💢The seven deadly sins RP💢

This is a role play server based on the seven deadly sins. (slightly based off the anime) It has a flexible plot line and I promise you, it will be plenty of fun! See you soon <3

㊙Organization XIII Battle Guild Hall㊗

This server is where you can role play and meet new friends. You can become anyone you want ranging from games to anime. We are set in a kingdom within a guild.

【 névé 】

Join us to RP in the World of Dragons. We have a bunch of custom items and self-created graphics.

✎Yuri's Poetry Club

Welcome to the Poetry club! Made by me. Yuri! If you wanna roleplay, chat, have fun, and talk about Doki Doki Literture Club? Then this is the server for you, have fun and talk with fans about the ...

☆ 𝓕𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓷 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓭𝓸𝓶𝓼 ☆

?????? ??????? ?? ? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ????-???? ??? ???? ????? ??? ??????

☆ Galaxy City Roleplay ☆

A roleplay server of a city built around an abandoned castle. -LBGT+ Friendly -Mainly RP but has a growing community -Not anime/movie/tv show centred -OCs only

► R ⏣ L E  P L A Y ᶦⁿᶠᶦⁿᶦᵗʸ

Any genre, any setting, any time period, fandom or OC! This server has custom channels you can make and a list of pre-existing worlds with weather cycles. You can even post roleplay ads using a bot...

۩۞۩ Vesperia ۩۞۩

Empire of Vesperia is a literate role-playing server and made for all types of people (from those that enjoy simple combat without power to those that prefer to go full out magic) One liners not we...

БӨ's Shop

БӨ's Shop is a group roleplaying server, focused primarily on quest-based roleplay. The shop is a small place that links many different worlds together. It's a place anybody from any world could vi...

ιnѕanιтy aѕylυм

A new anime/roleplaying server for all.

|Android's Matrix|

Welcome to Android's Matrix! Where all roleplays and messing around happen!

Zen University

✦☯✦ JOIN TOP-RATED RP ON DISBOARD! ✦☯✦ Zen University is the most complex and immersive RP on discord! ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇ FEATURES ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇ ⬥Active level-up and stats system! ⬥60+ abiliti

Yugioh - Nua-Nce?

A Yugioh RP server taking place in a city where the Dueling Network is the VR/Social Media of the city. Though many people are worried the company holding up DN is about to shut down, how could the...

Your Haven

What Is Your Haven? No matter what Race, Sex, Gender or Sexuality you will be treated equal! Why Was Your Haven Created? This was Created because the Owner felt Left Out due to her Sexuality and w...

You Have Been Accepted

A Harry Potter roleplay with a Naruto based subplot! Come join the shenanigans!

World PvP

Hey there! Welcome to World PvP! Have you ever wanted have your own character interact with other characters? No I mean YOUR OWN character, without the need to change them every server? Well here...

Wolf Pack Roleplay and Chatting

A server about roleplaying as wolves and chatting with friends and meeting new people its a nice server just starting out so if you want to help us make it better tag along and join hope to see you...


A fun rp server taking place in a modern small town filled with secret evils.

Weltkrieg II RP

Dieselpunk RP. If you like Dieselpunk, Roleplays, Alternate history, and WW2 roleplay, join!


This is a place of weirdos and socially awkward people, but mostly socially awkward people who just want to talk about random stuff such as... roleplay, gaming, music, drawings, and etc. Mostly any...


Travanara is a world with a rich past and a limitless future. The king Albel Albion rules over the lands as the last full blooded Travanarian. Standing as a world for all, we welcome you to join us.

Tokyo Ghoul:Bloodlust

A fun Tokyo Ghoul roleplay server, you don't have to be a GREAT roleplayer or even a good one. Just be respectful and we'd love to have ya.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dementia

Tokyo Ghoul: Dementia is a new roleplay server centered around the Tokyo Ghoul series. We have nice staff, active members, and are looking to grow!

Tokawaka Roleplay

Tokawaka roleplay is the newest roleplay discord server with an unique aspect. We are searching for bot developers and people! There are many special places where you can roleplay in this server, a...

TMIE Roleplay And More!

This server has no description!

The World of Velrenin

In The World of Velrenin, we're a small group but we're closely knit and we're sure to grow. We are a fantasy roleplay which is stationed in various underwater kingdoms, and we give you so many opt...

The World Of Fun

The World Of Fun Group is a place where everyone is welcome! Julia and Psychogen the owners of The World Of Fun Group made it so that everyone has a topic here that they can relate to or enjoy! NSF...

The Sin Palace *Reborn!!*

We are currently a small server with almost no members but we plan to grow huge. In our Sin palace there are many things you can do!!! You may become royalty or become a castle staff like a chef ...

The Roleplay Server

This is a server where people with an imagination are able to roleplay with other people. There are multiple categories with different roleplay scenarios inside! Or if you want to chat and spectate...

The Roleplay Network

Welcome to the Lair Roleplay Network! A Discord Community for Roleplay, DnD, Gaming and Chat! This Server is affiliated with WWW.ROLEPLAYNET.COM - https://discord.gg/6CynAxN

The Reaper Society

"You been offered to become a Reaper! As Reaper, you are able to visit the Reaper Society, a world where you collect souls, make art, fight with others, go on missions, etc" This is a D&D/dice ba...

The Polish ball

This is UDSCRS/The Polish Ball, a RP server and we are willing to receive anyone, yes anyone. -Free partnership to everyone (DM owner) -NSFW channel -Good staff member -Function Bots -Countryball-P...

The Pokéverse

Pokevillai is a pokemon roleplay based off telltale-like PMD,there are only pokemons,for more info please join the server,read the rules and contact Shockerron#4671 for more info if needed.

The Phantom Zone⚔

Want a new , fun,cancer free server to join ?Well look no further because in the phantom zone you can be apart of a new innovative multiversal rp server complete with a fun and active community,coo...

The Original Character Server

The Original Character Server is a Roleplaying Community discord server centered around roleplaying, making lots and worlds, writing stories, and more! We plan to be an active community so what are...

The Majestic Realms Of ~~izigntz~~ White

this is a small server of friends who role play almost all hours of the day, we all have our own hours, but an admin is pretty much always online, we hope to be attentive hope you to be respectful ...

The Lost Archive

The Lost Archive is a roleplay server that revolves around the Archive, a library with strange magic that is bringing people from other worlds to it.

The Lewd House ERP

Hello this server is a server dedicated for an 18+ community. We accept people who want to rp, and erp. We hope that you'll join us.

The Lewd Channel

Welcome to the Lewd Channel Discord! We are an 18+ community. We speak about Anime, Gaming, even Roleplay! SFW and NSFW! Come on by and say hi!

The Land of the Never Ending Winter

Roleplay Viking Server..Fantasy

The King's Court

A server with a medieval/fantasy theme. Complete with shitposting channels, a NSFW section, and many more. Plans to have regular structured RPG sessions (D&D and the like) are in the works. Relativ...

The Hole

A growing hangout. Happily taking suggestions for improvement. We have a fairly large roleplay section and will add others as desired. Prepare for plenty of odd references. If you have any issues ...

The Galactic Empire of America

Small RP server in the making, currently set in a human empire during the 23rd century.

The Forbidden Land

This is a Fantasy based Role play server that is based around 3 Waring factions: Cinderstead - Ruled by Gigi Pureheart Ixora - Ruled by Aluriel and Teraphenis Sylren Phantus - Ruled by Omephia we ...

The Final Ground: Area 5

This is a place for those who like monsters, aliens, mutants, robots, cyborgs, biomechs, specters, undead things, unidentified creatures, mixtures of them all, and so on.

The Fandom Cult!!

Welcome to the Fandom Server!

The eye zone

Welcome to the eye zone! A Rp server based off of an apocolyptic world and the survivors. We wish to become a big community. our rp system is based off of the board game Dungeons And Dragons, with ...

The Estate RP

The Estate is an 18+ roleplay community centered around a persistent mystical interdimensional mansion. Characters from all over the multiverse are invited to the Estate and are free to explore, in...

The Draecia Dynasty

Looking for a futuristic fantasy roleplay with a small, active community and original lore as well as occasional community events? You’ve come to the right place. Join in on a tale of magic, strugg...

The Division™

Experience a new way to roleplay with Division™ Official Server! Join a war bound to end with either The Triple Alliance or Tripple Entente and fight for freedom. Use bots to purchase items for rol...

The Collective

Houses several Horde non-guild RP communities on Wyrmrest Accord-us. RP themes include: Illidari, a Blood Knight regiment, a Farstrider squadron, a holy order, the holy order's its chaotic good mil...

The Collapse

Welcome to The Collapse! We are a newly formed post-apocalyptic roleplay based in Michigan. It has been 17 years since the initial outbreak day, known as “The Collapse,” and nature has reclaimed to...

The City

Hello there, thank you for taking an interest in my server. My server is currently a small community called "The City", it is a roleplay server with a warming and friendly community. This server h...

The Blackwater Frontier (Under Reconstruction)

On an alternate Earth where humanity advanced quicker then in our world, At the first quarter of the 19th Century after The Great War, American oil farmers accidentally tapped into what they though...

The Admin House RP

We're currently a small kinda inactive server, but we're looking to grow. The Admin House is a roleplay server for anyone to join. We are OC and fandom friendly, and even have an OC Character Index...

Tales of Naegi - Medieval [Roleplay]

A medieval roleplay, with lots of fantasy, ranging from demons to curses and blessings! The roleplay takes place mostly in a continent named Sylva. Make a character and contribute to the tales of N...

Sun and Moon RP

My server, I have a couple admins and I am welcome to more. There are tons of bots and chat systems, and you can roleplay here as well. If you want anything added, tell Me! You can also curse here,...

Storm's skatepark

Welcome to Kats hole! Its a stupid server where people screw around with bots and roleplay. No rules!


Friendly server. Nice staff (If abusing power then pm owner). Nice small community. Some banter. Some memes. Rude language involved in server so be advised

SpringFox Studios

Come on in, See whats cookin!

SoL's River's Divide (Modern-Esque Tribe RP)

A newer server with a different kind of lore then your usual post apoc or medieval server!

Selekai; The Lost Domain RPG

Hello! Our server is a small, completely homebrew DnD/rp group. We allow people to be free with what they want to build and we want to create a story with you! We hope to see you there!

Sea Of Facinus

Join the crime filled world of facinus to pull your fantasies of the high seas and thoughts of the salt ridden boats close to your heart! In this world, nothing is legal and forces such as the navy...


Sanctuary is a panfandom survival game set in a frozen world. We are 18+ and allow both Original and Canon characters from a wide range of fandoms. We are literate to advanced.

Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors

Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers fans come join for the most exciting roleplaying crossover! Role play or chat it's up to you. Please use proper grammar in roleplay and para...

RΩLΣPLΔΨ and Nerdtalk

This is a Server, that focuses on Rp and Fun Nerd stuff! Meet friendly People and Make Close Friendships! Also Deathbattles are present!

Rulers Of Corvis

A small, but friendly roleplaying community, dedicated to providing an engaging experience to all of our members. We have a fantasy-steampunk theme, custom lore, and a world map!

RP, The Forest

The forest has been a longlived server, SFW, and NSFW, with a single storyline. All are welcome, whether it be powerplayers, or just average joes who want to have meaningful conversation.

RP Central: Animal Jam

Here at the AJRP, we have a few interesting twists. The three infamous hackers have started an army! It's your decision whether to JOIN THEM or team with the Alphas to DESTROY THEM! You can also be...

RP and Chat for Gamers, Sonic, Sonamy, Anime, Etc (Pwease nuuu waid us ;-;)

Hi! We roleplay and chat about Anime, Sonic, Gaming, anything really. You are free to do whatever you like.

Roleplaying Club

The Roleplaying Club is a growing roleplay server where you will find a community full of different people. This server allows both Oneliner RP and Literate RP. More genres will be added in the fut...

Roleplayers' Lounge

Here you can make your own roleplays!

Roleplay Universe

Roleplay universe is a server for all things roleplay! Help us expand and create your own rp channel to share with others in this new and friendly server.

Roleplay Paradise

A server for casual Roleplaying, if you've never tried it before now is your chance! Its fun and a great way to make freinds or cure boredom! You get to make a character and join one of many genres...


Get to experience fun with the roleplays available! ROLEPLAY CHANNEL is now here, lots of roleplays like Ori and the Blind Forest, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Shuffler and the Dangerous Bionics, Minec...

Roleplay Anime/Hentai DE/GER

Unser deutschsprachiger Discord-Server, der sich rein um Anime/Hentai und Roleplays dreht. Hier könnt ihr ungestört eure RPs schreiben und findet vielleicht auch einige neue Mitschreiber, mit denen...

Roleplay And Drag

Hello, this is RAD, a close-knit and small community of roleplayers. Currently, we have three roleplays that are somewhat in the works. More are to be added. We welcome all roleplayers, so come and...

Role Play Central

HEY THERE! This server is basically going to be just role play. Currently there isn't one going on, cause it's just me, BUT if you have a nice idea for a rp we can MAKE IT COME TRUE! So what are yo...

Role Play

Simple roleplay server/community with helpful music bots and friendly people, help make this server thrive!

RFA Host Club

Mystic Messenger meets Ouran High Host Club to bring fun and entertainment for all! A roleplay AU server currently looking for customers and more hosts!

Republic of Limerick

The Republic of Limerick is a new roleplay server with some interesting features. we're just beginning to start, but we hope to be a welcoming place for newcomers and experts alike. Contact Ventru...


This server is just starting up the 'Prime' experience in roleplay. And we're inviting anyone and everyone who enjoys roleplaying on Discord to our server. Please join, and invite your friends if y...

Pokémon Roleplay

PG-16 Pokémon RP server. Helpful community, consistent quality RPs, drop-in drop-out nature with no bios required, rules tight enough to make sense but loose enough to allow creativity, and support...

Point Zero

Inside the roleplay, you step into a unique fantasy world jam packed with Mythical creatures and a mmo like leveling system, equipped with dozens of moves to choose from accompanied by your own, th...


PlanarLost is a non-ERP roleplay (RP) server which also includes a space for casual chat about a variety of subjects (e.g., games, music, movies, politics, and more). Check out our site for further...

PKMN: City Heights!

Pokemon: City Heights is a Pokemon Trainer based RP server with a compelling and interesting campaign and character creation system alongside the typical Pokemon League Challenge of collecting the ...

Paradigm RP

A Sci-fi roleplay server where near anything is possible. From magic, to space travel, to clan warfare. You an make a character and tell your own unique story here on Paradigm RP.

OpenHand (Roleplay and chat)

A Community where you can Roleplay and Chat with others about stuff! this is a friendly community


This is a RolePlay server with a base of Script roleplay but please don't go any larger than a paragraph in replying.

One Piece: New Era

Hello wanderer! Welcome to the New Era, let's get you on your feet. This is a friendly One-Piece server that hopes to quench your thirst for roleplay. It's an OC alternate universe RP of One Piece,...

Ohio, 2036

Six years ago, mankind forcibly fell victim to the worst day man has ever known. Many have nicknamed it ‘Day Zero’: the day the world restarted, and society was wiped out. Nowadays, every man, woma...

Ocean Gaming - Roleplay

Ocean Community is an Gaming Community which is standing on "Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas" game. We are improving our Server Role-play skills more, to the best! Also, players must answer to some R...

Ninshū Roleplay

Ninshu RP is an active and high-quality story-driven RP community based on Discord which is looking for more Roleplayers to grow our ranks! We're maintaining a custom storyline while keeping close ...

New Eden

Welcome to New Eden, a plot-driven text based literate roleplay discord server which fuses high fantasy and science-fiction. We have many races and classes available, the possibilities are limited ...

Mystic RolePlay

In this world there are places where the energy of the spirits gather, and the powers of the divine have rendered some of these places to be focal points, where the holy energies of life forces, go...

My Hero Academia: Chaotic Calamity™

A Server based on the anime, My hero academia! In this server, we roleplay custom made characters, with the ability to either make our own quirks, or using canon quirks not already being used. New ...

Multiverse RP

One of those multiple RPs in one servers, except I tried to be more in depth with the bios and stuff like that

Moonlight City

A city created for realism, NSFW and SFW are allowed. You are moving into Moonlight city, a large city for rich poor and middle class, lots of activities, Different buildings and complexes with...

Moon’s Roleplay World

Have Fun in a fun Roleplay ROBLOX world. You can rank up and have admin and more if you are active and if you liked and shared.

Moon Shine Pack

Join the amazing Island of your dreams, freedom awaits you!

Monarchies of the Seasons

Four Monarchies struggle to coexist. Not only do they represent completely different seasons, but their people are vastly distinct as well. Join the fantasy version of medieval Europe, Asia, and Af...

Modern Fantasy Roleplay ✦ Lios Altum Magi ✦

We are a brand new roleplay server with a magical and quirky original setting! Do you love anything magic? Do you love unique fantasy environments? Then this may be the server for you!

MidWorld RolePlay

MidWorld sits in a universe of its own, it is a parallel to all conceivable universes and times. Past, Present, and Future all meet and exist in tandem. The Sovereign selects adventurers from other...

Midnight Mansion

A growing roleplay server set in a classy mansion. We have respectful staff, lots of creative freedom and variety of characters. We prize hospitality above all. If you'd like a server with a calm &...


A friendly, welcoming roleplay community always looking for new members!


Why should you join Erathor? Erathor is an rp server composed of

Legends of Ether

Roleplaying Discord Server, Fantasy RP. Custom Characters, Active Staff, RP Events

Legacy of crisis

In this role play server we hold special updates for ex; Bosses, Events, A little of Erotic role play here and there, but only with the consent of Moderators! So please join and make yourselves at ...

Land of Confusion

Year - 2036. The world was an illusion, and its really full of amazing yet dangerous magic. But you're trapped in a different world by 2 unknown people who enjoy watching you suffer. What will you ...

Knights RP

A medieval fantasy roleplay server. Takes place in Benken (St Gallen), Switzerland. https://discord.gg/JeMmgaj

Kingdom of Eldya

A chat group that also has roleplay going on. We focus on creative story writing while working together. As long as you are able to write at least a paragraph and fluent English, you will fit in fi...

Katsumi's Server

A relaxing all-purpose server of friends!! Art, reddit, media, roleplay and lots of fun! Join and help make our server ACTIVE and FUN! <3 Plenty of bots to have fun with! *New!*

Kanto RP [Paused]

Role-play as a pokemon in the Kanto region, and go from lvl 1-100. Explore the world alone or with a party of friends. Make your adventure your own. Looking for new and active people.


This server has no description!

Join Anime Gen #announcements

A server where you can chat to other people and have fun.


JLUnited is a literate/advanced roleplaying group meant for those 18+. We can be considered an AU Marvel & DC roleplay, and we accept most canons as well as original characters!

Ivorix, The Roleplay Planet

A fun roleplay server with many different areas to RP in, lots of chats to talk in, custom emojis and much more! You can even suggest other ideas!


IU2 is a server that is trying to create a catalog/active RP universe for all to enjoy. We feature many moons, planets, stars, and solar systems! For most planets, there are occupying races that yo...

Icey's Rp Server

Hey! Welcome to Icey's RP Server! The server is based of Undertale but you still can RP as other characters from other games/universes! Have lots of fun


Wir sind ein freundlicher, deutscher High-Fantasy RP Server, und würden uns auf dich freuen :)! Wenn du interesse hast, join doch mal, und sieh dich um! Wir freuen uns auf dich :D!

Howling Moon

Come join our pack of werewolves located in Serbia. Loosely based off the Grey Wolf series, find a mate, get into trouble, and add your pack member to the countless story arcs we have prepared.

Hogwarts Roleplay

An awesome role-play server for Harry Fans. Make this community bigger by joining. Pick up your wand, grab your books, and attend Hogwarts!!

Hidden Sources

Hidden Sources is a server mainly based off of SCP. It takes place is Site-61. It is a pretty decent roleplay server <3 Don't know what a SCP is? Join we will help teach you!

Heated Discussions

18+ A lounge where all manner of talk is encouraged. Whether you are looking for a friendly chat, or something a bit more intimate, Heated Discussions can be your hot spot. 18+ General NSFW/lewd se...

Harry Potter Roleplay

This server has no description!

Guild House 🎃

Help build the world and send ideas. do what you want or hop into a campaign. This is mostly an open roleplay. a mixture genre such as romance, action, slice of life, and more. This discord also ha...


Girgantia is a large place practically made for adventurers to thrive in. Explore dungeons, fight bosses, collect materials, sell them for money, start your own clan or join another. This is your a...

Gem Universe

A fun, family friendly place for chatting, rp, and gaming on this SU based server :) Helper Applications are currently open :>

Gateway City

The City of Gateway. It gets it's name for the amount of anomalies and strange people that live here, almost like it's a gateway between dimensions. Featuring a quality approval process, fandom OCs...

Furry Roleplay

This is a server to Roleplay as a Furry. I am making changes and I would love more people and tons of suggestions, you can join, read, and leave if your not interested in it after reading but more ...


EL mejor server de roleplay de la historia, Una gran Ciudad basada en Froopyland. Consigue un trabajo, compra una casa, un auto, o ve por la via sucia y consigue dinero cometiendo crimenes, claro, ...

Friends & Friendship

Nerdiest server! Role play, tech talk and game chats! Other role play servers as well! Gamers, weebs and nerds all welcome! Tech talk with support as well. We got a lot to offer. DIY, recipes and c...

First Class Roleplay Community

We are a small but growing fivem gaming community which is based on GTA5 who is centered around ESX, our ESX server is custom, our devs are active and we would love for you to join us https://disco...

Fantasy Chaos RP

A fun role playing server. OP welcome. This is a free form where you can make your own lore. Role play how you want. Owner and mods also follow rules. Make your character to see the role play. No m...

Fantasy Cats

This is a server where you can roleplay as a cat, or one of the various cat species we have made! We are pretty new, so come check us out!

Family Of Friends

Hay! Come and join this friendly happy server, where you can roleplay or chat! What ever you enjoy! Follow the rules and enjoy!

Fallout RP

Greetings lad/las, so I hosted some Fallout server which you can roleplay in, now you think "iN WhiCh TiME?" gotta answer for yer, all. We go from 2241 to 2287, it takes place in places where the t...

Fall of Elysium

We're a small but growing group of paragraph role players looking to make a new home for ourselves on Discord. We offer: High fantasy driven Lore, mature setting, regular quests, flexible characte...

Extrium - Roleplay

Extrium is a large scale roleplay server that allows multiple different types of Roleplay. Unlike most other servers, we don't have a singular linear plot line, instead, our plot is more influenced...

Extremiverse Clash

There is more to the multiverse. Something bigger. Something most people call the Extremiverse, a multiverse of multiverses. DC and Marvel clash in an epic RP server, and cool things happen. We jus...


RolePlays, Anime, Art, Writing, Fandoms, Video Games, We have all of it!

Everybody's RP

This is a roleplay server with many different types of chats, for all kinds of roleplays, and also includes an RPG bot. This server is a fun, safe, and happy place for all kinds of people, and all ...


Random furry/human roleplay server. We have plenty of cool bots and are open to suggestions! Lots of roles to claim, and friendly people. We are small but we are ohana! Join an check us out? let's ...

Emerald Gaming Central

It's a roleplay/gaming server! Do quizzes, level up, and special emerald events will happen often, too! It's not always Emerald related (but it usually is), but it is fun! Come and join the fun, an...

Elysium Roleplay Server

Join us on our adventure! Elysium Roleplay is a Roleplay server based on older days. Mages, Swordsmen, Gods, Kings, and everything else! If you somehow become a Religion God, you can even create yo...

Eldorum System

The "Eldorum System" is a ROLEPLAY server designed for dedicated RP fans. We're not talking the cringe kind. We're talking the essay-length biography kind. If you're not that kind of RPer, fear not...

Dweebs and Creebs

This roleplay has werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, and humans. There's going to be drama, sex, violence, and more! It's meant to relate to Riverdale in a way, seeing teenagers get involved in t...

Dunwich County Rp

The Dunwich Rp group. We don't have any specific world or universe you can create your character, anything goes. We are a decently strict rp community, focused on both social and combat rp. Come ...


Do you wanna join a Serious and Creative GTA 5 Role-Play Server on Xbox one. If so join ours, We are relatively serious and like to play around sometimes but we create different scenarios to make i...

Diurisu - Land of Eternal Happiness

In this roleplay, you will roam the features of the country of Diurisu, a utopian land known for its nearly perfect calming aura that brings happiness to even the most disturbed or hardened people!...

Discord RPG Hub

- Original Characters - 30+ Unlockable Environments - 5 Skills To Master - NO ERP - Weekly Updates & Expansions - Friendly & Understanding Staff

Discord Roleplay

This server is dedicated to a lovely little thing called Roleplay. In this server, you are able to meet new people, and enjoy creating a world which is your own to control. We hope you enjoy your t...

Devious Delights~

This is a roleplay and NSFW server!

Deutscher Anime/Hentai Roleplay server (German) (de/ger)

Wir sind eine kleine, jedoch freundliche und entspannte Roleplay community. hier könnt ihr jegliche art von Roleplay ausleben ob Fantasy action oder eher ins Erotische.

Darkest Hour

Welcome to Naruto's Darkest Hour, a Discord Based Naruto RPG! The RPG takes placed in a Naruto Alternate Universe, with an apocalypse style setting where all the shinobi of the land band together t...

Darkened Realm

A Roleplay Server for everyone to enjoy, We primarily are carefree of the types of RP. We also have our own Character Server to store all of your characters.

Dark Deception

A school drenched in murder. It’s like a nightmare, well, isn’t it? Join Dark Deception today for a good Role-play experience!

Crossover World Ultimate (Rp/Roleplay)

We are the Crossover World Roleplay Server! With us, we carry a custom lore unique to the server, all kinds of roleplay, and a tightly knit community!

Cross-Universe RP

Cross-Universe RP Many universes found their way to Earth, now the factions from different times and places must decide what to do... Will they fight each other and capture new universes or will th...

Crooked Feather

Crooked Feather is a modern times slice-of-life role-playing server, dealing with a second dominant species on Earth: harpies. Harpies have gone generations without humans knowing of their existenc...

County of Ostengrad

This server has no description!

Chronicles of Helia

We're a new discord friendly community based on medieval fantasy roleplay! We have anunique lore with 8 races and 12 kingdoms to explore!! Pick a race, choose a nation or a noble house, defend it, ...

Celesta RP

This server has no description!

Camp Half-Blood

RP Camp Half-blood. For fans of Percy Jackson.

Cakes Game

Cake's game is a roleplay server we have amazing staff do !help in the server for bot commands

Boruto RP: Rebelling Wars

This discord is like D&D but with Naruto/Boruto Theme! We have an amazing combat system that we work on everyday to make it better as well as custom things like custom jutsus, modes, etc so possib...

Boku No Hero RP: Something New

Hello welcome to Boku no hero roleplay something new, we are relatively small server that is looking to grow its members if you are interested in Boku no hero or roleplay please feel free to join w...

Bluebourne Hills

Bluebourne Hills, the city where many people come to start a new life, start a family or to follow their dreams. Become anything from a hobo to a famous celebrity, it's your choice! Visit Bluebourn...


Join our religion. You don't have to be religious or anything... Honestly, the owners don't even believe in god...

BlackHawk Roleplay Community

BlackHawk Roleplay Community is a fivem roleplay server. We are hiring staff and leos/fire. All the staff and members are friendly, kind and friendly. So come and join to have fun with roleplay and...

Barren Earth

A demonic apocalypse happens in 2020. 50 years later, humanity is struggling to survive. NEWER SERVER - LOOKING FOR PEOPLE

Azure Mansion

You have come to the Azure Mansion. Once inside, you may decide to stay as a guest to the Lady of the mansion, or as one of her staff. A mansion rp, with the Admin in the role of the mansion's Lad...

Avengers Infinity War

hey avengers infinity war fans join this server roleplay and chat about your favourite movie we have movie roleplay as well come join us https://discord.gg/jjSCJW8


Casual roleplay server with a modern-day, urban fantasy setting with a little alternate history. https://discord.gg/MaaRqUY

Atlantic Shores University

__Atlantic Shore University__ ASU is a school that takes ages 12-20 years of age It's located in Portland, Maine and it's a school built for those with abilities that work either in the day or no...

Armantor Medieval Fantasy RP

We are a roleplay group for our own, we are allowing nfsw in our borders also we wanna see you to between our home, I hope you all will like us, free yourself to join our lore can be change when we...

Apocalypse America

Hundreds of years in the future, America has fallen. Several factions in the former United States vie for power among the post apocalyptic ruins of cities and farms. For survival, for power-- that ...

Aphrodisiac (ERP Focused)

Come One! Come All! To the most lewd server ever made! Filled with lots of Perverts and Hentai in the world! You can ERP here too, we’ve got lots of settings for you to ERP in till your heart’s con...

angel-bloods ☆

Are you ready to enter a whole new universe? Here, you can Roleplay as an angel, demon, or so many other creatures! In a giant magical world, where do you want to go?

Amazing Fantasy

A world similar to our own, however super powers of all sorts exist. Let your imagination run wild and create your own character in a world with no limits.

Aletheia, the City of Dreams

Hello there! This is Aletheia, a new role-playing server that has a flair towards technological fantasy of all things. We have only recently started this server, but we hope to make it rather big i...

Adramelech Castle

This castle is ruled by Astaroth and now has a few people here and a dragon guarding her. hope you will come and respect the princess of hell.


The Roleplaying Discord is a place for people of all skill levels to come together and Roleplay! We take any kind of Roleplayer, no matter the Genre or Literacy level! So come and check out the bes...

A True Roleplay Server

A Roleplay server where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, without restrictions, as long as it makes sense. We also have music for ambience while Roleplaying, chats to talk with ...

A Break From Life

A Break From Life is a roleplay server set on a remote island. You can play any kind of character you like from any kind of universe, all of them taken to the island in order to escape the stress a...

_- Made In Abyss Rp -_

We're laid-back fans of Made in Abyss; roleplayers. Expect: • Expert narrators • RP in curated sessions and freeform • Chill homies • A world perfect for roleplay • An intricate server structure • ...


An RP about the adventures of the crew (You) on the interstellar Cargo ship called the Stargazer. This RP focuses on the crew and their daily lives onboard the Stargazer. Though there is a story ...

[Casual Fantasy RP] Storm Field

Welcome to Storm Field! This place has many secrets, abilities, anything! Will you become a criminal of the Thieves' Guild? A master of magic? An Alchemist that the city of Godfree relies on? A sim...

[BETA] The Kingdom of Asteria

A fantasy RP, set underground.

=Wizard101 Friends=

Welcome to the Wizard101 Server! We are a community of friendly people who like to have fun and create new friends together. We aim to be a safe community where you can grow, meet new people, have ...

(Closed) HellBound, 1906™

Hellbound, 1906 is based around the upcoming game; Hunt: Showdown. It is a RP with horror and fantasy action themes, in which the players can hunt demons and monstrosities for bounties.

"The Axis"

"The Axis" is a sci-fi RP server that is based on a unique universe of the same name. It has expanding lore, plot and player-made characters. Try to survive in an anomalous galaxy as a member of an...

Hello, and welcome to Ocean of Cycles! Everyone of all ages are welcome! This is a medieval roleplay server. We are very small right now, but we want to grow! Help us build the empire!

Harry Potter Roleplay

Roleplay with original characters in the Harry Potter universe! We've got a good community (now) and places to chat as well! (Recently, due to an argument, some ex-admins decided to destroy almost ...

Trash Roleplay

You live on an alien world, but are one day whisked away to a world of trash. Now you must lead your survivors forward in this wasteland, navigating its perils, conducting diplomacy and war, buildi...