Another Anime Server

Just Another Anime Server! Perfect place to socialise and meet people from all over the world! A fun and growing community for everyone. Anime, Manga, Memes, Artwork and much more!

Waifu Worshipping 18+

18 + | 9000+ Members | A NSFW/Hentai/Anime Community | Custom Bot | Levels | Colour Shop | Gambling | Seasonal Events | Movie Nights | Giveaways | Weekly Waifu | Much More!

100 Anime Emotes

100 of the dankest, weebiest and lewdest anime emotes on the internet.

Nico's Coffee

Here you can find: - Anime memes - Weeb Emotes - Weeb talks - Lewd content - Events and Giveaways - Activity roles - Custom bot - And much more! We are an active server where you can have so...

No Game No Life - Anime & Gaming

Osu community private server! Also role unboxing, gacha card game, automated anime simulcasts, weekly game challenges, questing. 40,000+ members.

Dekkai Taihen Anime

A bare bones server made to come in and chat primarily about anything anime and manga related. Channels, roles, and bots are kept to a minimum for a simpler and (hopefully) more centralized stream ...


Hi, This is a Fairly New group Looking for members to join and Have a laugh with other people on server. If you are interested in joining, Then Come on in. No we don't have Hentai here, If you th...


Hi, This Is Nii-Chan, Its a Social, Anime server , We A bit new with some members but We hope too see you on server Grounds. The server is owned by ニコクレッチ

Pastel Memories

Discord server for the mobile game and anime series Pastel Memories (ぱすてるメモリーズ)

Anime Headquarter

✩ So, we welcome everyone with open arms ✩ we want a peaceful together ✩ If you want to look for some fun memes talk with some other otakus about the new episode or just relax, then you are right w...

The Seireitei

This discord is a anime and gamers discord with other stuff like real life events, Korean pop music, TV shows, asmr, Korean culture, and everything nerdy


We are a new server looking for members to chat about Anime. We have a few custom emojis but not many. We have a lot of anime chats and even 2 bots that play music. We are welcoming to all members ...

Anime Universe: Collision Roleplay

Welcome to ♦ Anime Universe: Collision Roleplay! ♦ A roleplay server aiming to be the biggest anime roleplay server in Discord! ✮ We have ALL kinds of anime! Be any character from any anime you wish!

❤ Vennie’s Dream World ❤

Hello! And welcome to Vennie’s Dream World! A friendly Anime Roleplay Community dedicated to laughs and fun! Feel free to stop by and check us out!

Arctic Paradise LGBTQ+

LGBTQ+ Friendly Anime Dating server with a fantastic and supportive community!!

Akko's Wonderland

|Hello!|We're a very small laid-back community|Recently Opened|Many channels for a wide variety of things to do|So come in and enjoy!|

Memed Over Heaven

An anime server with lax rules and interesting people.

Anime World

Welcome to the server. This is a new one so not everything will stay the same but anyways welcome and i hope you will have a good time here!.

Weebs United

Chill place to hang out with other anime fans! Find new friends, discuss your favorite shows, or just hang out with a bunch of cool people!

Your Waifu is Shit!

[GER/DE] Ein netter und gemütlicher, deutschsprachiger Server mit dem Fokus auf's schreiben (Anime) und kennenlernen :D ! Der Server ist noch am Wachsen und ich freue mich über jeden Neuzugang! ^^...

Anime Club Peps

Hey, welcome to Anime Club! A new, and fast growing Discord Community, we made this server for Otakus, and for people wanting to make new friends, and we can provide you, that you will find here am...

The Legendary Weeb Nightclub

Just a Simple, Anime and Gamer hangout, come meet people just like you. Legit just started and looking for pretty cool people to join 12/30/18

『𝕆𝕥𝕒𝕜𝕦 ℂ𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪』

『Otaku Community』is a friendly community with all sorts of people. Our server mainly revolves around Anime and manga, but you're free to talk about anything here. Right now we are still a small ser...

The Lounge

A social server for anime, gaming, and casual chats! We have fair moderation, a great selection of bots, a variety of text and voice channels, and level based roles.


A growing Anime Discussion community with friendly staff, waifu fighting, music, and NSFW channels. Colorful and Fun roles available/ Come meet new friends at https://discord.gg/RQXhpMF


Anime NSFW RP ERP 24/7 Online Staff 18+ chat custom emojis custom commands multiple bots what more could you ask for join now

Games and More

A Anime and Game server for both card, bord, and video games like skyrim, MHA, OPM, DnD and more

нєитαι тιмє

Hentai Time is an Anime/NSFW/Gaming Server that has a close-knit community that wants to bring together people over Anime and Lewdness! Please join and come check out our cool new Gaming and NSFW c...

Abizades Aleatórias

Um bando de pessoas estranhas, perturbadas, retardadas e desempregadas querendo fazer novos amigos.

*✧・゚:* PMH *:・゚✧*

welcome to my server! i'm koriimo, i'm a voice actor. join my server to have a fun and exciting time! btw follow my insta @koriimosan uwu

฿Ɇ₳₵Ø₦ ₳₵₳ĐɆ₥Ɏ

This server has no description!


A fan site for the '20th Century Boys' series of novels by Naoki Urasawa, as well as the anime Monster, and his other works. A server for general discussion of anime, politics, videogames and espe...

Otaku Gaming Hub

Hey my dude ,wanna join a good server? Then come lmao Whatcha waiting for [We need staff by the way]

Closet Weebs


Dragon Hideout

Want a place to chill and do nothing all day like you usually do, stop lying to yourself! Come and make some new friends and join friendo's today! We have a lot of emotes, dedicated text channels a...

RWBY: Silver Lining

RWBY: Silver Lining is a RWBY RP server, with the same story but original characters! We’re open minded, and the staff will do their absolute best to help you! Join now! All are welcome!


Welcome to WingLing, a small but very friendly community! You can talk about everything with us, from Anime to Music and game stuff! Are you ready for new friends, and fun? Then join our server!

「No Name」

?Friendly People ?Events ?Anime ?Kpop ?Arts ?Writing ?Video Games ?Programming ?Learning ?Debate ?And a lot more! Come join

✧・゚*._Team Kanna_.*・゚✧

Hi! this is a anime server where you can make friends or invite old friends to talk with them. There is a leveling system so when you are on the server longer you get higher level and can help with...

Anime World

A fun loving environment for anime and manga lovers. SFW and NSFW rooms, Reaction Roles, Anime Specific rooms to talk about the anime's you love and just want to talk about that 1, spoiler rooms, a...

Kawaii Café

We are a friendly cafe willing to keep you entertained! We have awsome staff and friendly member. No matter what you will always be accepted! Enjoy your stay!

OTAKU KingDom どうぞ

Hey guys!!! This is a new anime and manga server which I hope many will enjoy! Please support our small group by at least joining! - We will try our best at replying to messages as this part of in...

Attack no Titans

Attack on Titan Server included with some other anime and roleplays.

Anime Fags

we are a friendly community of fags who like anime, we are small and depressed but its okay!

Waifu Warriors

Great server to be in we got alot of fun things to do and friendly people to talk to.

Otaku X Otaku Community

[ESP] A new community based on manga and anime! Extra functions like roleplay or gaming!


На сервере HODL_SEX тебя примут как родного!!!Тебя будут ждать отзывчивые люди,интересные беседы,а также кое-что большее(NSFW).Помимо этого,на с

JoJo's Bizarre World

A server were you can hangout with other people who like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Everyone is welcome.

Anime Hub

``Anime Hub`` ``Open Chat,Meme & Video Sharing, Bot spam.`` ``Staff Needed`` ``Open Anime Role Plays advertised here.`` ``Chat and talk about everything anime related and share everything you l...

🌼Neko Palace🌼

Fun anime server for everyone, we have everything you could want and if we don't have it, you can message the staff and we will put it in. we have: -chats -gaming -fun bots -voice chat channels -NS...