★Splat Team is recruiting!

        ★Splat Team is a friendly community of gamers, and even SFM/Gmod artists. We aren’t just a community for splatoon, we include other games such as Minecraft, and even Mario Kart. 

        We have an awesome group of staff who are always hosting events every other week such as movie night, splatoon minigames, Mario Kart, Drawing events, Custom Splatfests, and many more. Just be sure to get the event roles so you don’t miss them.

        If you do decide to join this server, you will be put in a verification chat. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions to make sure you aren’t a troll/bot and that you are at least 13 or older to follow discord rules. If you are having trouble being verified, the staff and I will be happy to help you. This is also a PG server so please no swearing or NSFW

         Our community would love to have you guys, but whether or not you join us is up to you.

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