◈All Ranks Welcome

◈We are always looking for new & old members & you'll always find plenty of chill people to help you learn along the way.

◈We are always looking to promote streamers, graphic designers, and content creators in general.

◈With Siege is at its best when played with a 5 stack. We would love to have you.

◈Consistent and Active players in Siege, Rocket League, & Elite Dangerous just to name a few.

◈If you want to join a casual community of gamers & twitchers aimed at making the game more enjoyable for everyone, then you came to the right place.

◈No drama, no politics ◈New players welcome ◈Must be 18+ years old with a mature personality

◈Features ◈Twitch auto live notifications ◈Private Voice channels ◈Favorite RSS Feed ◈?Custom Roles? ◈New tools being added◈


Seeking moderator & recruiter


Streamers, & content creators must DM guild owner for auto notification via custom bot. Graphic designers or Advertisements must DM guild owner with goal, post, time, etc. Spamming & Self promotion without permission or in the wrong channel will result in Permanent Ban

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