Chill Community server! Our aim is to: - have daily Voice and video chats - regularly play casual games together such as BGO, Monopoly, etc - have casual respectful debates - spread some chill vib...

⭐Shine Official ⭐

Welcome to out server owned by Shine and Jeannie! Here you can find people to love. We are a tightknit community dedicated to help with whatever you need in life such as support and attention. This...

Catto Kingdom

We got memes for everyone. People from all over the world. Voice chat daily. We speak multiple languages :0

Riot Tavern

Hello, and welcome to this strange place! We aren't that active yet, but come and join us! We have fun channels, roles, and a nice vibe for you to hang out in.

|~La Sauvage 💋|

si tu veux la pub de ton discord ou autre faire des blind test avec mee6 te faire des nouveaux amis viens rejoindre ici pas de limite d'age tout est safe sauf dans les channels nsfw

Panthers Hideout

I want some people to join my discord, just to chill, hangout, and have a nice conversation. And i'm a real Rainbow six siege player, soooo feel free to join :D

ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴀɴᴅ ᴠɪɴᴇ

A fun server to chill and make new friends

- Official Server

Come have a fun time, were just here to beat some kids and drink some sketchy stuff

Midget Awareness

Midget Awareness is a small, friendly server created for others to have fun and share memes. (No midgets were harmed in the making of this server)

The Bebop

A new server dedicated to hanging out. Chill chatting, movie/anime nights, tournaments with prizes, and open suggestions to create a community FOR and WITH members.

Mercury Server

This server has no description!


This is a place to hangout and chill meet new people and just have fun please come there are currently 18 members so lets make this server grow!!! please help it become bigger thanks you!!


a chill server with bots, rp and a nsfw channel.


Kingless is a chill server where you will meet friendly people. Don't be afraid and just hang out!

Chill Palace

A place to chill, have fun and play games! if you love memes! games! and voice chatting espcially chatting come in! everyone is welcome!

The Lounge

An originally small server just for a group of friends that has slowly grown into a community of a fairly large group of people.

Coffee n' Cake

A fun chill place to just make friends and hang out. no real other reason to this server...just a place where all fandoms can join. Whether you are a furry a gamer a brony or whatever its a place f...


We're a chill community that loves to joke around. Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything really.


join you filthy bitch!!!

The Gutter

Come chill and smoke at The Gutter! Good Vibes Only


This server is mainly made to make the users that are in it are happy and was made for the users to chill and meet new people to make friends with


This server has no description!

The Wolf Tribe

We're a community of laid back gamers looking to have a good time playing the games we love. So sit back, roll one, pop open a cold one and join us. You're always welcome.

Weeb Nation

A new, friendly Discord server for anyone to join and relax!

Chill Central

A place to come and relax, come and hang out, we have cash giveaways, tournaments, music, and some fun commands. Friendly staff and atmosphere. So come hang out


A great place to chill with great owners and minimal admins to interfere with your community experience. includes - community voice chat - community text chats with different regions - a custom-m...

The S.S. Angelo

A nautical themed server where all types of people can join. This server aims to bring a sense of community and relationships among everyone who wishes to join. Come talk and laugh with people who ...


HEy! We're pretty chill in here. We share a lot of memes and play Cards Against Humanity occasionally. We are active most of the time ;) Lookin for you lovely people. We'd like YOU to join! Cheers :)

Puma's Place

A nice chill place to make friends and hangout we are hoping to make a friendly community

Club Discord

Chill out, make new friends, and play video games, all in one discord!

Tostada maxima

Servidor de habla hispana dedicado a conversación tranquila y debate ocasional

Willstar's Funhouse (Read Only)

Place to chill, post sh*t, talk about gaming or just have fun! I don't really care what goes on unless it's hate speech, but whatever.

the cafe

we're a laid-back server with an abundance of memes, games, and art. please join us to sit back, relax, and invite a friend or two for a cup of coffee.


just a fun community for you to make new friends. find a squad to play games with, talk about music, pretty much everything is allowed


A chill server where you can come and talk to some cool people, we have some cool meme bots I guess. This is just a cool laid back server with laid back shit. Come me join our lively little night ...

Lovely Lounge

Lovely Lounge is a chill discord chatting server, that is a work in progress! We have: •Channels for venting, gaming, sports, and more! •Friendly Staff •Roles that can be requested! If this intere...

C h i l l Z o n e

A place where you can relax and chill . See you there


A place to relax, chat and play with friends and have a good time

The Woahh-Jo

The Woahh-Jo, A mystical land with streamers, gamers, music makers, video editors, you name and we got it. With rooms for looking to play, private rooms, or just a huge general chat. Come join if y...


We accept all users including degenerates and furries. Jokes aside, we really do welcome all users. You can find quite a few people who share similar interests in the gaming, arts, music, etc. fiel...

Cheese Sound

small server; pretty chill; full of weebs & memers; my wife is divorcing me; she's taking the kids; join lmao

Squiddy's and Mellow’s Empire

A small chill server (that is looking to expand) where you can hang out with friends There are a lot of different voice and text channels where you can chat with people, all under different categor...

Democratic People's Republic of Cranberries

The Republic is a Community of Gamers, Memers, and Tabletop Players. We are an LFG server, a platform for Tabletop games, and a meme repository.

【Chill Chat】

Voice chats, Text chats, and different things to talk about, but to be chill and meet others too. This chat may also be stupid, i apologize.


????™ is a chill hangout server where you can test out fun bot commands, post some memes here and there, but most importantly, you can chat with other fellow memesters/gamers that have the same int...

Hidden Island

Treehouse is a place for everyone. Join the family, and get to know your long lost sisters and brothers you never knew you had! #Chill see you there!

Chilled Cloud

Chilled cloud is a community where users can sit back and relax. Talk about whatever you want. Get connected to people who have the same interests as you. Find people to play a certain game with yo...

AfterPrisonShow Official Discord

Official Discord server of the YouTube channel AfterPrisonShow with over 1,000,000 subscribers!


Fun chat where everyone is accepted no matter what. Come and chill, talk about your favorite topics and just have a good time. This servers for anything from gaming to music to everything.We are sm...

» ☾ ⋄ love ⋄

Welcome to » ☾ ⋄ cosmic latte ⋄, user! ☆ You must be 13 or older to join this server. ☆ This is a small server for you to meet up and hang out with people that have the same interests as you!