Need a chill group of dudes to game with?

We are Goblins We play games, post memes, insult each other and talk about the Roman Empire. We are really looking to build a close community. We also enjoy modding games. We now have 5 dedicated servers! All created with help from the community.

Below are the games we play and what we provide.

FiveM gang Hideout on a very high pop server. So you wanna be a gangster? 18+

Project Zomboid- 24/7 Dedicated server. Finally ready after being modded lots with community input.

Counter Strike 2 - Aim server hosted 24/7

Dayz - Large group PVP Raid Night every Tuesday! Private Horde server.

Terraria Modded - Fully dedicated Modded Server.

Battle Bit - Goblins Clan in game.

We play other games like Cod or Risk of Rain 2....

We also enjoy creating YouTube content together. ?

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