Grape Surgery

We got memes for everyone. People from all over the world. Voice chat daily. We speak multiple languages :0


Avium is a new chat server that is relaxed and continuously growing. We are eager and willing to welcome any and all to the flock! If you do decide to join even for a little while, we will be very...

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓷𝓸𝓸𝓭𝓵𝓮 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓹

A noodle shop based on chilling and good vibes. Always looking for noodle shop employees (admins) and noodle shop customers (server members)

🎄Jolly christmas server☃

an easy going server to relax and meet new people and a place to discuss your music interest!

🎄@_@ | Main Server🎄

Join, and enjoy you're self. Have fun looking at Dead, Alive Tik-Tok Memes. Or anything else, its a weird server. But we don't support, or allow NSFW, or most cuss words. If you stay long enough yo...

🌲 Wilderness 🌲

A fun, chill server where you can talk about mostly anything! We're still working on some things so please be patient! But we'd love to have ya!

🦁 La Savane 🦁

si tu veux la pub de ton discord ou autre faire des blind test avec mee6 te faire des nouveaux amis viens rejoindre ici pas de limite d'age tout est safe sauf dans les channels nsfw

【Chill Chat】

Voice chats, Text chats, and different things to talk about, but to be chill and meet others too. This chat may also be stupid, i apologize.

♥𝘾𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙚 𝙏𝙞𝙙 ♥

Chille Tid || Laid back and calm server, share your interests with people, no matter what they are! meet new people.

ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴀɴᴅ ᴠɪɴᴇ

A fun server to chill and make new friends


This server has no description!


This is a place to hangout and chill meet new people and just have fun please come there are currently 18 members so lets make this server grow!!! please help it become bigger thanks you!!


hi welcome to chilli's

Zein's Community

Chill server where you can talk about mostly anything and meet new people. Mostly speaking english.


Hey! If you are looking for a home away from home, join Wyzerica! We got some spicy memes if you ask nicely :) We are always looking for more members!

Windowsill fields

A small chill discord server with friendly staff. Join, come talk to us and have fun!! : )

Willstar's Funhouse (Read Only)

Place to chill, post sh*t, talk about gaming or just have fun! I don't really care what goes on unless it's hate speech, but whatever.


A new server focused on attracting a diverse crowd to come together, relax, and have a good time. Play games, discuss and share music, talk about anime, or just chill and talk to people. 18+ Chann...

Virgin Squad Fam

We have no idea what we're doing and so do you, so join? cuz why tf not

Union of Soviet Socialist Doggo Republic (USSDR)

Come join a community of memey, fun people. Hang out in voice chat, listen to music, squad up and play some games, do whatever! Post memes, use bots, whatever your taste, it's here. And, if it's no...

Tumbleweed Trainwrecks

Ah, the wild, wild west... We aren't that wild here though, so you can either chill out with us or make our server the loudest one ever! Whatever be the case, we're still a small server and really ...

Tom F. Oolery's Server for Tomfoolin'

A place for some Tomfoolin'. Just a nice place to chill out. Nothing else too it.

Timid's Den

Hangout and chill here!


My first server lmao, don't mind the autism. Hoping to become popular one day, so like join pls XD

Thot Patrol

Hello, We are a small community of friends hoping to grow a discord server, Come and hang out/Chill. Music, Gaming, Art, Anime, these are only a few words to describe this community.

This is our PoDcAsT

Its called a podcast cause we just chill on VC sometimes it might be recorded, like a podcast. Mostly just a server to chill and have fun on!


Fun chat where everyone is accepted no matter what. Come and chill, talk about your favorite topics and just have a good time. This servers for anything from gaming to music to everything.We are sm...

The Woahh-Jo

The Woahh-Jo, A mystical land with streamers, gamers, music makers, video editors, you name and we got it. With rooms for looking to play, private rooms, or just a huge general chat. Come join if y...

The Void

This is a chill server where everyone is welcome! with no racism sexism or bullying, basicly just a chill enviroment! join you wont regret it!

The S.S. Angelo

A nautical themed server where all types of people can join. This server aims to bring a sense of community and relationships among everyone who wishes to join. Come talk and laugh with people who ...

The Place

small server; pretty chill; full of weebs & memers; my wife is divorcing me; she's taking the kids; join lmao

The Lounge

An originally small server just for a group of friends that has slowly grown into a community of a fairly large group of people.

The Lost Lands

Over my short time using the discord app I've run into a couple of governments, yes, servers that honestly take themselves too seriously. This is a hangout server with minimal restrictions and as m...

The Golden Barrel

anything games, chill, talk about anything, free of speech, (server inspired by donkey kong country snes)

The Gods

We're a chill community that loves to joke around. Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything really.

The Dead Server Club

A fun server with a kingdom ranking system and people from all over the globe! We don't have a specific topic so just come along if you want to meet new people!

The Dark Below

Always looking for new people to join. We feature: Custom emojis. Two NSFW sections (A somewhat vanilla one, and an extreme one). A zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, or homophobia. A grow...

The Chill Zone

2,500+ Members | A highly active server to socialize and meet new people. Memes, friendly staff, custom economy, giveaways, and more!

The Chill Zone

(Original name: The Chill Zone) A place where you can chill with other people to talk to, a lot of bots to have fun with, including a music bot, and events for halloween and christmas!

The Chill Server (Love Life and Live)

Everyone is Welcome to TCS this is a community created to meet new friends and join in discussions with one another! If you’re genuinely looking for a place to hang out, I’m confident you'll love ...

The Chill

We are a fun discord server with lots of opportunity . We are slowly growing, join now play some games and apply for staff. We look forward to seeing you!!

The Bizarre Adventure

Looking for a server made for people who enjoy anime, memes, nerd culture, and gaming? Want a place to just chill and make new friends? Come to R's Bizarre Adventure! We're a relatively new discord...

The Bebop

A new server dedicated to hanging out. Chill chatting, movie/anime nights, tournaments with prizes, and open suggestions to create a community FOR and WITH members.

Team X

Hello you may not see this because we are a small server but if more come on we can make this HUGE with you help (btw still in making)

t o x x i c

? ? ? ? ? ? Welcome to a new, fast growing, friendly community  With active text chats, voice chat, regular events and games you can be sure there will always be something to do. Once you join,...

Squiddy's and Mellow’s Empire

A small chill server (that is looking to expand) where you can hang out with friends There are a lot of different voice and text channels where you can chat with people, all under different categor...

Spoon's Bowl

Spoon's Bowl is a small but growing community where you can chat, ,find new, friends, roleplay, and more! (If you are not satisfied with what we have on the server contact admins or owner to see w...

Spaghetti Cult

only the best of spaghetti Memes (ironic cult)


Join a growing community, with chill conversatio-n. ---->>> Make friends and find your home. ----->> <3

Seasmart's Server!

it'ss a fun server where there are almost no serius gamers and with chill staff members aslong you follow the rules


A growing community! Nice place to chill , socialize and make friends! Come play some games with us , have fun!


This is a new server that I wanted to populate. Just a server to Chill and play games we do talk about about anime and we have a text channel for NSFW(confirmation) and we post art/wallpaper. Mos...

s u n s h i n e

Hey, we're chill here. No need to worry.

Raziphel's Dimension

Just a chill community! Potheads, Furry, Weebs and Fags are welcome!~

Pudding World

Join Pudding Cups, a community laid on the foundations of what suits its members. We offer chatting, memes sharing, art, music, and so much more that you're missing out on right now.. Join today, ...


This is a new server lmao to chill, have fun, meet new binches. We have: -NSFW -Self-assignable roles -Weird ass members and staff Overall we're a weird ass group looking for some new members c:


This server is a safe place where you can chill, promote your socials, and vent about any issues you have, no hate will be heading your way :)

Panthers Hideout

I want some people to join my discord, just to chill, hangout, and have a nice conversation. And i'm a real Rainbow six siege player, soooo feel free to join :D

No Sleep Palace v2

No Sleep Palace v2 is the second version of the original No Sleep Palace, here we do many things, we love to relax and chill out though we do play games as a community sometimes! We currently have ...

Nameless Server

This is an average server for those who would like to just find a place to chill in. Feel free to come in and talk about whatever you'd like. We play Skribbl, Cards Against Humanity and also have o...


Relax and chill on N O I S E where you can talk about anything in our voice channels and play music.

Mercury Server

This server has no description!

Lowly Realm

Welcome to Lowly Realm! This server is just a chill place to hang out with friends or make some friends!

Loser Squad

A chill server to meet new people play games and welcome you guys. We are here for zeh memes ya yeeeeeeet

lit Chat Pub

A place where you can chill and chat! Meet new people and even new friends! We also have some people who plays Fortnite so you can play with us if you have the game, or other games you like to play...

Lazy Gamers

Hi it's me from the Lazy gamers, this group is just for people who wanna chill, make friends, play games, and have fun. We may be small but we would like to grow. We ensure that your stay will be...


Pretty nice place just to chill out and have fun. Talk to people about games and other stuff, every few nights we host a movie night or game night. Come down a talk. :D

Kool Kids Klub

Just a server to mess around in. (rules-no spam. no racism. no sexism. no under age dating.) (nigga is fine btw just no hard R)


knaisu is a fairly new kpop server, where you can chill and talk about your favourite kpop idols!


Kingless is a chill server where you will meet friendly people. Don't be afraid and just hang out!

K1nG's Throne

Welcome to the King Gaming discord! We are a group of like minded gamers looking for fellow gamers to game or chill with. Everyone in here is respectful and pretty close towards one another. For a ...

Jerald & Sorry's

Come to Jerald & Sorry's! We're a simple chat lounge where you can meet and talk to just about anyone. Feel free to join and try it out, we won't be hurt if you decide it's not for you :)

jade 象

We're a tight knit server of friendly people who just enjoy some nice company. This server has channels for art, gaming, streaming, venting, serious discussion, as well as several bot games, an opt...

J's Chillplatoon

In this server you meet new friends and start to know a lot of new stuff from aviation to motorbikes and even trains. Here we have programmers that can chat coding and people that just want to rela...

Hidden Island

Treehouse is a place for everyone. Join the family, and get to know your long lost sisters and brothers you never knew you had! #Chill see you there!


Come chill, make some new friends, catch some pokemon, or nab some waifus. This server is for people who wanna have a good time and meet some new people.

Harrow's Lounge

A relaxed place to chat and play Warframe. Quite lax on rules, just use common sense. Non Warframe players also welcome! Open debate and discussion welcome and encouraged (just keep it civil)


We are a chilled, laid back server that offers countless emotes, channels which include, but not limited to, music, meme, selfie, images and voice channels. We also offer a lot of strange roles. We...


GHOSTNATION Chill Zone is a new server it is created on 11-27-2018 and created by Venom#9731. GhostNation is a friendly server, we solve problems (if we can) we will try our best to make you feel b...

Gem's Palace

Welcome to the Gem's Palace where all lovly gems are welcome. Come join. Anyone is welcome. we play games and chill.

Gang Gang Official Chat

Small server made by a few friends , we have events most weeks , like memes,and are generally a pretty chill server.


Just a discord to play some games with people and make some new friends.

Fukboi Royal-The Supporters of Rule 34

We are just a chill group of people that would love someone new to talk to:D we are all near the age of 16-24.

Frosty Skies

Just a new chill server made by a person that has no idea what he's doing.

Fiends 🎄

We are a chill server, no rules. Feel free to join.

Festive House ❄

Welcome to Full House. This is a small community server(trying to grow)where we talk about dumb shit. We are open to having everyone, a place to chill and hangout and share shitty memes. Feel free ...


Hey there! Euphoria is a new server, it was created a little while ago however I have recently made changes and decided to open it up! I am wanting a funny loving bunch who would love to get to k...


A place to relax, chat and play with friends and have a good time

Dutieo’s Layer

Where we do things. But really, we just sit around, chill, talk, game, etc. etc.


Just chill and 'Dowhatevrthefuckyouwant

DevStar Studios™

Chill Server, Chill people, Chill music. Come visit, i also partner with people if they want to. Friendly people live here

Dead Inside Cosplaying Kingdom

Its a chill place with little rules (for now). Has NSFW stuff and plenty of roles for you to choose from. Has fun people to chat with and gaming potential too! Also has Events on and a level up...

De Mini Server

Just a chill server - we have a music bot with a few other bots following. Come and chill with us!


Yo this is a chill server where u can chill and do whatever u like pretty much no rules just have fun and talk to people

Croyo's Domain

This server has no description!


Coolsville - pretty generic server with like no people but still pretty active so come on down cause its pretty neat cuz we got nsfw, gamesrob (bunch of minigames) and other cool and good bots

comfy chill chat

This is a raw, real server for real people who's hearts really make a discord server.. Not bots or roles or anything like that. Join, Leave, whatever man, you do what you feel necessary. Lots of lo...

Coffee n' Cake

A fun chill place to just make friends and hang out. no real other reason to this server...just a place where all fandoms can join. Whether you are a furry a gamer a brony or whatever its a place f...

Club Penguin

Welcome as you all now anime is bad and George Bush tried to kill it but the pirates got lucky and killed George Bush and right now the animes are planning a attack to put everyone in prison. Make ...

Club Discord

Chill out, make new friends, and play video games, all in one discord!


Cloud is a community server that aims to provide a warm comforting community to anyone in need of such a thing. We provide several different text channels for discussions on topics, and we have an ...


Just a classical server will chill people. We have a Memes, music, rpg, and nsfw channels. Feel free to join! Every 10 people that join, 1 random person is selected to have the Moderator rank!

Chromie Homie

Welcome Fellow Chromie This is my discord server for all you fellow retards. Please go visit the rules. Also have fun and enjoy Chromie.


A great place to chill with great owners and minimal admins to interfere with your community experience. includes - community voice chat - community text chats with different regions - a custom-m...

Chilling Lounge

Just a server where you can talk about whatever you want, you can come here and try out our dating-service if you need to find the right one, or you can come in the server just to find people to ha...


Welcome to ChillBar! ❤ A server based around meeting new people and having a good time in general! ✦ Gaming ✦ 24/7 VC ✦ Anime ✦ Events ✦ Gambling ✦ Levels ✦ NSFW ✦

Chill Palace

A place to chill, have fun and play games! if you love memes! games! and voice chatting espcially chatting come in! everyone is welcome!

Chill Den

Feel like chilling and talking about anime, memes or whatever the fuck you wanna talk about? Then this might be a place for you and your friends. Everyone is welcome!

Chill Central

A place to come and relax, come and hang out, we have cash giveaways, tournaments, music, and some fun commands. Friendly staff and atmosphere. So come hang out


Just chill. Nothing to major, no major topic. Talk about what you want and everybody should be chill.

Chatty Mic Chatty

Its a basic server I made, come here if you want to just chill. :).


HEy! We're pretty chill in here. We share a lot of memes and play Cards Against Humanity occasionally. We are active most of the time ;) Lookin for you lovely people. We'd like YOU to join! Cheers :)

Café Chat

დ You're invited to come and visit Cafe Chat დ We are a fast growing community that offers many cool features and we welcome everyone. This is a server for those seeking to socialize and escaped th...

Café Artemis

We pride ourselfs on our friendly envoiroment, calm atmosphere and great coffee! Café Artemis is an awesome place to meet new people and hang out. Come on and see for yourself.

C h i l l Z o n e

A place where you can relax and chill . See you there

Blue Light District

Memes, Halo, gaming talk... whatever, really, science... astronomy, you know, we like to have fun

Big Boy33 i cant feel my leg

Just a chill hangout place.


small community for anyone to join and find new people to play with.


This server has no description!

Amity Sweets

Amity Sweets is a server where you can chill out, chat with newfound friends, get support, share art, play games together and much much more!

Ambitious Collective

Chill , watch movies and listen to music together. Musical talent showroom for musicians instrumentalists and singers. Drink , smoke and relax with the gang.

AfterPrisonShow Official Discord

Official Discord server of the YouTube channel AfterPrisonShow with over 1,000,000 subscribers!


Aerial - A new community on discord, aimed at keeping the negativity away! ▹Bots ▹ Custom commands and roles! ▹ Leveling system - with perks! ▹ Events and games! ▹ Diverse community! ▹ HIRING STAF...

Adam's Hotel

Welcome to Adam's Hotel! This is a chill discord server where you can chat and play games with people. You can gain access to more channels the more active you are and I will constantly be updating...

Absolute Chaos

Hello! This server is a chill, general Discord server. Any topic is up for discussion, and the rules are pretty basic and simple. This is meant to be a place to have fun and chill, so feel free to ...

a dumb discord server

A dumb discord server for anything

[▬] N'siA [▬]

A chill discord with a well disciplined staff, steady join rate, and always someone to talk to.

=>The Chill Place=>

A Place To Just Chill Relax And Chat

88saints Entertainment

We are just here for chill vibes and fun

2D V I B E S

A nice chill server where we can talk about anything and have a shoulder to cry on . We welcome anyone and our goal is to grow and spread the message of enjoyment~

- Official Server

Come have a fun time, were just here to beat some kids and drink some sketchy stuff

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ p i n e a p p l e b o x & o w o a r m y ♥

A close knit community passionate about anything from photography to gaming! Please don't hesitate to join us! We welcome all newcomers with open arms. Also the server for the YouTube channel, owoa...


A chill server where you can come and talk to some cool people, we have some cool meme bots I guess. This is just a cool laid back server with laid back shit. Come me join our lively little night ...


This server is mainly made to make the users that are in it are happy and was made for the users to chill and meet new people to make friends with


This server has no description!

» ☾ ⋄ love ⋄

Welcome to » ☾ ⋄ cosmic latte ⋄, user! ☆ You must be 13 or older to join this server. ☆ This is a small server for you to meet up and hang out with people that have the same interests as you!