What's to do in Solar Systars?

  • Become a part of a flexibly developed lore in a dedicated roleplay server designed to bring characters together.
  • Explore ancient alien ruins on Venus.
  • Planetary sovereignty vs. Solar unification? Fight in a war for the soul of the solar system.
  • Dick around in cyberspace with strangers using advanced VR gear and stream your antics to the interplanetary web.
  • Attempt to survive in an apocalyptic hellscape on Earth.
  • Be a convict or a guard in a prison on Europa for the worst scum in the whole solar system.
  • Live it up in the lap of luxury on humanity's first mega structure, Luna's Ring.
  • Assist in an effort to terraform Mars to support life for millions of years to come.
  • Rob space vessels for booty and hostages as a space pirate.
  • Live whatever sort of life/lives you can imagine, the choice is yours!

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