The four main channels in the server are #blog, #general, #gaming, and #movie-night. There are also specific channels for discussing certain seasonally airing anime.

#blog is where you'll find all the latest articles and reviews posted to New articles will be posted here daily as they are published.

#general is where the majority of discussion happens. Anime is the focus of the server, but you can talk about whatever you want in this channel (as long as it adheres to the rules).

#gaming is the server for discussing games, as you probably guessed. We mostly talk about Fate/Grand Order (FGO) in there, but if you're interested in other games, let us know!

#movie-night is a spoiler channel for when we're watching an anime movie or series together. Upcoming watches are pinned in this channel, though there isn't a set schedule for when we watch things.

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