Welcome to the Empire at War Community

  • The biggest Hub and Gaming Server for the 2006 hit RTS Star Wars: Empire at War

Join us and you will find welcoming people dedicated to Mods and modding, casual and competitive multiplayer, tournaments and just general Star Wars enthusiasts.

  • Multiplayer Matchmaking

Use the biggest Empire at War hub server to find like-minded people to play both the vanilla game and all the great Mods it has to offer. We provide means to search for players for your favorite Mod or game mode! Also have an open eye for community challenges to take part in.

  • Mods and Modding

We are home to both active modders as well as many people enjoying their daily dose of modded EAW or FOC. Popular Mods get their own server section where you can discuss, share your content or find help for installing and troubleshooting your modded experience.

  • Competitive Gaming

Star Wars: Empire at War and it’s expansion always had a good and active competitive scene as well. Recently, we’ve been able to reactivate that scene by bringing in some top competitive players of the golden days. We are hosting tournaments and are actively developing the Tournament Edition Mods for EaW and FoC. The competitive scene is always open for new faces: Join, train, and show the world in the next tournament! We stream those, too.

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