Progressive Gamers is a growing community of politically progressive gamers who want a space free of the casual bigotry and toxicity that infests so many games today. We prize quality over quantity, and thus require all newcomers to go through a screening process before being allowed onto the server.

⭐️Note: you must be 18 or older to join⭐️

Besides awesome people, we offer…

*Over 100 custom emoji

*Events nearly every week (plus, anyone can create their own events!)

*Monthly giveaways/rewards for the most active members

*A chatbot that suggests conversation topics

*Dozens of unique roles (including pronouns)

*A Minecraft server for members

*An LGBTQIA+ -friendly atmosphere

*A ranking system based on XP that rewards participation (w/ minimum XP quota), a LFG channel for finding people to game with, a trivia channel, and more

*A chatroom where you can promote your Twitch channel and a bot that lets others know when you’re streaming

*Role-exclusive text and voice channels

*Chatrooms for political discussions and other serious topics

...and more!

We're still pretty small, but if this sounds like a community you'd like to be a part of, feel free to drop by and apply!

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