bdsm and chill

a place for doms and subs to talk and chill

Fuck you too

A community for discussion on only the most offensive, controversial, or disturbing topics there are. Prepare thy anus.

We're a huge mess

Welcome to the worst place ever

Illuminati Enlightenment

A cool, all rounded, Illuminati themed server to hang out, chat, share memes, photoshop, art and play games, I guess. Join: https://discord.gg/JyUnzDw

The Official Bullshit64 Server

A fun server with a lot of bullshit. Make some new friends here! Talk in English or Dutch. fb.me/bullshit64 twitter.com/bullshit64 instagram.com/bullshit64 If join link is broken: http://bullshits...


This is just a fun community and you can team up with some new people and get to know everyone stream self promotion is allowed

The Kingdom

Welcome to The Rebound, The Founders of the server Dio#6875 and Pineapples#6505 made the server so people could have fun and Dick around!

FireNinja's Underworld

A fun place to hangout and play games!

Havoc Havens

Welcome to Havoc Haven. Havoc Haven is a place where people can talk and meet new people. We are a small, but we will hopefully grow. We have 3 music bots for everyone to jam out to and everyone ca...


We have an array of moderators that keep the channel clean and free of spam, shitposting & harassment. They host giveaways and engage in the community. It doesn't matter what you're into when you j...

~Team Fyre~ ~Merry Christmas!~

Check out this server to meet cool people, and have a great time interacting with nice users and fun bots, Join now for exclusive OG roles, and much much more!, I will send link if you are interest...

Penguin World 🐧🌍

This is server to chat with other people, you can also DATE here in special channels, this friendly server is still growing. Join us and start fun!

Gamers United

Basically trying to get gamers and friends to join who are interested in interacting with other people and making buddies to play with! Even If you arent a gamer feel free to join our discord to m...

Cc's Playground

This server has no description!

🌼Dream Land🌼

Come and let's have some fun, All is welcome you can chat about anime, hentai, video games, music and much more with awesome people from all over the world.


Come join an active, friendly group from all around the world who's main goal is to have a great time! We have movie nights, karaoke, games and more ! If you're looking for people to talk to come c...

talented stay inn

We offer many features such as almost an endless amount of bot commands for infinite fun. You can talk with our community and listen to our unique music radio. For more fancy in look click here htt...

home improvement

just a casual server for fun ya know ((NON NSFW))

The Happy Hour Noodles

🍜 1800+ members 🍜Low Moderation🍜Toxic & Edgy🍜 Partnerships 🍜Pikachu & Eevee & Cat & Noodles Nitro Emojis🍜Toxic cat eating toxic noodles at his toxic kitchen🍜

The Lounge

A friendly place to find gamers and friends

Gon's Sever

Hey you looking for some people to play with or just chill and trade well make your self at home with GON's sever https://discord.gg/W3bzue7

https://discord.gg/Zeb2cMc JOIN

TrollingWeek's Fun Server Members: 21 Server Member Goal: 25 Owner: @TrollingWeek ♕ Admin: iJoep ♔ Higher Mod: N/A ♖ Mod: N/A Description: Fun Server. Join For Fun! Social! Verified By AdHub ™ Lin...

Lark Shark

This server has no description!

the Clam Fam

Clams It's all about clams. Clam jokes, Yes we got it. Clam puns many. A fun community of course! If you want to meet some fun people join our server and sea what all the Clamity is. Hope to see y...


This server is for everyone to come and hang out to have a good time! our server does have verified first responder and military roles as well!

Goon Squad

Just a place to hangout and play games. i have a list of the commands for the bots by entering in !commands

A not so serious chat

A Not So Serious Chat that can be Serious

dead roses

This Server is meant for gamers. Here you can squad up, play duos, and much more. This server is protected by admins and staff so there is no need to worry. This server is growing everyday/


Gaming channel with lots of variety of games to go to. Server owner is MrSaL7y, Chill admins and lots of interesting new people to talk to and game with.

A Quiet Place

This is just a fun server between me and a couple of my friends. We have a few emojis, spectrum bot, pokecord, rythm, and MEE6, join if you're looking to talk, or play, or anything really. No requi...

ZeroTwo's Corner

ZeroTwo's Corner We have really nice community there but sadly its hard for us to grow up and we doing amazing stuff just for you so you could have fun We have a lot of things such as -Giveaways -S...


A small community sever with big dreams. we have something for everyone no matter who you are. So go ahead and join , you never know what you might find

Everything is fun

All members welcome open for everyone to come in and enjoy

The Office

https://discord.gg/sSwRJ3f nsfw, debating channels,advice and venting channels, money money money bots,selfies, aesthetics, art, shitpost, memes, thanos car, music, etc

diamondsouls discord

for anyone and everyone, the eggbox is a nice lil place to relax or do kickflips


Brand new server with a bunch of categories to speak in. Come early and you might get a rank for free! Basically you just chill and talk.

COol Artist (no thots)

NO THOTS, post art and crap also contest. JOIN it will be fun

Watermelon Klub

Hey, im not really good at descriptions but you should join this. It comes with memes, an unexperienced owner, nsfw chat, and other stuff I dont remember. Also only join if your okay with profanity.

All games

This is for general games and if your board come and join.

Förtnite Peepz

This server has no description!

Hot Coffee ☕

Fun server with a wip custom made bot. Just a safe place to come and have fun and do whatever. Programming helpers that can prove it would be much appreciated to help anyone in the programming chan...

High way to hell (road to 1k)

just trying to get to 1k , server has a variety of bots and topics. rules are extremely simple , no regulations if kept inside the right chat.

Ryan and the People

This is a place where people can come together to DEBATE! TALK! and PLAY GAMES! This is a place where people can come together to https://invite.gg/thehub


Siamo un server italiano attivo, da noi troverai una stanza per il tuo gioco preferito. Qui ti aspetta buona compagnìa e un ottima assistenza.

binna's life so far (And friends!)

this server is a fun and noice server, most of the staff is active :D come here and have fun :> ...


we are a non pg gaming community https://discord.gg/tvwyGe4


Hey there handsome! Would not you like to join Berd Server? Enter and you will not be disappointed. Berd Server is a pretty fun server. Does it look good on you?

Troll Safe Space

After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tol...

Pink Fluffy Unicorns

We all have fun here and talk about random shit.......We are welcoming people who like music, anime, memes, etc... JOIN FOR GRILL'S SAKE!!!!!!


This is a dying server that I am trying to bring back to life for my friend:D We welcome anyone! This server is just to basically do anything.