This is a Living World style of server build on the idea of having a simple and easy way to make character, learn the systems, and even for new people to become Game Masters themselves.

Now for the lore, note this is a post-apocalyptical setting.

Long ago there was a Golden Age, the world was full of magic and tech, the wilderness was conquered, the people were prosperous and hunger and sickness were no more.

However for reasons still not known the world was burned to dust, al but a small pocket of land became nothing but endless deserts.

Eventually the survivors of this event came up from under ground or the like, and resettled this Oasis, while some such as the elfs took to lives of Desert Nomads.

Slowly factions took to power, the River People grew into Noble Trade Houses, whom all but rejected Technological Wonders, and Arcane Magic, sticking to their Bloodlines, Druids, and Primal Powers.

A crazed Inventor found a working technological lab and foundry and founded his Union, assured that it was Magic that destroyed the world. This man founded Magi-Tech Company, now known as the Technocratic Union.

An Order of Wizards founded an Arcane School around a Magical Lake, and created their school, seeking to wipe out the use of the tech that they believe destroyed it all in Atomic Fire. Religion

There are no real gods in this world, most say there never were any, however those with Faith will claim whatever they believe in and often seem to gain powers from it.

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