Active and Friendly Multiple Games ran weekly. System: DnD 5e Campaign Style: Westmarch Homebrew: Magic Items , Races and more.. Darker Dungeon Rule Sets Platform: Roll20 Setting: High Magic mixed with steampunk tech. Characters Start at Level 3 and get one free feat and 27 point buy for stats.

Start your adventures with the Lunestral Order. Explore the world, Help the People in need of your aid, grow your renown and watch how your interactions with the cities and there people change. Enjoy playing with friendly and welcoming individuals everyone has a place at our table. Just remember to be friendly to others and have fun.

Adventure on the continent of Alsfintar and explore the many cities and towns and villages that hold knowledge of untold riches to be had for those who know where to look. Trials and Tribulation lay ahead and only adventurers who have steeled themselves for the things that may come........ will survive.

We are a new server but are very active as a community and welcome anyone to join and enjoy D&D, Gaming, Memes, Ultimate Rpg and much more.

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