The Storytellers

Why live one life, when you can write many

We are a Role-play Community that planted its roots back in 2004. We've been on discord since June of 2017.

We focus on nurturing a community of role-players who write in the past tense, 3rd person POV and multi paragraph style. Who are looking to engage in and build an active, close knit crew.

Our Server is set up to utilizing discord forums so all role-players can create, run and join any roleplay at any time. **Similar to how Roleplay Forums worked back in the early 2000s. **


To learn more about us, our journey, what we want to accomplish, and some of our open roleplays. Check out our website.


Things to Note about the Storytellers:

? We are a 18+ community

? An all-adult staff team ( 30+ in age )

? A member base that has an emphasis on being consistent in the quality of their posts, being active, and discussing all aspects of roleplaying

? Two server ran Role-play universes for Members to join in, and help build. (Cityscape, and The Garden)

? Discord Forum dedicated towards member created/ran Role-plays

? Dedicated spaces to host darker and more adult themed stories. ( with proper screening of members )

? Members with 20 years of writing experience, and friendships together.

? Vetting process to ensure all new role-players fit the community and the style of roleplay

? Other channels and activities geared towards nurturing the community, and the bonds and friendships that create it.

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