The DoubleSama Discord server is a welcoming community for anime and manga enthusiasts to engage with each other and share their thoughts and opinions on their favorite series. The server features dedicated channels for ongoing anime series and hosts monthly events such as "Best OP" brackets and anime movie nights.

Members can level up, earn coins to spend in the shop, and complete achievements to earn role badges just by participating in the server. There are also over 30 name colors to choose from and a variety of other ways to customize your server profile.

And by joining the server, you'll gain access to hundreds of popular and custom emotes featuring characters from hit series such as Fate, Monogatari, Bocchi the Rock!, and more!

Whether you're a hardcore anime fan or just looking to connect with like-minded individuals, the DoubleSama Discord server is a great place to be. We provide a space for members to form new connections and share their love of anime and manga in a welcoming and friendly environment.

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