Welcome to Twisted Kingdoms!

This is an 18+ only server. When you join, choose your role and age to agree to the rules and gain access to the rest of the server. Then opt in to your favorite fandoms. If you aren't into ships or fanfiction, we have the Clubhouse which is a general chatting area with recipes, selfies, a thirst channel for oogling your favorite celebrity, true crime, paranormal, pets, music, memes and more. We have channels for a variety of things in each fandom. Like art, fanfiction recs, memes, news, spoilers, etc. There is a NSFW area for each fandom as well as a general chat and an area for Dead Dove material (kinks that require a trigger warning).

We also have movie nights on Tuesday and Thursday's. Wednesday's we spin the wheel to choose 2 new movies for the event list and it's also True Crime night, Sunday's and Friday's we stream TV shows. So come join us, we can't wait to meet you!

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