Description: ShadowHaven is a Shadowrun 5E living community. As shadowrunners, you and other PCs will choose job offers that come your way, forming teams long enough to get the job done. Your choices will have an impact on the community's shared narrative as you factor into the balance of power between megacorps, governments, organized crime and the forces that fight back in this magical cyberpunk dystopia. Will you bleed for a better world, or end up in some dirtball executive's pocket? Join our Discord for roleplay and help getting started, or visit our wiki to browse player characters and previous shadowruns! Join our discord and have helpful staff to help you build your first PC!

Player Safety First: We have robust and well-developed player safety tools to help explore this dark world. We cultivate a culture of collaboration between all players and game masters.

Pre-Generated Runners: You can rapidly join any run by using our premade Shadowrunners if you just want to try out Shadowrun 5th edition.

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