2593, and mankind has evacuated its homeworld and scattered among the stars. Enter Argara. The most densely-colonised planet of all the known universe.

Titus Enmanus

a fantast roleplay server

Sundown Roleplay [BETA]

Sundown Roleplay is about any animal that is mammal. They formed the clans, based off of elements and where the clans were laid out. The leaders of the clans all have a special connection to The Li...


“Life” is a role play server. You can roleplay in the roleplay channels & you can be anyone & anything you want. This takes place in modern time. It’s a small server, but it’s getting larger over t...

The Cavern

What happens when people with magic abilities co-exist with normal humans, well normal people start killing them off and the 'magic users have to run from society. Join this community as it grows

Roleplays aller Art

Das ist ein Discord Server wo man verschiedene Roleplay beitreten kann, es gibt 5 Normale Roleplay Channel und 4 mit einen vorgegebenen Ziel. Wer gerne bei solchen Roleplays mitspielt kann gerne be...

◇ Symphonia ◇

4 Kingdoms; (Rashugal, Soleanna, Cornelica, and Inte Esla) exists to compete with each other. You can join battles, train to a higher level, go on quests or adventures, trade and barter with one an...

We Geeky Few

Welcome to the We Geeky Few discord server! We are a roleplay server full of fun members and active members! The staff are the perfect mix of serious yet great people! Come join us! We welcome eve...


Roleplay server based on Metro 2033 with a twist of zombies!

The Archipelago

On this roleplay server you can become a Human, Angel, or Demon to fight in the massive war involving all races. The war is just beginning, so come fight to rule the world!

Crybaby Roleplay

A small server dedicated to roleplay, it has a fantasy area and an area dedicated to more realistic roleplay. I hope you give it a chance asa it's a new server and will surely grow. Best of luck to...

Engel-Dämon Roleplay

Du sucht einen gutes Roleplay mit Engel, Dämonen und Halbmenschen? Dann ist das hier genau das richtige für dich!

Ut Au rp

Just a fun Role play server No spamming And No hating on others Nsfw 18+

Pirate Lifestyle

This is a roleplay about a world thrown into chaos by the last remaining god. He gave the people free will, to do whatever they want. Some took to the pirate lifestyle, living how they please. Some...

Motherland [EN]

It's a stereotypical russian roleplay community. Not much to say about it.


A post apocalyptic RP taking place in a frozen over america Features: Economy, Business, Original Lore, High quality bots, NPCS, Inventory, Crime & more.

The Temporal Tavern

The Temporal Tavern, a fantasy RP server where you can choose to be your favorite fantasy character or create your own. Brand new server hoping to create a community where people can share their R...

RP And Chat For Gamers, Anime, Etc.

Rp or chat here about sonic, sonamy, games, anime, anything really. Please join. We welcome you with love.

Stellar Beings - Humans

Humanity has destroyed Earth. Earth - The Heaven that we turned to Hell. Thousands have fled to Mars, creating great cities, while they are trying to terraform Mars, the rest of humanity is stuck i...

Medieval R.P.

We welcome you with open Arms, Paws, Claws, and Scales, just watch out for the Orcs and Dragons!

Kingdom of Nilafér [RP]

A fantasy RP server where you can choose from 7 magical tribes and use your magic for good or for evil.


PowerRP is a roleplay server featuring politics, wars and uprisings. Come join and select a side!

Who Killed Markiplier: The Aftermath

The Aftermath of Who Killed Markiplier. This takes place right after WKM but, when Dark was created Half of Damien created Dark and half stayed as Damien. This basically when all the egos meet.

Escape from Arcanis

For thousands of years, Arcane existed harmoniously, free of the influence of corruption and violence, until the Day of Deviance, in which Arcanis as it once was ceased to exist. Beasts roamed the ...

GoldenMane Academy

Welcome to GoldenMane Academy! We provide


The continents were renamed for the sake of a boom of technological growth and a sprawling urban landscape that was ever growing. Pouver, being the most popular and absolute largest, encompassing m...

Roleplay studios

Welcome to a little roleplay universe, just hangout have fun and follow the rules

Masters' Mansion

A 18+ roleplaying server dedicated to the concept of collaring! Choose to become a Master or a Mistress to collar a Maid or a Butler. The server contains a custom collaring bot to make the job easi...

The Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove is a modest Discord server that's home to a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition living campaign, this means it's run by the activity of players, so they shape the story and progress...

Hells Point

!Welcome to Hells Point, appropriately named as you may find out! Besides that... Opening line, welcome! Feel free to get comfortable if you can. We are a Cyberpunk/Elfpunk roleplay located on a re...

The Rivière House

Welcome to The Rivière House! We are a small group of hybrids, humans, werewolves, and vampires. The Rivière House is considered the safe house for these creatures due to the town being aware of th...

⋆ Urelia⋆ [Roleplay]

Urelia is a Rolplay Server... it’s not inappropriate and everyone’s friendly. Urelia is full of dragons and magic, especially fun!

Lewd Roleplay Hotel

Come join us at the Lewd Roleplay Hotel! We're a brand new community focused on casual roleplay with NSFW content, we welcome all kinds and are open to suggestions for improvement!

Court Of Gods

This is a Player Driven Intrigue RP in a Fantasy Setting You'll be expected to compete with other players to attain the top rank. Fight dirty, start a war, form alliances, do whatever you can to ge...

one punch man: final stand

a one punch man roleplay server where you can meet others who like to roleplay and who like one punch man we even have friendly staff willing to help

Nine-Tailed Coffee Shop

I'm looking for people to help jump start a brand new server called the Nine-Tailed Coffee Shop. (Also, a little note off to the side: If you like to talk about Fate or monster girls...I'm very int...

Potato Roleplay

This server has no description!

The Magisterium

The Magisterium is made to train young mages to control their powers, make friends and defend their world from mystical threats. This is a new server, inspired by The Magisterium series. Feel free...