~ Smash League, Reborn – What is this? ~

Smash League is a collaborative effort that aims to create a fun, competitive experience where Challengers (that means you!) can try to defeat a series of 12 Smash Streamers, functioning like Gym Leaders in a Pokémon game, in order to become Smash League’s Champion and win prize money.

There is no cost to participate in Smash League.

There's a prize pot for whoever is the reigning Champion at the end of the season!

~ Simple Instructions of how this works ~

There are 8 Gyms comprising of 8 gym leaders. Gym leaders must be challenged during their scheduled Smash League streams.

Defeating a Gym Leader in a best of 5 will earn you that Gym Leader's badge. You can fight the gym leaders in any order (to make scheduling more convenient!)

All of the gyms have unique gimmicks or unique rulesets to spice things up and add a unique spin on your traditional Smash Bros Ultimate competition. Expect all sorts of unconventional things to pop up, such as: a low spawn rate of items, stamina matches, stages that aren't typically tourney-legal, etc.

After you’ve collected all 8 badges, you may then challenge the Elite 4. The Elite 4 must be battled in order.

Once you become Champion, you must defend your position from others who have successfully defeated the Elite 4. Maintain Champion status if you wish to walk away with the prize pot at the end of the season.

-- The server is heavily community-driven. Invite your friends, share your best highlights, practice with fellow server members. Our server even has a Pokémon Lab where the Pokémon Professors of Smash League can offer free coaching to help you improve!

A full explanation of the server rules, Smash League rules, and rulesets for each Gym can be found in the server.

Come join and compete!

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