The Gaming Bookclub

We play different games of all genres each month as voted by our players! Rewards for participation via our unique & completely free lootbox system.

jade 象

Inspired by IRC. Fueled by Friendliness. Making the internet a little more wholesome and a little less lonesome. Walk with the Elephant.

The Hearth Discord

The Hearth is made by the community for the community. We provide a warm atmosphere where everybody is welcome and content creators can create. We have a solid moderation team to ensure that this...

The Empire

Chatting server with people all around the world. We have a little of everything: gaming, memes, nsfw, etc. Everyone will be welcome.

☣ Toxic-Synergy Networks

TXSN Discord: - Only one rule: Don't be a dick. - Community from 2006 - Website: http://txsn.uk - Nice benefits on joining TXSN - Inhouse Created Bot - Role-Based Leveling System - Full Mod Team - ...

HC Bandits Community

we are a new Discord community looking for new staff/members looking for a home. i am trying to build a non toxic community of gamers. We Are The HardCore Bandits!!! Hope to see you there. https://...

Social Degenerates

We are the first server to integrate a points system. Chat in the channels, earn points and exchange for prizes such as games and giftcards. We have SFW, NSFW, Gaming, Hobbies, Health/Support, Meme...

Hyrule Gaming Group(HyruleGG)

Founded by a tight-knit group of gamers dedicated to gamer lifestyle.// Variety Gaming/Gamers Streaming Community(Streamers Welcome!) Single Player Gaming/Gamers Relaxed & Chill environment //Twi...

Project Unity

Welcome to Project Unity! Our goal is to create a discord in which everyone can come together to enjoy doing what we do best and that's playing video games. We hope you enjoy your stay here and roo...

Republic of Gaming

We will have events from time to time, A long with staff applications every 5 months. We have many bots to keep occupied, But also make sure to keep up with chat and interact with everyone, You'll ...

《☆ 𝓐𝓻𝓴𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓾𝓶 ☆》

HELLO ALL DISCORD CITIZENS! •Want to meet new people? •Want to make new friends? •Do you want find more gamers? If so, here is the place to go! We are still a growing server hoping to change in ma...


The KKKunts is all purpose server with Gaming, hentai, memes and much more. The server is for people with dark humour and there are no really struck rules, so it's a place to come have some fun ( ͡...

The Goat Lair

Gaming server for relaxed, cool people that want to game and enjoy chatting. 21+ I am open to most games and feel free to check out my steam profile which is on my discord profile. My name is Goa...

Tech Support

A fun place to hang with no major rules or nazi admins just a hangout place for everyone

Haus of Xeno

A smaller server looking to grow. We do giveaways and have ridiculous conversations about stupid stuff. You're gonna have a good time. 18+ please. LGBT+ Friendly. NSFW due to swearing, humor, priva...


Just a bunch of people wanting to develop a community and make some new friends regardless of age, sex, or race. We are open to everyone.


Just a chat for me and friends/strangers. It's mostly made for my fans, but strangers can come in too.

Zypee_Gaming Server

Dies Ist ein kleiner Deutscher Server, auf dem es unterschiedliche Channel gibt, und worauf man mit seinen Freunden gemütlich jegliche Spiele Zocken kann! Falls ihr fragen habt, wendet euch an den ...

The Kingdom

gaming server for fortnite and csgo. Also a community server for my twitch account. we have many role rewards as well

Outs of Society

This is a server for people who don't fit in with social norms! Our main focuses are things like anime and gaming, but we have so much more on offer! We have a vast number of colour roles, as well ...


join yo have good time bro furry anime all excepted into this server free for eveyrone (all boys girls welcome just say hi please)

(Random Games) DiamondDevil

If you wan to meet new people and play some games this is the channel for you

just game chat

This is a small server where people can talk and play games without any hastle. All people on this server WILL be respected and exited to start a new game?

The Hangout

A small gaming server. We have a small community, but it's nice.


Hello Come crash land on ThePlanet if you like gaming, music, daily steam giveaways 30+ games given out daily!!, All Gamers, roleplayers, music lover's, meme lovers, anime, pop culture welcome!! We...

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men & Women

Fun little server for gamers


Le serveur Frequency est un serveur gaming dans lequel vous pourrez trouver des gens pour jouer avec vous. Bien évidemment vous pouvez également le rejoindre juste pour parler de ce que vous voulez :)


Our Discord- Server is a German server, which is started in 2017. The server is for gaming. fun and music. We have a smart and friendly team, which is happy about younger gernation! You can also ad...

its trey time

hoi! this is a discord server for anyone who wants to roleplay game or chat for fun! this is the discord server to youtuber Trey Time and his fanbase please have a fun time and join us

La Team Pancakes [FR]

Vive les Pancakes ! Venez nous rejoindre dans notre aventure ! on à aussi une chaîne Youtube ! On vous attends !

Game Turtles

We are a chill gaming community with an enormous variety of games to offer. find people to play with make new friends that share the same games as you :D


We are a group of friends who are looking to expand in to somewhat of a community, looking to meet new people to play games and chill with. Anybody is welcome to join, everyone is chilled out and a...

Crapatel - Bloodhoof

This is a server for my Twitch channel : https://www.twitch.tv/crapatel Join to chill, listen to music, meet new people and lastly Talk to me!

Re-Creating Gaming

Were a group of people that love playing video game

Bully Watchers

Welcome bullyhunters to your new HQ. After the bullies conquered our website and struck us down we needed a new place where we can unite make the world a little more better. And we need your he...


Vuoi divertirti? Passa nel nostro server; C'è musica, stanze per parlare e tanto divertimento!

Computer Enthusiasts Den

We're a tech related server looking to bring people with a common interest in computer hardware, gaming, tech, and more together to learn and have fun!

Peoples republic of gaming.

Hello, in this server you can find talk about and play your favourite games. socialize make new friends and discuss an find people that share the same​ interests​ as others join my server!


A loving community / place where you can come to play, chat, or just chill. We welcome everybody and hope you enjoy your time here!


Do not join this absolute dump of a discord server, I cannot convey strongly enough how trash this server is. So join us and meet some great people :)

Imperial Gaming Community

We are a gaming community with a wide range of servers, from Rust To Arma 3!


Welcome to CMT! Here we have seperate channels for seperate gaming consoles where you can find people to play your favourite games with! You can chat with friends, meet new people and listen to mu...

EGA - European Gamer Association

Wir sind ein kleiner deutscher Server, auf dem viele offene Leute, die Spaß an Videospielen haben, sind. Ihr seid herzlich dazu eingeladen uns auf unserem Server zu begrüßen.

ChillTurts Official Discord Server

ChillTurt's Discord server (He does YT)

Сообщество STELLARIS

Ищете с кем поиграть в ту или иную игру - ВАМ СЮДА!

.~Desolate Region~.

hello m8 come for the dank doritos stay for the video gamez and memez also our boi will play u sum jamz.

spooki bean man server

This server has no description!

The Tribe

Join THE FRIENDLIEST GAMING COMMUNITY! Elections to determine ranks, demotions & more all based on the majority! A republic discord server! Join to become apart of The Tribe. Not excluding politica...


A general gaming discord with guilds and events. Battle your way to be the top guild or chill and mess around, we are generally very welcoming and love new people to talk to.


Sanitarium.FM is a radio station dedicated to gamers and technology fans alike! Its run, hosted and edited by gamers, for gamers.