--bzzzt-- "Hello Resia! Broadcasting from my radio station in the city of Magnus, my name is Liz, and I will be your radio host for the day.. Many of us might not be in the best place right now, but I will try to make our lives a little brighter! Anyways, now for the news...


-What remains after the removal of what makes the world whole-

Discover Earth after the biggest disaster it's ever suffered, the Surge. An eruption of magic energy from the earth's core. Continents have sank to the bottom of the ocean, almost every city has been destroyed, and humans have turned into all kinds of different species.. Yet still, we manage to rebuild.

We offer: ● Literate roleplay, with a requirement for originality and quality to your writing! ● A unique setting that's hard to find anywhere else! The world is finally rebuilding after the fallout of the apocalypse, although society is still struggling to stay on it's feet.. ● Extensive, original lore. Including factions, guilds and many races to pick from. You can easily become part of the lore as well! ● A custom user lore system, allowing anyone to create their own lore like races or factions! ● Missions and quests for everyone to partake in, with many rewards! ● Daily news and small server updates, to freshen the place up constantly-! ● Freeform combat without dice, with many opportunities for creative attacks and battles! ● A growing community with friendly members and regular events, both ooc and irp! ─────────────── ...And that was the news! Thank you for listening, and have a wonderful day."

  • This server is made for creative and experienced roleplayers, if you're still new or don't have much skill at creating unique characters, this isn't the place for you. -

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