Throughout history, people have always claimed pieces of territory as their own. They called their place a nation.

Now's your chance to claim a piece of land on earth and either rule or be ruled. You can lead your nation through a golden era, or see it collapse into a new dark age. Have your nation assert global and economic hegemony, or have it be partitioned and forced to obey the diktats of powerful neighbours. The choice is yours.

You may think that it's not as interesting as many other RP's and that it's the same old roleplay. But what if we told you that it's not a roleplay? What if we told you that it's a grand strategy game? And what if combat, diplomacy, economics, politics, technology, and the simulated fate of entire nations were decided by one of the most complex bots on Discord?

Forty thousand lines of code. We're a server dedicated to consistently pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve on Discord through innovative new ideas and tireless bot development. With plans set in motion for new technical and engineering marvels, and with our coding abilities, we shall push the future of Discord bots, together.

Innovate. Lead. Join us.

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