Discord Server based on the popular TV Anime & Manga "Attack on Titan", and popular music composer "Hiroyuki Sawano". Also includes various topics like Art, Gaming, Music, Animes, Mangas, Shows, Movies, VC Music Steams, Anime Streams, Movie Streams, and a hangout lobby to discuss anything!

✅ Over 18,000+ Members ✅ Provides ALL the Latest and Important AoT NEWS ✅ Provides ALL "Attack on Titan" Episodes ✅ Provides ALL "Attack on Titan" Manga Chapters ✅ Provides ALL "Attack on Titan" Music ✅ Provides the BEST AoT Fan Art ✅ Daily Anime and Movie Streams/Watch-along ✅ Live Music Sessions Listen-along ✅ Server rewards you for chatting with the Ranking system ✅ Over 50+ Positive Discord Reviews in the Server ✅ Over 200+ Emojis ✅ Plus many more features in the Server

Join and see for yourself :) https://discord.gg/aot-and-sawano

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