AESIND :: Aesir Industries - International Gaming Community

We're an international gaming clan founded in 2017 by a set of dedicated people looking to make the 'Verse a better place. As we started off as a Star Citizen organisation and as such it remains our main occupation, however we've since expanded well beyond those boundaries and evolved into a multi-gaming clan. The games we play vary widely, ranging from FPS and simulations to MMO's and indie games.

Our member base stretches all over the world with the main core being primarily located in the EU and US. As such English is our operational language.

We treat our members with equality and welcome all to join our little family. On top of having fun, we partake in a multitude of social events and meet up in real every year for conventions as well as host our own community gatherings.

Join our server to find out more information about our organisation or how to join. Everyone's welcome, so come join our great hall, grab a cup of mead, sit back and enjoy!

We'll see you soon o7

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