Waifu Worshipping ❤

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Online Matchmaking

Anime/Gaming/Dating server to hang out! Lots of anime fans to talk, lots of skilled gamers to carry, lots of stunning selfies to flirt! ❤ Matchmaking Now ❤

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓛𝓸𝓽𝓾𝓼 𝓟𝓲𝓮𝓻 🌺 ⛩

A open and welcoming community for all people who enter! We are a hybrid anime and social community that is looking for active members and a great time. We hope to see you in the hub soon!

🎌💖 𝕎𝕀ℕ𝕆 💖🎌

Notre objectif principal est que nous fassions un groupe confortable dans lequel les gens peuvent partager librement leurs idées, leurs intérêts et leur amour pour les animés! Bien sûr d'autres cho...

🍣✌ Sushi Squad ✌🍣

Konnichiwa! Welcome to this new server! This server was made for otakus and gamers who want to meetup chat and relax! Most of us here are really supportive and we are a generally nice community. He...

🌟Luna's Basement🌙

You Were Invited To Join The Coolest Place In The Universe, We Present To You ?Luna's Basement?, What ist ? ?Luna's Basement? Is a Friendly, Clean, Non Toxic Community With An Amazing, Cool, Friend...


This server is exclusively for anime lovers, gamers and manga readers..........come join us chit-chat and have fun.....?? To know more about the server visit- https://animeheavensgate.wixsite.com/a...

🛸 Space Pirates 💀

Bonjour tout le monde. Vous voulez un serveur Discord communautaire Otaku mais vous n'en trouvez aucun . Nous sommes une communauté Otaku possédant des channels vocaux et écrits pour beaucoup de fa...

🌴 Pink Paradise 🌴

✨ This is Pink Paradise! ✨ We're a social server where anyone can join and meet new people. Feel free to check us out anytime and enjoy your time here! ?


There's a joke hidden in the name somewhere. We're a new community looking to grow with a focus on games and anime with a touch of keyboards. We have an automated anime art dump, welcoming staff an...

⭐Weeb World⭐

This is Weeb World -- a cosy home for Weebs, Artists, Coders, Musicians, Graphic Designers and more! We have a casino bot to keep you entertained, and a Karaoke chat for all the singers! Chat about...


Your one-stop Pop Team Epic fans community server!

❄ Smutty Clickbait! ❄

Being 18+ is recommended. Anime and Games with NSFW channels included!

❁✿ωαℓℓ ғℓσωεяs✿❁

We're a gaming group. More like a family. We stream, game, talk, and generally just have fun.


Our server is filled with fun and friendly global and active community of gamers and non-gamers. Please feel free to talk about anime, mangas, games, lewds, fan arts or any kind of arts,voice act,...

♡✧・゚Devils Airline・゚✧♡

a friendly, growing anime community for those who want to talk about animes they enjoy, games or just have a good conversation! currently looking for active members who arent afraid to start the co...

♡ ♥ ♡ Yaoi lovers ♥ ♡ ♥

Yaoi lovers, a cozy little server where you can chat about yaoi, anime, hentai, video games, music and much more, come and join this expanding server with cool ass people bro.

♡ s ɪ ᴍ ᴘ ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ᴄ ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ɴ

♡ s ɪ ᴍ ᴘ ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ᴄ ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ɴ is a smaller server but we're welcoming any and all people, we love anime and gaming very much. We'll be hosting karaoke nights and karaoke type games etc. Come and ...

☕Tokyo Café

Hello there! Welcome to Tokyo Café! This server is filled with nice people to hang out with, we have roles, emotes, bots, nsfw, etc. Come join us to have a great time and meet some new friends! We'...

★ Bern's tea party ★

Last of all, the witch of eternity said: «If you can kill me, I can grant your wish.»

◦•●◉✿ Serene Xxile ✿◉●•◦

A new and upcoming server with mature staff and members no toxic, no drama just filled with chill people who loves getting to know each other anime, kpop/drama among other things we got it JOIN NOW...

※ Snowfallen ※

A community dedicated to everything anime! Dedicated to making new friends and socializing with other otakus throughout the world! Weekly events and more~ Everyone is welcome to Snowfallen!

°★☆ØţÅčŰ čŁüB☆★°

A server for anime fan to meet new people and hope to make new friends with same interest. Many benefit for members, good staff and many bots

~Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid~

A server for mkdm fans!

Zocha's Cafe ☕

it's a café, just chill, talk, and drink coffee. ☕

Zero Two ゼロツー

Welcome to the #1 Zero Two discord server — a place to worship our goddess 02...oh yeah, and other animes discussions too! We also have games like Waifu Wars, and daily events!

Zektoirn Inspiration

⭐️Friendly⭐️Growing Community⭐️Anime⭐️General Discussion⭐️Music⭐️Gaming⭐️Random Stuff⭐️Memes⭐️Roleplay⭐️NSFW ⭐️Chat Games⭐️And More⭐️

Za Anime Warudo

New anime server to chat about new and old anime, manga, light novels, and other general stuff. Everyone is welcome to join!

Yet Another Discord Server

Another crappy Discord server. Find and share NSFW, anime, desktop setup, play some games. Regular garbage.


Discuss about anime, kpop and even more. Join now and say hello!

World & Katt’s Weetards

hey there! wanting to join an amazing server? if so, join World & Katt’s Weetards! this server consists of gaming, anime/hentai, music, memes, art, role playing, nsfw topics/images, and daily shit...

White Tiger Kingdom

Social discord based around a medieval tiger theme.

Weebs ONLY

Weebs ONLY The server were if your a weeb you will be accepted (maybe). Weebs ONLY is all about Anime, Manga, Memes, Music, Games. There is also NSFW :) So if you like all of this I think you sh...


Hello everyone, check out this chat if you want to talk about anime, video games, movies, etc; I'm rather new at this and somewhat shy, but yea...

Weeb World

This server has no description!

Weeb Unity

Weeb Unity! Is a server that's dedicated to people who are into Anime, JRPG'S and other games, that's the theme we are aiming for. This server is for conversations about those topics... with a lit...

Weeb Paradise (EN/PT-BR)

This small server's objective is to unite random weebs to chat, make friendships and chill We support both BRPortuguese and English languages, Friendly Staff. We have many distinct subject channels...

Weeb Nation

Talk about anime and make friends! We're all super friendly and would love to have you! We play roblox, watch anime, and just chat with each other! ~Join today~

Weeabo Central

Your go to place to go for Anime, Gaming, Roleplay, Hentai, and 6 different genres of music to listen to! Come join today!! You won't regret it ;)

We Are Sin

Here at We are Sin we are anime, tech, music and video game server but talk about anything as long as it doesn't break the rules (NFSW is all cool by Sin the owner in the right places)

Wandering Forest

Judgement-free, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Animal Friendly, Furry Friendly, Otaku Friendly, Weeaboo Friendly, Hunter Friendly

Waifu Material

This server is about your favourite anime waifus! You can discuss about your waifu and others. Send pictures and etc!

Waifu for Laifu

The best place to be when it comes to your favorite Anime Girls

Waifu Complex

Waifu Complex est un petit serveur où cohabitent les Animes, Manga, et Japon ! Ecchi et Hentai sont au rdv dans ce serveur dédié aux Waifu ! Envie de rejoindre notre petite communauté active ? Rejo...

Very Rare Only

Hey friends here at this server we like to play games and talk. If you like that then feel free to join. We have tons of copypasta commands that you can use and more to come.


❤❤ Gaming, Anime, and Fun. :) Join us to hangout, voice chat, or play video games. ❤❤

vanilla’s harem

Join if you like Love Live! and Neptunia


Сообщество Discord, посвященное аниме и играм.Присоединяйтесь к нам, чтобы встретиться с другими людьми с подобными интересами и подружиться!

UnTakyo (Koffee Shop)

We Allow Any Kind Of Anime Here! we have bots

Universe Wars

Universe Wars is a non toxic anime role play. We have decided to listen to the community of our discord to fits what's best! There is no 200+ channels. This is meant to role-play as free as possibl...

U.A. High School

An anime server for all, where people can discuss and recommend anime and manga to each other. Featuring famous chats like waifuposting and weeb music. We also have a weekly anime watchalong. :)


the otaku shooter clubs discord we are a anime and xbox and pc loveing server


Just a growing server with anime mobile games as a base, nsfw as a side-thread and a big community revolving around anime in general with youtubers joining in. Everyone is welcome to come join, and...

The Workshop

Fun discord server with 3 global emotes and a nice and small community! Constantly growing, well active, and over 500 members!

The Waifu Realm

Small community with many features and bots -Waifu claiming bot for all your claiming needs -NSFW channel -get xp for chatting to lvl up and get special perms -friendly staff dedicated to making m...

The Sons Of Deadassery

any nigga can join but its mainly for anime comic books and gaming people but anyone can chill

The Pepe Foundation

A night time server which emphasizes a friendly community and sharing hobbies. We play games together and we also watch anime or talk socially. We also help promote peoples streams and youtube cha...

The Lounge

This is a small server made up of basicly 4 friends, but that's why we need your help. We are your one stop shop for all things ANIME! It's also got areas to post your art and fan art for anything....

The Knights Of The Crows

this is for games, anime and chatting about things message me about games i should make a chat for

The holy land

This is a great server for making friends, we have some very nice and friendly people on the server. There are a lot of people who really like anime and games so it is a great place to talk about t...

The Hmmmm Chat - A SneveCT Subsidiary Company

Hello, we're a small community of friends looking for more people to chat with. We tend to talk about video games, anime, and just general stuff we all like; it's a very friendly and inviting place...

The Hentai Club

Anyone welcome! Very laid back community, open to express yourself.

The Heat℠

We are a new server that welcomes all, but welcomes weebs and those who like video games quite a bit more. This community is a great one which you will never forget.

The Gaming & Anime World

Anime / Manga & Gaming community. enjoy yourself after joining ;) We wont bite, at least right now...

The Gallery

We have something for everyone such as hentai, various artistic channels, tech chat, gaming chat, and much more!

The Funhouse 🎃🍬

Come and chill if you'd like. Not a discord for those easily offended.

The Discord Server

hi we are a discord server with lots to do 45 colours roles leveling system

The Cozy Potatofarm

A place where anyone can chat about almost anything.

The Chill Zone

The server is based off of the anime series, Yozakura Quartet (which is, highly recommended, a must-watch). The entire server isn’t biased around this anime, but it’s the core, if you know what we ...

The Chill Corner

This server has no description!

The Anime Plague

We are a new Server for your anime and gaming needs.We are all always online and ready to talk to you whenever you need xD. Want to team with others in any game you share go for it.

The Anime Empire

We worked really hard on that server we hope you'll join and enjoy it here! We have a lot of anime genres to talk about and you can suggest us your favorite Anime! And any discrimination will be pu...

The Anime Community

we love in anime, were not much, but we'll promote like hell and hopefully become something great with a strong community

The Anime Classroom

The Anime Classroom! The perfect place to socialize about anime, manga, video games and more! Currently looking for staff members and programmers for custom bots!

The Anime Central Discord

We are a new anime/gaming community on Discord. We have 14 bots that range from music to Pokemon. We also have a working ranking system.

That Side Of Discord

A beautiful community! join and be a part of the family! our server is for people who like to chill, have fun, stream and discuss about anything and everything such as anime, music, memes, art, nsf...

Tea/Coffee Obsessed Gamers <3

This server has no description!

Swedish Friends

spaghetti faggetti branched off of #anime from freenode currently accepting donations to fund our communist troll farm

Subarashii Dere

New small friendly anime community! Anime themed bots, over 40 self-assignable colour roles and more!


Subarashii is a community of like minded individuals who just want a place to chill out and talk. This server also includes utility bots to help you keep up with your latest anime episodes and much...


Небольшой русскоязычный тематический сервер. Аниме, картонки и просто дружественная атмосфера. Есть муз-бот, уровни, роли.

SquiddoPlays' Discord Cult

Join If You're Bored. You Wont Regret It.

Socially Deformed Creatures

810+ Members here you get to be yourself and not worry about anything, Anime-Gaming-Music-Discussion-Cancer-NSFW. Join now!


Need some help right now. So Help still wanted

slime girl fan club

slime girl stuff lmao


a Discord server for Anime peeps and Gamers, made by the YouTuber: Sleepstr

Sith Empire

The Sith Empire is not purely a Star Wars Fan Server as it focuses on Anime, Manga, Gaming, and so much many more categories and variety! Join the Empire and we won't disappoint.

Singlebörse 💕

This server has no description!

siberian husky channel

A place for you to chill out, talk to others and maybe post some memes when you're bored.

Shiro's Empire

Come to our server we welcome all Hentai, loli lovers, and all type of gamers are also invited to join.

Shinobi & Ghouls

This server is all about anime and other weeby stuff. Come on and join!


An Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin anime/manga discussion server! Bots/Music Bot, showcase channels, NSFW and shipping discussions available.

Shingeki No Kyojin - Attack on Titan RP

W.I.P An AOT Roleplay discord server.

Server of The HGD

A small server to chill and chat with other people. All are welcome to join

SeeD Society

Um server inútil onde pessoas inúteis falam sobre coisas inúteis. PT/BR


Hello! so this server is mostly just a mixture of not only a place to make friends but it is also a place where you could play games, talk about and anime and manga. You can also enjoy our many bot...

Safe Start~

Join and talk about heroes! anime! comics! manga! games! play rpgs! and much more!

SA Empire

Hello! ~ We are a small Discord server and we are trying to grab new members (Weebs, Furries, etc.)! We have a general, nsfw, hentai, and yiff chats We hope you have a great stay in our channel! :)

RWBY Finland

A server dedicated for the Finnish RWBY fan community. You can also find us on Facebook. Everyone is welcome, Finnish or not, as long as you enjoy RWBY or other Rooster Teeth shows to some extent! ...


This server has no description!


We have anime, games, and other nice things. We have a weekly movie night in the makings, so tune in for those I guess. I aint really good at this kind of thing, you dont have to join the server, b...

Rosefall Hotel🍁

We at Rosefall Hotel are a community of anime fans and furs, we house plenty channels to discuss hobbies or share media! We have channels for all kinds of needs such as anime, photography, audiophi...

Rorikkuma's big comfy couch

Rorikkuma's big comfy couch is a server for the twitch streamer/eloli Rorikkuma. Anime fans and league of legends fans are not only welcomed, but encouraged to join! All languages have a space to c...


Welcome to Retrotaku! This is a server where we talk about video games and anime! we have anime watching events on rabb.it through the anime chat vc, and much more! We hope you enjoy your stay at R...

retards unite {many topic}

full of many stuff-to speak about and will be making a lot of channels a lot

retardation is a dangerous thing to pray to

A anime/gaming community. We also have global emotes.

Re:LIFE - Connect with others!

CALLING ALL OTAKUS! Re:Life is a new, relaxed, and entertainment based community based around anime. Custom bots, Leveling, Security, Emotes, and more! - https://discord.gg/QjHFA4g -

Re-Born out of a comment section

Just an anime discord server born from a comment section, come join and make some friends!

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Just a group of friends. Anime fans preferred but not required


4chan Discord for chatting, gaming, shitposting, anime, music and many other things.

Ram's Realm

A fun community which specializes in anime streaming and scheduling. We also offer an expansive amount of emotes which you can use for your own needs, supposing you have nitro.

Ragin Cajun Nation

Ragin Cajun Nation is a server for all! Gamers, Furries, Scalies, Anime Lovers (aka weebs) - Sports fans, movies! You name it! The name is Smith, and i'm inviting you to a growing server; In hope t...

Rabbid Nation

A Server of Rabbids Just Trying to Feed our Addictions and stuffs and 100% Orange Juice

Pup's VRCafe

Hi ! Welcome to my cafe! My name is Puppi, I am the owner of this server. Here we are a friendship based community who enjoy things such as games, anime, and hang a lot on VRChat ! Come make some f...

PsychoGold Discord

Features: * The friendliest Anime community on Discord * Weekly movie & anime events * Ranks * Currency & Shop * Self-assignable colours and gaming roles * Custom music bots & cleverbots * Active ...


are you bored of cliche servers? join us then! we, the Prodosia family, are one of the most sincere families in discord!

Pro-Anime Gang

Pro-Anime Gang is a friendly server designed for sharing anime, discussing anime and viewing anime with others.


This server is for all things Animr and everything else! Come make friends in this wonderful server :)

Potato Land

A small, humble, non-toxic community, to which you are welcome to take part in!

Park Jin-Young's (JYP) House



Help us turn the world into an anime cult

OwO Squad

Hey there, OwO Squad is a new growing community! We have anime, memes, custom bots and much more! We're a friendly community mainly focussing on the members! I hope you will join as well

Outcast Weeb Ossociation

We are an anime and programming server, looking for new members who just like to talk and wanna make friends. We'd love it if you joined us :)

Otaku~Village (Ghost-Town)

Ein Deutscher Server mit Gaming und vielen Emojis =) wir haben auch Hentai und alles was das Otaku Herz begehrt. English People are welcome too.


Awesome Halloween theme and events this month! ~ A Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming. Weekly anime and gaming events! Over 6,000 members ~ Everyone is welcome! https://discordapp.com/in...


were a small server but growing every week if u love anime & gaming you'll have a blast here! we'll have events & giveaways on holidays & on other special occasions, including rn! we also have kara...

Otaku's Universe

Somos um servidor BR de Otakus! Servidor livre para todos. Nossa meta de membros é de 100 membros :D

Otaku's & Friends

We just sit and chill. We talk about many things. It's typically anime though. I say no NSFW but there is a channel where you need to DM one of the admins and they will give you the role needed for...

Otaku Gamers

An interesting server for anime lovers, Gamers, You can talk here about games, anime and etc with other people that find those interesting, Welcome to "Otaku Gamers".

Otaku Gakuen [FR]

https://discord.gg/JG6wDnN Serveur pour regrouper des passionnées d’animé/manga et tout ce qui touche à la culture nipponne, vous serez bien accueilli alors n'hésiter pas a faire un petit tour ;)

Otaku Central™

Welcome to Otaku Central, a place to have a nice chill talk with people that love anime and games.

Oppa's Garden

Welcome to Oppa's Garden, we're a lovely, laidback, and fun community with now over 1700! Join us as we discuss about Kpop, Anime, or anything else! Come say hi!

Only up to keep bots

Place for anime/movie discussion and just general chat. Don't be shy (like me). Currently 7 members, even though it says 0.


A really fun, chill, and friendly server to hangout in! Our main focus is anime, but we branch also to music, and also gaming as of right now since we're a small server. Come and join the fun!

One Piece: Baroque Works

Are you fans of One Piece and Roleplay? If you are, this server is perfect for you. We roleplay as the infamous organization, Baroque Works. We conduct missions for our leader, Mr. 0 for an unknow...

Old server

This sever is an Anime sever for those who enjoy Anime, gaming, nd much more. Hope u all will enjoy this sever as much as we all do.

Old Game

Anime & gaming community! 30k+ members! Anime themed custom bots - Events - Giveaways - Radios - Most complete Pokémon game on Discord! Join and fulfill all your anime and gaming needs!

Official Waifu Wars

A server where everyone brawls for the best waifu! When you join, you must fight for your new waifu!

OC 4.0

suicidal memes, dank pepes, egrills, overall cancer community, we got them all. now we only need you. please we're desperate

No Nut November Awareness

An anime server for talking and posting about anime. Come and join us and make new friends.

No Nut Bois

Hey, we like memes and stuff. join for free scooby snacks.

No Hentai Here Go Away

Henlo! I hope you enjoy your stay at No Hentai Here Go Away! Were looking for new members and hope to become am active discord community, Anyone is welcome!

Nitro Promo

Join Anime Network, a server about anime, games, music, memes, and roleplaying! Allowed to advertise. Can choose your roles.


A server for weebs and non weebs alike.


Anime and gaming server, Still getting this ready like this Description XD if you have suggestion pls tell me

Neko-NET Cafe

A simple space for lovers of anime, manga, and various types of games to come together and bond! Everyone is welcome - we're just a bunch of idiots here for a good time and to fight over who's best...

Neko world

Welcome to Neko world! We are trying our best to make you feel there as comfortable as possible. We have self assignable roles that gives you colors of your choise, NSFW channels for people with 5+...

Neko Hotel

This server's purpose is to create a peacefull and friendly community. For this idea we embraced the idea of combining the idea of cuteness and anime in itself. And with that, we appreciate cats an...

Neet Work

An anime freelance server, you can hang out or do tasks in return for Paypal payments. Debit / Credit cash card, Bitcoin and virtual credit cards also accepted.


Server Just starting, it's pretty dead, I would love for you to join, I promise if sufficient people join it will be a Perfect Community, this server has a Gamewisp but there's no subscribers, I pu...

Naruto Akiden

Naruto Akiden (NARUTO 秋伝) is a professionally fan made complete reboot of the original series.


We are a very small discord server looking to grow! We welcome everyone! We are looking for new staff members to keep our small community happy and safe! Consider joining and become apart of the co...

MyHouse Inc.

This server has no description!

My Hero Academia! \Roleplay/

My Hero Academia Server, Join Come Roleplay With US!

My Anime Chat

A fun, community based server where you can discuss all the anime/manga/light novels to your hearts content, or even just talk about your day. We don't mind!


An anime and gaming community! Discuss your favourite shows with people who share the same taste as you!

MHA Roleplay

This is a fun server for those who like My Hero Acedamia. We also have to option to roleplay!


Welcome to Mew_Cord! come join us! https://discord.gg/W4VxKYn We are a friendly discord about Pokemon! (please read the rules!) v OUR BOT TEAM Nadeko [Mew] Rythm [Noibat] Mee6 [Wobbuffet] Matbot...

Memes & Weeb Shit

We are a server where you can talk about your anime, share and steal memes, even combine the two with a owner that can be strict and messes with astroputer69 a lot

meme overdose

Hi!! we are a very nice servers looking for active people that wanna make freinds!! :)


Hey, welcome! Our server bases around the fun idea of anime in gaming, but we highly support games like Minecraft, Fortnite, PubG, and so much more! We are currently looking for staff, so make sure...

Megumin’s Magic Clan

We are a Konosuba themed server for anime and gaming.

MegaWeebs :3

This is an anime loving server that just loves to have fun, Chat with your friends and have fun with our big variety of bots!


This server is mainly about Shin Megami Tensei games,but mostly Nocturne.Fans of other smt games (persona,dds,etc...) also welcome!

Mashiro Empire

This server has no description!

Manga & Animes [FR]

les salons suivant sont à disposition: - ost - épisodes streaming/download - fan covers - images - memes/images - nsfw

MAHOU Community

Welcome to teikoku-gun no mahou! We're an anime community that just plays a variety of games nowadays (mostly gacha games ) Anyone and everyone who likes anime or has friends here are welcome!

magical girl x magical boy

Are you a fan of magical girl and/or magical boy anime? If so, come join this server! Roleplay or chat it's up to you.

Mafu's Anime Café

Welcome to our friendly anime server! Feel free to join and make new friends!

LoveLive! Gaming and Anime

Just a typical Gaming and Anime server as well as Mobile games etc. https://discord.gg/TDtHnJj

Lost Pause

Hello and welcome to the candid Lost Pause server! Join and make this place even classier than it already is! (Activity can be somewhat limited here, maybe you could help fix that...)

Lost Anime

Welcome to lost anime where we find missing anime including dvds, shows that never made it here or aired or movies that are only japan exclusive only

Lop Lounge

Lop Lounge: Come study, chill or chat with a group of friends and our bot Trappu-Chan

Lolicon Hideout

Likes Memes, Anime, Lolis and/or Games? Then join our server full of otaku gamers!

Loli Protect ◕‿‿◕

This discord server loves Lolis! We accept anyone who join our server and we don't have any strict rules. So you can do whatever you want in this server! ^-^

Loli dragon Family

we are mainly about anime and pictures but we accept all subjects


We are Honkai Impact community to enjoy ~ Community with all lovers currently growing Little by little enjoy anime, game, event, roleplaying, movienight~

Linearis Discord

Linearis is a Discord & Twitch community designed for Gamers, Streamers, Artists, and Cosplayers to easily connect with each other. 100 High Quality Emotes, 24/7 Music Bot, Karaoke and Anime/Game...


A fun Anime and Manga server fo otakus! -Cool bots. -Anime News updates -A Nice community -A nice and saucy NSFW chat And much more ?

Lewd Gamers Domain

Lewd Gamers Domain! A server created with the intent of bringing Gamers with common interests together! And, potential weebs. Currently the server has only a few mini-games for just chatting, but c...

Les Reves

Growing Anime n' Gaming Community! Come on over to talk about anime, games, or everything and anything. Extremely friendly community, League and Overwatch+ as well. We also have our fair share of...

Le Squad Discord Server®

my son made me do this

kσffєє's hαngσut ™

a small server with anime, nsfw, kpop stuff, and what ever you want! join now~ https://discord.gg/2e237G2


WELCOME TO OUR SERVER!! we are really friendly and social if you need a friend to play with join us!

Krul's Family Tree

A fun Anime Server :3 So if you are into Anime and Ear rape music pls join ;3

Korekiyo Village

A Danganronpa fan server where you can discuss the series in a fun environment and meet new friends.

Kōhīrando - Coffee Land

Ever wanted your own home? Coffee Land is a very fresh anime related server with the unique advantage being that you yourself can be apart in building it! Make it your own home! Feel free to join ...

Kingdom of Freedom (Dead af)

Bored? Join This Server! No Rules!!

Kie's Chill Lounge

Need a server without chaos or drama? Want to lay back and listen to music or talk about gaming... Well then, you found the right server.

Kermits Cooking Club

Yo! Join for gaming, anime, and music.

Kawaii Empire

We are a very friendly anime / manga community ^^ Join us to discuss about anime and gaming, find friends to play and have fun! <3


It's good server, believe me (pls we need members it's too lonely here)

Karczma PL

Moja Karczma, darmowe piwo, gadanie jeśli się wam chcę i tak dalej i tak dalej. Fajnie było by ożywić ten serwer wiec zapraszam ^^

KAM - Kawaii Anime & Manga

An anime manga server, pretty self explained. Contains NSFW channels and bots. A small and calm server with staff that will listen to your requests.. Staff recruitment may be open in the near fut...

Jump Force Roleplay

This is a roleplay server based on the new game called Jump Force! This roleplay consists of different people from different anime fighting against each other. For now we have Naruto, One Piece and...

jordan's server

people can join in and have fun with other gamers and youtubers

Jizz Squad

We are the Anime and Gaming No Life's and Want you to join a peaceful, funny,joy and sometimes outspoken ? and chill life ? we hope you join and enjoy your stay and meet new people to call fri...

Imouto Heaven

Whether you seek friends to simply talk to or buddies to play games with, Imouto Heaven will make sure you feel wanted and comfortable. For that we offer you a non-toxic, anime, gaming environment ...


Welcome to iC3! This is a server focused around having a chill place for people to talk about anything they really want to.

Hyper Turkay Whistle Nerds

This server has no description!

Hyper District™

Gaming | Anime | Roleplay | Growing Community | 200+ Members | Positive Attitude | Fine Bots | Be part of the family!