Looking For Gamers

Are you looking for people to play with? With the largest gaming-agnostic community on discord, we have tons of people who are also looking for someone to play with! https://discord.gg/lfg.

Metanix Gaming

Discover true friends to game with, don't settle for a quick LFG. Metanix Gaming is a mature community focused around the people. We have a large number of amazing members and host a variety of se...


Welcome to LADS GAMING We are a multi-gaming community, but that shouldn't stop you joining if you want to just socialise LADS GAMING is based in Britain but widely accept anyone international. LA...

Bullet Club

A new server dedicated to, chatting, gaming, bots, calls and all round curing boredom and have a good time with interesting people from all around the globe! This is the third version of Bullet Clu...

☣ Toxic-Synergy

TXSN Discord: - Only one rule: Don't be a dick. - Community from 2006 - Website: http://txsn.uk - Nice benefits on joining TXSN - Inhouse Created Bot - Role-Based Leveling System - Full Mod Team - ...

The Empire

Chatting server with people all around the world. We have a little of everything: gaming, memes, nsfw, etc. Everyone will be welcome.

How To Kill A Server In 80 Days

We're killing this server in 80 days. Join and make some friends, be edgy and cool, talk about video games and life. We will partner with any server, just ask! Have fun heckyeah. uwu

Gaming Gurus

We are a gaming server based around OCE/ASIA, we love to have fun and game within a diverse community! Come join the fun! ~Role Assignment ~Promotions and Giveaways.

Content Community

Content Community is for people who want to share their YouTube & Twitch! Also a massive part is gaming! Mostly Fortnite however. There is a range of roles to gain, and other cool assets, Like Musi...


Ion Know but u should join theres cool ass ppls in here


Tight-knit community of gamers, looking to expand and form teams.

🍃⊰ Light Of Fantasia ⊱ 🌺

Hi there! We are a brand new server hoping to build a solid community and meet new people! This server is a Chill / Community / Anime / Gaming based server where you can talk with friends or live i...

😁ᴜɴɪǫᴜᴇ ᴀʟʟɪᴀɴᴄᴇ😁

hi come join us, even though we are a small community we would like to see your face here, we are very nice ofcourse and we always are down to play and discuss and hangout.

🔮The Looking Glass🔮

Come look through the looking glass today! We are a chill and non-toxic server, we have games, selfies, chatting, memes, and much more! Owned by Petty and Mami


Just a simple community of gamers, others who want to chat, and other fun stuff. We're a variety of people who are going to accept you for who are, and welcome you into our family.


- 1500+ Members! - Experienced Staff! - Pokemon Gyms and Badges!

🐺K9 Servers🐶

We're a gaming community we host a TTT & Rust server

🎄Gaming Voice🎄

Are you looking for people to play with? With the largest gaming voice chat Discord server in the world (More then 400 voice chats)

🎄Gaming Community🎄

Hello and welcome to Gaming Community, we are a small but growing server! We have: Bots Self Assignable Roles Earnable Roles Friendly People If you join now you will get a Special role, hope to se...


DiamondSquad :sunglasses:Chill :mouse_three_button:️Gaming :jack_o_lantern::snowflake:️Holiday events :speaking_head:️Chat with others :notes:Music :robot:Fun Bots :gift:Giveaways ?ASMR :arrow_up:...

🎄Crazy Catz🎄

Feel free to join as we're working to grow. Here we have a friendly environment. If you're looking for a good time to play games or just chat, stop by! We host Fortnite and Smash Bros streams. We e...

🎄An Unfortunate Event🎄

An Unfortunate Event is a server that welcomes all people out there. Leaning toward gaming, we invite those with good or bad graphics, with limited time or all the time in the world, old and new ga...

🎄AmanGaming1910 Fan Club🎄

Welcome To The AmanGaming1910 Fan Club. Here We Have Music, Memes, etc. Also The Server Is Kid Friendly So, No Swearing/Cursing.

🎄A Red Line Christmas🎄

A new gaming network trying to bring people together to play games. We don't host our own servers (yet) but love bringing people together to have fun.

🎮4k Gaming 🎮

This server has no description!


This server has no description!

👻 Ghosts 👻

join this server its alot of fun and chill we have gaming,amine,memes,music

🎄 [KC] Discord 😎😍🤪

[KC] Discord server - the official KC Discord server Gaming, community, Danish server with english-international support and members, professional server setup, partnerships, cool bots and level/r...


A relaxed server aimed at talking about anything. We're extremely friendly! <3

「Meme Squad」

Server for memes and gaming. Mostly Nintendo games, but if enough others join that can expand.

「Galaxy Games」

New Arabic Gaming Server سيرفر عربى جديد للالعاب fortnite - minecraft - lol - crossfire .. more العاب روعه تفاعل خرافى

❤ Musica ❤

~ A small server with a very friendly community where you can meet new people to play your favorite games with! ~ PC and Console members are with us ~ Overwatch | Minecraft | Osu! | Alicia Online |...

✯ The Club House ✯

Hey come check out the new 24/7 All Gaming discord for all Users and persons. Our discord named | The Club House | offers multiple rooms and also offers individual rooms for everyone if wanted. We ...

✩ 𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙 ✩

A place to chill tbh, we're new and growing xdddd

⚒ βąţţℓ€$ţąя$

Super friendly GAMING GROUP, If you are looking for 'non-overcrowded' server with all facilities provided to enhance your gaming experience with your friends, then this may be the best thing you ar...

♡ The Tea Room ♡

revamping your discord experience. Tight-knit small community interested in gaming, NSFW content and topics ranging from philosophy to politics. we also like drama.


The Cylons is the best experience for gamers. Your game is about to become a future and play beyond.


Rynox ist ein deutscher Discord Server der sich mit den Spielen Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League, Overwatch, usw... auseinandersetzt. (STATS, UPDATES, TRADES, PATCHES, LEVELS, GIVEAWAYS) Wir freuen un...

Сообщество STELLARIS

Ищете с кем поиграть в ту или иную игру - ВАМ СЮДА!

Ξ Tret's Fantasy Factory Ξ

gaming and fun stuff. ages 13-17


Solar is a friendly gaming and gambling chat made for fun gaming, making money, giveaways, and more! Our giveaways are monthly and will be paid for! Starting October 1st we will be starting competi...


J'ai crée ce serveur afin d'organiser une communauté Discord autour de plein de sujets différents, le serveur accueille des personnes de tout âge. Tu peux aussi faire des partages sur le sujet qui ...

Zypee_Gaming Server

Dies Ist ein kleiner Deutscher Server, auf dem es unterschiedliche Channel gibt, und worauf man mit seinen Freunden gemütlich jegliche Spiele Zocken kann! Falls ihr fragen habt, wendet euch an den ...

Zevia's Little Cove.

Nice fun hangout, play some games, chill, and make some new friends! (And game :D)

Zealot Gaming

A fun friendly community of like-minded gamers. Community began in 2011, has undergone lots of changes. We play all types of games. 16+. Join us!

ZaLobster Gaming Group

This server has no description!


Welcome to YuMmy! We are a growing community of game lovers, artists, and everything in between! We have an amazing mod team that is also looking for new admins; and we host weekly events! Come fin...

YouTube | Twitch | Gaming

This server is dedicated to people growing their YouTube following, meeting other gamers, and is active all the time.

Yo, Gaming Friends and Talking 👌

This is a friendly server I hope to get going it's for any type of people to join and just play games and talk on a mobile device. Hope you enjoy! (Oh and btw swearing is my middle name)


This server has no description!

Yeezy's Smoke Shop

Just a little server that's trying to get a big community. Wanna play games with random people? Wanna try and make some new friends? Then come on by. We're always open for business.

Yeet my life

Hello, we are a small server that wants to expand to people who want to play games such as Monster Hunter, R6, Overwatch, and many more games or maybe you just want to meet new people. Join if you ...

Yeet Central

Working on forming a new social community. All walks of life are welcome! Still taking suggestions to help build & develop our server. Generally devoted to gaming; League, Overwatch, WoW, Siege, To...

XX House

XX House is a Discord server of the YouTuber and Streamer Luk3xx. In the server we like to chill out and have a chat. We talk about anything from gaming to things going on in the world. We invite a...

Xtreme Gaming

We are a discord that goes from being able to self promote all the way to being able to partner up with people.


A community focused on all multiplayer games that involve objectives and teamplay but also just for a talk. We host giveaways, special events and mentor others with various games, programmes and pr...

Xeon Gaming

Hey! I'm Buster, and I am the owner of Xeon Gaming!!! This server is for any gamers who want to build a community and play! I am in need of staff, and also would love to get a big server going! Eve...

Xenix Network

This server is a server where you can communicate with other members of a gaming community. Offering digital services and items. Or just having a general good time. This server includes an advertis...

Xendric Interactive

We're a newly formed indie game company that barely exists with a game in the works.

XE Gaming Community

A Gaming Community Where You Can Find A Buddy To Play With.

Xbox Group

This a Discord Group were we want gamers but we want mostly Xbox Gamers.


This is a gaming server. Please note that when you join the server it will take a few minutes to actually authorize you into the server so please be patient.

Wumbo Jumbo

This is another gaming server except with a few more additional features. We have a few language channels and even a writing and art channel.

WorldWide Gaming🎮

a gaming server for everyone! Join now for a gaming experiense you will never forget!!

World of Tanks Server

This server acutally has nothing to do with whatever the server is called. 18+ | VERY toxic community | Active VC | Waifu Collecting Mini-game Bot | Alot of Bullying (Sowwy) | M E M E S | The ser...

World of Games

WOG, un server simplu si linistit unde-ti poti petrece timpul cu diferite persoane pe diferite jocuri precum PUBG, GTA, LOL, DOTA, dar si restul jocurilor populare !

World Of Gamers |ratu| |FR|ENG|

Serveur |FR|ENG| qui a pour but de créer une grosse communauté de gamer/gameuse, afin de trouver des amis.. Coéquipier pour jouer à des jeux multijoueur (rust, CSGO, GtaV, Terraria..) BREF VENEZ EN...


This is the official WoofClan Discord Server! If you join, be sure to subscribe to the WoofClan members YouTube Channel! Also, join our steam group WoofClan!


Just a chill server, join and have fun with us. Looking for new members


Hello this is a Server For Gaming We have Stuff For Siege and Other Games Hope You Join


Canal creado para juegos, Streamings, Y conocer gente nueva o buscar con quien jugar algún juego ya sea en Team o Duo.


Wir sind eine deutsche Community aus Gamern und Youtubern. Wenn Du Lust hast neue Leute kennen zu lernen, dann schau doch mal vorbei :)

Why So Salty

WSS is a community for +18 individuals looking for friends with an interest in gaming, movies, chatting, just killing time and getting to know each other. Features a ‘profile builder’ when you fir...


Bienvenidos a Wombo Combo una comunidad para jugar, y hablar de diversas cosas que sean entretenidas.


This server has no description!

We Praise Obama

we praise obama and talk. this is ironic so do whatever. gaming, politics, and all that crap is ok.


WASD-Hangout is a server dedicated to chilling out & making new friends, with lots of features such as voice & many text channels to fill your social needs

Warriors In Arms

Warriors In Arms is a Multi-Gaming Community, that just recently started! We are recruiting!

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men & Women

Fun little server for gamers

Virtual Party Center

We are looking for fun community members who enjoy video games of all types! From fast paced shooters to blood shedding horrors we'd love if you joined us in the Virtual Party Center Discord Server...

Vikings On Shrooms

Vikings on Shrooms is a Scandinavian based hardcore gaming community. We do IRL meetups and play all kind of video games together. Official language is English and everyone is welcome. For more inf...

Vietnam Gaming Community

Welcome to Vietnam Gaming Community !!! (VGC) http://bit.ly/freesitevgc Email: vngamingcommunityvgc@gmail.com

VGN Home

A Gaming Community, where gamers of all types can converge and have fun. We aren't your average gamers, just a small team with a vision who keeps striving to become an eminent game based, entert...

Vexion Gaming

Events, giveaways, & discussions - Vexion Gaming & Tech Community! Vexion strives to be a place that fosters mature conversation for both gaming and tech enthusiasts, while also offering events, qu...

Very Rare Lounge

VR is a retired fortnite clan and decided to turn their discord into a lounge. Everyone is open! We have MMO 5 man chats and also 25 man raid chats, along with Battle Royale chats!

Vanguard Palace

This server is meant for anyone! As long as you follow our relaxed rules, we welcome you here in whole! <3 We offer everything from: - Gaming - Music - Chill Hub - Memes - Events


General gaming/ community / chill server

Universum by Calle u Jafar

Willkommen auf dem Discord Server Universum Englisch : Welcome to the Discord Server Universe. Originally we are a German comunity. But today we have a very mixed community of players from all over...

University of Squares

For anyone who want to chat about video games, movies, TV shows - basically anything. We're small right now, but we're growing :D


The UNIVERSAL SERVER is Good MTA Server about Freeroam.


Un server de discord sobre Gaming,Memes y N0P0R

Undeleteable Server

If you want a friend to game with or a fun community to chat about gaming, this is the place. You can level up with achievements, which gives more permissions. We are currently looking for staff an...

Undead Hell Network

join an awesome server today! We have music bots, ranks, friendly staff, fun activities, memes and many more! join today so you don't miss out on becoming popular and the outrageous activities we p...


Come and Enjoy your own gaming server. With private rooms commands leaderborads ranks and more!! Updates Every Thursday

UA Army Gaming

We are a gaming Server with many channels! We have music channels support channels and gaming channels! I hope we will see you!

TᕼE ᑕᕼIᒪᒪ ᔕEᖇᐯEᖇ

This server is made for people to come in and relax and find new people to play with. We have Music, Special roles, Gaming Channels, And plenty more. Feel free to come in relax and make new friends...

TYT Clan - Fortnite

This discord used to be for the clan members but it has been opened up to become a gaming community. We offer events at least three times a week, with some prizes available. We would love to see y...

Typical Meme Shack

Great server for gaming such as Minecraft, Csgo, PUBG, GTA etc! We have custom bots and many other cool features! Oh and we have custom ranks for people that are nice and can help us!

Two Elements

Looking for new friend? Looking for an active community? Then join Two Elements ! ✦》Totally original Fire/Water system with a custom bot ✦》60+ Self-Assignable roles ✦》Active & fast growing commun...

Two Doors Down

A server where you can put down the big boy controller and meet equally autistic teens, and enjoy some memes and gaming.

Twitch.tv/Hetzz & Gaming Community

We welcome ALL players, from casuals to competitive, from all games and genres. We currently have over 1,100 active members who are always looking for others to play with, come join and make your g...

Twitch Army

A new Discord community to come together. Founded by Jokerixco#2310 we have been nonstop to work on what the community likes and loves. We are here to stay and grow!


This is a friendly server to hangout, play some games, and have fun. We let the community decide the fate of anything they want through the use of polls! Our custom bot helps you by hiding categori...

True Gamers

Come join our Gaming Club We do it all from - Singing - Gaming - Music - Chilling Etc. We also have a - custom ranking system - Dank Memes Bot - Dj Pauly D For Music - Meeseeks Bot Come join an...

Trove Discord

Trove/gaming server, kinda chill newly started looking for helpers and just normal players! have fun!

Trollem's Playhouse

A friendly gaming community. Come and enjoy anime and meme'ing with us. Games we play include Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Guild Wars 2, Leag...

Trinity Gaming Community

Our server is filled with custom bots that will fill every want and need of your delights. we are completely comunity driven and we also have custom game servers which you can play on with friends ...

Treacherous Gaming

The official Discord Server for TroutGaming and its affiliate members. Everyone is welcome to join and partake in the activites. We like to pick up people from the server to play with us on stream,...

Transistor Honey

Social server, 420 friendly. Maple story 2 guild. Battlefield clan, active Rainbow Six Siege members, active war thunder users.

Trade League

A fun, global, gaming Discord server. With thousands of active members all around the world, we host giveaways and events regularly, and offer chats and a community to talk with!

Toxic Minemen

Good idea to join. Not an assasination attempt, I swear

Township of Greenacres

Just a nice server with cool bots and nice community. Not Hardcore gaming just Run-of-the-Mill

Town of MANGOlians

Chill gaming server and contains my Twitch streams. You can come in here and just mess around or play games with your friends. Several admin levels and nice community, as long as you keep it that w...

Total Capacity

chill server to play games. there are stoners in here so dont join if you are under the age of 13 or if you are under 13 use causion Thank!

Tonii's PlayHouse

Hey, we're a newly growing gaming community whether it's CS:GO, PUBG, League of Legends, Fortnite, or just about any other Steam game. We have dedicated channels for fun bots or just chatting. Meme...

Tizzsy's Gaming House

Friendly active helpful gaming community looking for more friends and gamers alike.

TinGaming's Discord

This Is An New Gaming Server. Find People To Play Your Fav Games!

TimeLegacy | Minecraft Network

TLMC - A Minecraft server reimagined. Make sure to follow on twitter! https://twitter.com/TLMCOfficial Sign up on our forums : https://timelegacy.net/

Time Lost

A fun variety server that doesn't take anything very seriously. Our main focus is games but we are host to many types of pop culture, so if you want to meet new people and explore all different typ...


We talk about every game,new to old. We are hoping to end up making a nice server where anyone can chat about any game and we just need your help.Thank You for reading this,and please become a memb...


The official THETA clan discord server, here you can meet like minded individuals. Enjoy your stay!


The Swarm - TheSwarm.NET is an Online Gaming Community for Playstation 4 and PC. We plan to fully support Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Currently we play (but not limited to) Fortnite, Warframe, ...


The goal of this server is to have a large community of people who have a set of diverse interests and contribute into making the community special! This server will serve as a Talk/Game/Anime hub....


Hello Come crash land on ThePlanet if you like gaming, music, daily steam giveaways 30+ games given out daily!!, All Gamers, roleplayers, music lover's, meme lovers, anime, pop culture welcome!! We...


We are a gaming community that cares. We want to hear everything you have to say, we love playing games and talking to other memeber. We add 1 game every week!


Want to play a team game with someone but can’t find anyone to play with? Well join here because we support all kinds of team games. Or if you’d like to go solo we have many events for you ;). Hop...


TheGamingAgency, otherwise known as TGA has been around for a long time. Formally from TeamSpeak but moved over to Discord not that long ago. We have Squad Builders, Custom Emojis & much more for u...


theGamers is an all-in-one muti-purpose gaming server. We specialize in community building, giving you a unique community to play with.

The Zone

Welcome to The Zone, a safe haven for gamers to socialize, game and meet other players from around the world.

The world of hell

Welcome to TWoH

The Woddobots Family

Welcome to the best server on Discord! It's great for anyone (especially gamers). The majority of us play CS:GO but games like Rust, PUBG, H1Z1 and many more are also played. So if you like to play...

The Whole Caboodle

A server for anything and everything. Gaming, NSFW and more.

The Wall

Small community based off Donald Trump! Join if you wanna play games or just talk. Please don't come on and start hating on why we chose Trump, its just for fun

The Void

A gaming clan for anyone who'd like to join! Feel free to invite any friends or foes!

The Unit

The Unit. A Very Fun & Organized Server. You Can Talk About Any Game, Any Console. Make New Friends And Play Today. Join Us Right Now!

The Twilight Realm

The Twilight Realm • A chill gaming/anime server where you can meet new people! We're looking for active members to help our community grow! **What we have: ** ✩ A laid back atmosphere ✩ Experien...

The Tribe

Join THE FRIENDLIEST GAMING COMMUNITY! Elections to determine ranks, demotions & more all based on the majority! A republic discord server! Join to become apart of The Tribe. Not excluding politica...

The Teleportation Zone

Gaming community with cool staff, flexible channels, custom bots flexible channels means that you say what channel we to create! (teams aka squads will be made soon)


A place for you to chat, meet new people and chill out. We're looking to become more active by bringing more people in. We have around 100 members. Why not give a small server a try?

The Squad

We are all about fun and gaming i want to get as many people on this server so it can grow into something big!

The Spawn Point

A friendly gaming community that's looking for more active members! Please join us and have fun talking with fellow gamers of all kinds~

The Social District

This server mainly focuses on social relationships, gaming, and anime bringing you a fun and loving environment where people of ages 13+ are welcome!

The Sci Fi Discord

A discord server for talking sci fi TV, film and games! Discuss your favorite shows, find new ones and make friends!

The Realest

Server to chill and play fun games, sometimes even stream.

The Protector's Army

A fun, friendly server where we have fun bot/commands to mess with! We allow advertising as well! (by Curdog/The Protector's Commander)

The Play Cave

The best Discord server you will ever find, full of funny people who dont give a flying fuck what you say or do. NSFW Channels, including Porn & Drug talk, as well as plenty of gaming nights. Rock ...

The Nintendo Fanbase (Beta)

A little Nintendo Fanbase I made. Feel free to join!


an community that is planing to grow and be one of the best servers on discord

The Navy of Burning Agony

The Navy of Burning Agony is a discord server dedicated to bringing players together to play games. We have a partnership with The order of the New Kingdom. We are looking for staff more importantl...

The Nameless Gaming Community

A social multi-gaming community. Searching for social players who want to find a place to chill, who are active in chats/voice, and who overall just want to have a blast in a relaxed atmosphere!

The Murder Nest

We are a cross-platform clan focusing on mainly PC gaming but Xbox as well. come check it out at your leisure.

The Lounge

This is a casual, friendly gaming server for gents and ladies. We play games like Rust, Deceit, and GTA V, CS:GO, etc. This is a good place to make friends, listen to music, or look for teammates....

The Lounge

A place for gaming and fun with new and awesome people

The Lounge

A community for anyone. We have micro-communities for just about any interest: Gaming, Programming, Anime, etc. We also have giveaways and other events.

The Lounge

This server has no description!

The LiveGamingPlaza

A small new server with 12+ bots not big but can be a great place to make new friends and some good mods too.

The Last Network

This server is for casual discussion, posting memes and playing games. Frequent Movie/Game nights!

The Lads [Public Server]

The Lads public server is a server for people to meet new people play the same games as everyone else make big teams and destroy the enemies. we play a bunch of different games and all of us are fr...

The Kings

This server has no description!

The Kingdom

gaming server for fortnite and csgo. Also a community server for my twitch account. we have many role rewards as well

The Island

The Island is a server for just about any game. We have many different topics including Fortnite, CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Roblox, and Rainbow 6 Siege. We have our own server based economy system, as we...

The Hub

Hi everyone! I am Dylan, a Youtuber and Twitch streamer from the US. I have created an active discord server for all types of games, with a strictly non-salt community! We love to play games togeth...

The Hive

The Hive is just a fun place to hang and play games with people, Right now we're looking for staff as well, we've just begun and like people to give us a try! We're based in the EU but people from ...

The High Council of Gamers

Looking for a server based around keeping yourself and others up-to-date with all gaming-based activity? This is the server for you! A small, but growing server and community centered on game news...

The Hearth Discord

The Hearth is made by the community for the community. We provide a warm atmosphere where everybody is welcome and content creators can create. If you make art, videos, music, writing, streams, o...

The Hangout

A small gaming server. We have a small community, but it's nice.

The Gulag

A gaming server open to any number of games. Generally chill server, Owner is kinda new to Discord Servers so any suggestions are appreciated. DM admins/owner to add new voice/text channels for wha...

the goddamn best (worst) server

Memes, friends, and shitposting. Go ahead and join for all three. We also have sections for gaming, along with other things.

The Gentry - Gaming Community

Gaming discord for CSGO, PUBG, ROE, R6S, Fortnite, etc. Join now and find other people to play with and make new friends!

The Gaming House

Created by a group of friends when discord was gathering popularity, The Gaming House is now a community of gamers that offers a chill atmosphere and cares about its community. We are looking to ex...

The Gaming District

An English speaking, diverse gaming community which tailors to your interests and connects you with like-minded Gamers from around the globe. Welcome to the district!

The Gaming Corner

Looking for a Gaming Discord Server? The Gaming Corner is were its at! You can find a teammate in no time. Come and

The Gamers' Cult

This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. Everyone is welcome in our community as long as you're following the rules. Hop...

The Gamers CareHome

Hello gamers out there want some action on gaming then join this server play fortnite and other games with the people inside it. This server is growing. Thank you if you join. You can get really go...

The Gamer's Hangout

Laid-back gaming Discord server! Black ops 4, Fortnite, CSGO, and much more!

The Game Center

We're all about socializing, gaming, good memes, fun conversations, and playing with friends. Raffles at Christmas, custom emoji, active player base. Check us out!

The Game Center

A welcoming gaming community. Everyone is welcome, but must be 13+. Feel free to add anyone that you feel.

The Galactic Canteen

Gaming/Social Discord Server For Everyone.

The Forums

This is our Discord server for our forums. The Forums will be taking a more traditional approach to our forums that people knew and loved.

The Film Community

Hi welcome to The Game Community. In this server we are open to suggestions. There aren't any people on The Game Community Discord so please join and let us grow.

The Duke Nukem Squad

Do you miss those good old FPS games We do too! Come reminisce with us and keep the flame alive

the DUDES!!!


The Dudes

Hello everyone, if you are reading this then you are interested In joining this server and here is what to expect. Great roles and ranks for people Great moderators, staff and great bot If you wish...

The Dream

A new small server where you can talk​ about everything and get new friends. We also allow advertisement

The Discord Badlands

Chill place to meet people and have fun!

The Destroyers

Join The Destroyers discord server now, to enjoy playing & chatting with a friendly Community,We also have a music bot working 24/7, Interesting ranking system with levels. We need staff members to...

The Democratic Union of Catopia

Join right now and enter the country we call home! Talk about memes, games, and especially Pokémon.

The Dank Cave

A gaming and chat server, with mainly South African users.

The Couch

Game Night every Friday, 24/7 Music, Nice staff, friendly people, gaming channels, content creation, and more! Join today because we're growing daily!

The Competent Corporation

A Discord server based on a fictional Corporation. Separate gaming chats, RP, and giveaways every 2 weeks! Join The Competent Corp today! It's the Competent Choice!

The Coffee Shoppe

Talk about anything you want in this channel. Maybe you'll make some friends, start up a heated conversation, or maybe you'll actually find your purpose in life! Who knows what types of people you ...

The Clutches

The Clutches is a discord server related to the gaming stuff

The Club

Welcome to The Club! A group of likeminded, fabulous people. Gaming, music, Discord events, memery and good times to be had in this community.

The Clout corner

a gaming server always looking to grow everyone is welcome

The Chill Server

Hey! We are a music/gaming/discussion server. This server was created after seeing a lot of unfair treatment from other servers and we wanted to do something about it, so we made our own. If yo...

The Broad Axe

Come one, come all to The Broad Axe a place where you can chill talk to people and play some games.

The Badlands

The Badlands - Come hang out. Play some games. Fun times

The [ c h r i m a s ] Room

We are just a little server who wants to be just like their big brother.

The 0utback® [t0p gaming]

Gaming server, 3 + twitch streamers in server EVERYBODY GETS A ROLE

That One Group That Exists

We are a gaming channel with tournaments with prizes and all the good stuff

Teutonic Order

Gaming Community Originally based around Elite Dangerous, but its for RTS, Space Sims, and all around SciFi stuff.