A discord focused solely on Initial D. A large group of extreme fans, ranging from owners of Corollas to wiki-heads to weebs.

  1. Be nice. No harassing or bullying other users. Don’t dox other users.
  2. No racism.
  3. Don’t spam outside of #shitposting. This includes mass emote spam.
  4. Try to keep discussions to the relevant channels.
  5. Don’t unnecessarily ping roles.
  6. Initial D spoilers are always allowed. If you haven’t watched the entire show yet, you’ve been warned.
  7. Absolutely no roleplaying!
  8. Don’t lie about owning a car. You are fourteen years old.
  9. Follow the general Discord community guidelines.
  10. Improper use of #vent will result in either a vent mute role or further punishment.

Have fun and come hangout with us! No reddit jokes here.

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