Server about a tactical video game called "unwritten chronicles". it's a game in anime/cartoon kind of style still in development that has 8 different characters holding a message combined. all characters have different gameplay based on their element & personality. it's a challenging action based combat where you can discover the culture, playstyle and language of fictional species that don't exist in real life.

To try the game you will gain a role called "first 100 member freebies", with this you will get the first versions of the game until it's ready to work on the story and access to Unwritten's font (.otf/.ttf file).

We implemented a system that makes it so if you support the game in anyway, you'll get "melon layer 5" and "melon layer 6" role which makes you able to play the full game for free and chance on free merch depending on event, currently getting these roles are fairly easy:

== Melon layer 5 ==

  • Subbing and saying hi in twitch streams.
  • Subbing and or hitting like & comment on Unwritten Chronicles YouTube videos.
  • Liking & retweeting a post of Unwritten's Twitter.
  • Liking a post on Instagram and following.
  • Inviting a friend.

== Melon layer 6 ==

  • Donating on twitch streams or kofi.
  • Buying any type of merch.

Later on, these roles will be harder to get because it's impossible to keep up with every personal pixel art & merch that needs to be created.

This way there's also more space to play the game for free without doing any of this, also allowing you to obtain our self created font and obtaining any upcoming fonts. currently (18/12/2022) there are 95 spots taken in the role, so there's still 5 left !

rules r stated in #annoucements & all channel purposes, roles, that sorta stuff in #rules-and-info. enjoy urself.

-- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## -- ## --

we are drawing creatures based on people's personality with a detailed mechanic description, you can use those creatures for your own merch: iron-ons, fake-tattoos socks and more. having melon layer 5 or 6 grants you an opportunity to obtain one of those creatures.

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