Come join to chill , listen to music , talk or play games. No racism , just have a good time :D

🌌Ꭵᑎ丅ᗝ 丅ᕼᗴ ᐯᗝᎥᗪ🌌

Family to all genders, sexualities, and races! Fun events, roles, giveaways, and real bonding! Looking for friends or just someone to beat in a video game, we got you covered!

🔥ŦιяєЯє∂ Sqυα∂🔥

──《Welcome to ?ŦιяєЯє∂ Sqυα∂?》── A discord community for almost anything you can think of! Meet new ppl to share your interests & make new friends! We have alot of bots & nice ppl to chat & play w...

🎄Festive Guys Discord 🎄

We're an all-around server, we've got something for just about everyone! We've got memes, art, games, music, and above all, friends! We're here to have a good time and to give people a good time,...


Welcome to the FRaze community! We play all types of games ranging from strategy to simulation. we're always improving our server and would love some feedback, Come and join our friendly community,...


Welcome to server -3rb- For all States About: Games: 1-Minecraft 2-Knives out 3-Other Chatrandom for all Funny :D

🎅 LHR Gaming Hub 🎄

The LHR is a clan that plays games together. This discord is the hub to join our other discord for each games the LHR has a clan in. We also have events and giveaways in the hub for people that don...

Семья StuksBury

Мы можем принять тебя в нашу семью! We can take you to our family!


Привет друг! Любишь игры и покушать? Тогда тебе к нам! Игровые новости ,обзоры, стримы и розыгрыши призов, все это мы делаем специально для

мapperιғιc'ѕ oғғιcιal ѕerver

This is Mapperific's Official Server! This is a server to chit chat, make friends, and ultimately just to enjoy yourself. We are relatively active and is a rapidly growing server! We love countryba...

Wasteland RP | Gaming Community

Gaming server that hosts RP for Miscreated and PvP for games like Escape From Tarkov and Scum


play any online game for money, join to find out more!


Server focused on games and anime in general, with daily events and online chat 24 hours, Welcome <3

United Trading Outpost

SkyLine is a gaming community driven by the support of our community. We want everyone to have fun, so we invested in the latest technology and come up with our personal bot that can fulfill many t...


This server has no description!

UltraWolf's music and games server

A friendly server for gamers and people who love music

Ultimate Gamers

We offer a huge selection of bots and commands. We have auto roles for an easier experience. You will find whatever you need from games and music to giveaways and events. This server's goal is to o...

Turtle Gang

Im Turtle gang you can play games and chat with others :) you can make friends and listen to some music! we have all types of games. I hope xD We need some members

Thunder Realm/Home of TNDR

We mainly game but also do music, anime, memes and lots more! We are actively searching for new citizens of the thunder realm, and who know, you might end up becoming a God? Taking a leap of faith ...

The Undertakers

Hello! We're a server who strives to bring gamers together to chat/chill, play together in a party or compete with or against each other in a variety of games! We also have activities such as bot g...

The Safezone

A super tiny server made in hopes of the owner making new friends o/

The PwnDa's

The PwnDa's is a welcoming server hoping for new members to come and mess around with us! We are accepting of all people, Furry's Bronies Gays Bys. If there alive, there allowed here (Except crimin...

The klu klux krib

Nothing special, just a small server dedicated to playing games and chatting. For more mature people with frequent crude humor.

The Kingdom

A chill, friendly & recently launched server looking for new members! We are an all-in-one server that consists of NSFW | Memes | Selfies | Fitness | Gaming | Music | VC | Sports | +MORE. All are w...

The Gamer's Hubworld

The Gamer's Hubworld is a group of friendly people just looking to play some games with others! Feel free to join with us if you'd like!

The Galloping Cat Tavern

Grab a seat, have a drink, and chat with the local patrons. We're a friendly bunch that like all things games, be it digital or tabletop.

The Firebox

We are a small community looking to grow. We talk about games, movies and even trivia. Please join and have fun. :)

the church of epic gamers

This is a friendly server where people can socailise and chat together, whether it be about games or just what's happening in your life. We also include a NSFW channel where you can use the bot to ...

The Burning Molotov

We are a new and welcoming Discord looking for gamers and socialisers alike. We tend to play FPS games and Blizzard games. We also like to start playing new games together, as well as all chat toge...

That One Guild

That One Guild is a gaming community designed to bring gamers from all games together in one place. All platforms and all genres welcome. If you love games then That One Guild is the place for you.

Task Force 509

We started out as an Arma community (hence the name Task Force 509), but now we're an active gaming community. We have "supported games" that we rent servers for and play together. We usually have ...

Stellar Gaming Family

This server is full of sweet peeps and awesome gamers! This group is a welcoming place for internet buds to make connections, support each other, and hang out. We play games, run fun polls, share a...


We are a community server for everybody enjoying games.


A server to game and chill.

Soup Can

I mean... If you like soup, come on in I guess. Or if you just need friends because you are lonely...

Somnium Terram

A cool place for everyone, awesome events and friendly people. Everyone is welcome

Society Of Money

Creado Para Disfrutar Vídeo Juegos, Ven Únete Y Diviértete Con Tus Amigos!!!!

side project

For Developers and/or gamers,


Gaming-Central is a new discord to suit everyones needs. We have many different games with discussions for you. Each of them have black markets , and we like to talk about everything to do with games


Hello everyone i have started an youtube channel and started a discord server for my channel i am trying to stream on twitch so search for me  and sub/join ----youtube---- https://www.youtube.com...

RIP The Dream

Just a server to meet people and play games

Real-Time Graphics Aficionados

A server for the discussion and appreciation of computer generated visuals on computers and consoles spanning back 3 decades as well as sharing of game screenshots.

QTPi Gaming

Small gaming discord looking to grow into a larger community! We're very friendly and very relaxed. People of all kinds are welcomed and enjoyed! Please check us out! https://discord.gg/jrrwX3F

Pure Blood's Legacy Official Gota Clan Discord

Hello this is the PureBlood clan where we are a community of people who play and enjoy Gota.io competitively. However, we don't only focus on gota

Puny Human

The official Discord of Puny Human, the game developers behind the tactical swordfighting game Blade Symphony, the futuristic cyberpunk shooter Dystopia, and the puzzle-shmup mashup Galacide. Come ...

Profound Penitentiary

Prison themes and dank memes, welcome home.

PNB Reborn

Join the family of gamers, game devs and artist! History of PNB goes way back, where we were a bigger server, where everyone came by when they had nothing to do, to chat, game and create! But we f...

Pawsome Pack Gaming Community

Are you a furry gamer looking for a fun, mature, and friendly discord server? Come join our Pawsome server! We play Overwatch, PUBG, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, many others. If it's a game, you'l...

Paradise 🌴

Chill server for gamers.

No Plan Clan

No Plan Clan is a Gaming community where members can play games they enjoy with each other, while being able to branch out into other games with a group already available. We originated as a Old Sc...

No Brain Cells-Gaming and Meme Server

Hi I’m Unity the owner. I’m new to owning a server and I would love feedback and support! No Brain Cells is a server to talk about games and memes. It’s very new and I will be adding things later on!


A great community based towards gaming. Giveaways monthly ● Music Bot ● Games ● Friendly members. Join now!!!


MinecraftOnly.ru — это сервер, где вы сможете поиграть с общительными пользователями в абсолютно любые игры. Приятного общения!


The MFLY discord server, a place you can come and leave anytime. We plan to have many people to talk to on here so it will never get lonely. You can talk about games or just have a genuine conversa...

Lunatics Landing

A community to talk about games and join Santa2452 as he streams on twitch and uploads videos to youtube.

Lords of Gaming Official Discord

Just a server for Video game fans, and fans of the YouTube Group: Lords of Gaming

Look4People2PlayWith 13-16

This server is so people can find someone to play with between 13-16. Don't join if your over 16. This server well be better if there is more people so please join.

League of Spasten

A mostly League Community server (euw) We welcome anyone who enjoys playing games and listening to music Languages : german/english

League of Poros

Hello! I would like to invite you to my gaming server specialism for fortnite league of legends,overwatch,csgo and other´s

Lanthern | Community



This server has no description!

Kool Kids Klan

Come hangout with us! we are a new and friendly community that would love to talk to you about anything!


This server is based on everything! come join the community and no im not a weeb HHAHA - Servers - Games - Share your videos ! - Channel

Kana's Living Room

This is a server for all gamers, any age. There are a couple of rules as well but you know, gotta have those. So be sure to join, and have a good time (plus were looking for active server mod and b...


A new and fun discord server where you can meet friends and people to play with!


Are you locking to play with.? this server for gaming and fun for you, join it Created by : ! ๖ََۣۜRed#4449 https://discord.gg/DRPF6Nh

IGP - Italian Gamers Project

La community italiana di giochi online

House of Games

A fun growing community of gamers that like to group up and game together. Lots of voice chat channels. We play any and all games. All are welcome!

Hinode Village

Join us! A group of people that love art, games, and hanging out! we are always excited to have new people with us to share games and thoughts! Although once a pokemon only server we are now willin...


A fun server with a welcoming and friendly community that chat and play video games.

Guild of Gamers

Video gaming is our main focus here, though we also welcome anyone who just wants some new friends to share jokes or mess around with. Most of the members are active due to frequent "purges" where ...

Geeks and Nerds From Round' the Worlds

All in good fun

Gaming Nation

Join for a big community peeps OwO . We play Osu and other games UwU .


Самый лучший дискорд сервер! Системы, чатики, роли, оформление на высшем уровне, мемы, аниме, комнаты для duo(2) trio(3) four stack(4) five stack(5) full stack(6) и

Gamers Paradise

Great new server, with great developing team who is trying to make BEST community for everyone. BIG giveaway on 100 people in our server !

Gamer's Paradise

The NEW Gamer's Paradise! We offer a very active voice chat with members in vc almost 24/7. There are a variety of different channels to post in for all of your interests. There are tons of people ...


Gameoverse is a tight-knit gaming community and network. We are committed to providing high-quality gaming content, while at the same time, encouraging user participation and conversation at every ...


An amazing and highly fun server!! Chat to other people in our Gaming voice chat or type it in the in-game chat!


Game-Zone is the server for people who want to meet people and play games with them. We are curenntly searching for members to build up a great gaming Community. (English and German) Feel free to j...


We are a Gaming server For any games and memes. We have multiple bots you can play with allowing you to create memes or play games in discord. Join Now!

Game & Chill

Welcome to Game & Chill! Just a chat to make some friends, talk about Video Games, Anime, Music, you name it! Come join and make some friends and play some games, hunt some monsters and spam some m...


Come join us!!! This is a server for gamers. We are open to new and fun games. You can play music with our music bots. There's also mini games to be played. We can also help you set up your server!...

Filthy Casuals

Filthy Casuals is a new group of gamers that play a wide variety of games. We're looking for more to join our community to make it easier for other gamers to find more to group up and play with or ...


Do you love .io games? Are you looking for a server to host and comment on io games? Lookin for memes? We have a big variety of .io games and you can suggest new ones! Are you looking for a server...

Doodle Community

A community dedicated to sharing your artwork in a welcoming and judge free environment. All art forms and subjects are welcome!

Discord Play™ (1.0)

Join this server and play any game with our community of gamers.

Discord GameZone

This server is filled with discord bot games! You can always put in a request for other bots/games that you think should be added!! (Play with or against people!)

Cᴜɴᴛ౼ʏ Gᴀᴍᴇɴɪɢʜ⟌s ʘ◡ʘ

wooh wee another sucky server on this server list huh? anyway we like doing gamenights and gaming, memes are pretty darn good too, we have a nsfw and a gorier nsfw channel for big boys. many traps ...


We are a gaming group that need expanding. To become part of the group join us and DM me @szymonyyycub.

Cranberry Sprite

Looking for members, lot's of fun activitys on server, friendly people.

Community to the holy Giope (Gaming is our passion)

A Discord for every Type of Gamer or people who just want to talk!

Coleguinhas br

Servidor para Brasileiros, gamers e Otakus. Venha já conferir


Friendly server always looking for new members. Our goal is to make a big and active community! We are also looking for staff and partnerships. Memes games vc tc and more!

Celestial Damnation

A fun and collective community of like-minded individuals that want to enjoy games with each other.

CBG Community - Archived

Join ChatterBox Games for a fun, exciting experience! Invite your bots, play games, make games, learn to make Discord bots and much more!


Come one and come all the Camp 346!

Brony Entertainment

We group of gamers, YouTubers, Artist, etc. We are a group of friendly people. We have music bots and like to share memes Come on in and join in on the fun.

Bonovo Impérium

Hello we are Black Marksmans and we are trying to make small comunity of people that can play games together! :) come and join us and we will be happy :)


very cool guys, who are looking for even cooler guys to share our interests with - we are trying to build a community


Welcome to ANYTHING CENTRAL! You can talk about ANYTHING. Talk about games, anime, sports, drama, and whatever you like! Join today (its free).

Aldeia da Tristeza

Seja bem vindo à Taverna do zKeelz! Bem vindo à minha Taverna, deixem suas armas a direita da entrada, Sentem-se e sintam-se à vontade para conversar e tomar Entre e divirta-se, aqui temos o melhor...

[Project] UnitedPlay4Charity®

This community will be used to give news about the [ES-EN]UnitedPlay4Charity® project on "www.twitch.tv/unitedplay4charity" and share our project with new people interested on make our world better :)

;;port gloom;;

participate in a loosely-ruled, all-accepting lounge server with something for everyone. the ranking system rewards each citizen with more accessibility and the ability to participate in better rol...

McCree's Tavern

A server where we do dumb sh*t and also like Kentucky Fried Chicken.


CMNTY ist ein Discord Server mit einer deutschsprachigen Community. Auf dem Server kannst du mit deinen Freunden in Ruhe reden, oder neue Freundschaften schließen. Für Resonanz oder Kritik ist der ...

The Gamer's Block

Want a place to hang out just for gaming? Join this server! We have several different game categories and voice channels for almost every one. More games are to come.