Crimson's Crib

Make friends within my community through socializing, gaming etc. Looking for people who can fit in nicely within our community.


Hangover is a server where you can meet all your daily needs of communication! Daily banter, random conversations! Join today and become apart of the best Discord group!

The Community

**The Community** is bringing you that, we have opened this discord server for you to engage with other users, make new friends and just discuss your day to day lives.

Games & Chill

We're a social gaming hangout, we love memes, shitposting and chatting. We also have a guild on World of Warcraft! Everyone is welcome! We're a close knit fun loving community so give us a try :) ...


Self promote your server or social media. 26 server categories to advertise in. Tools to help advertise. Social hub to converse and share with others. See you there

Coin Operated Dorks

Server for CoinOp's youtube channel, come hang with some cool people and get notified of Coin's activities!

Goat Testees

We are a server which has recently started and are wanting to build up a community. When you join this server you are able to do a range of things from meme-posting to bot fun. Feel free to swing by!

Pong! (RELEASE!)

Pong! is a community-based Discord server with a range of fun activities and benefits, including the following: ↞↞↞✫↠↠↠ - Active Members - Friendly Staff Team - Fun Bots and Activities - Levels - A...

Royal Shooters

We Are a Social Community Based Around Gaming, Media and Much More. Come Check Us Out!


Looking for a relaxed place to make new friends? Come to Edgelords! We are a new but growing server.

Forever Innocents

[ENG] A group of good Polish friends, who likes spicy memes, multiplayer games and NSFW images ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [PL] Grupa dobrych polskich przyjaciół, którzy lubią memy, gry komputerowe i złe obrazki (...

Da Squad

Welcome! This is a place where you can talk about random stuff, games, music, or even programming! Join to be part of a friendly community!

The Abyss

A Made in Abyss fan server! Here you’ll find a discussion, art, media, and other details about both the anime and manga.

Yggdrasil: The World Tree

Yggdrasil: The World Tree is a group for people to meet friends, talk about games, music, and much much more. We provide a multitude of bots to use in a bot channel, and we have a variety of people...


NerfGard - Dobrze zorganizowany serwer z kompetentną administracją. Offerujemy -aktywność -kompetentną administrację -częste eventy -innowacyjne inicjatywy i projekty DOŁĄCZ DO NAS!

Cozy Club Of Sad Ghosts

“The Sad Ghost Club is a club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club. Raising positive mental health awareness through co...

The Zone For Gamers

The zone for gamer's welcomes all gamer's feel free to come and join our friendly gaming community. The server has numerous gaming channels and music channels. We also have a leveling and rank sys...

Medúlla 🥀

A limited moderation community server dedicated to debate, research, and just hanging out. Although small (at the moment), we're a friendly and active group. We hope to see you here!

Innovative Gamers

This server was created for all games and gamer's, utilizing what discord was made for the gaming community. This server features gaming news, music channels, gaming channels, chat channels and mu...

Roi's Avalon a.k.a Ultimate Life Form

MTNTWarz Community Server

The Official Cyndanera Discord

The Official Cyndanera Discord Community Server. we do games, art, animation, chat, hangout.

The Maned Wolf Pack

It's a small gaming community of people, sharing game news and free games when available, playing together, discussing things, but also talking about other topics, like TV Shows, Anime and Manga, R...


Arkadia - Once upon a time, some online friends decided to make a server. Now we’re all sick of each other and want more people to talk to. Come hang!

Red Moon Community

We are a public community that welcomes anybody, no matter what your interests are. We are primarily a gaming group, but welcome everyone with open arms. Though we are small, we are looking for mor...

Le Friends

Is your Ultimate quest to have an Epic experience regardless of what you do, and or have to be better and improve your communities? Then Welcome to more than a group or an ideal. Welcome to this ex...

YouTube Squad

Youtube Squad is a great way to hangout with people, or just relax listening to music. We have partnerships open and we are hiring! The only requirements are..........nothing! So why don't you g...

da wae

this is my new server so it dont have much but im open for suggestions so come join the fam


A small laidback server with a focus on community. Organized channels and roles along with a bunch of great bots.

Retards United

YOOO! Here in RU, we have a variety of bots, channels and categories which you might like! This server is an alliance of retards (and smart people too)! Feel free to join and I assure you great mo...

〄ℳega Server

We are an osu! theme community full of laid back fun and welcoming people! We hope to get more members so we can share moments and memories with!! c:

p a n d e m o n i u n

pandemonium is a server focused on the discussion of the satanic bible. Whether your intent may be for insight or expression into the path of will, the server brings forth an enjoyable community...


This is a small server where you can have fun and just be you! even tho its not 100% done i'd say its done enough for it to be on server lists

Gaming Chill Room🎮

Yo! if You need a place where you can chill and find friends to play with on Xbox Or PS4. Come and join this server. We help people find friends that they can play their Games with. Come and join ...


Hey peeps! This is a server just to do pretty much what you want! At this point, it's not that popular but with your help, it will flourish into a server that will make everyone happy!

Period Community

Find new friends! •Talk about the things you like •Play games •Watch anime /Anime events •Have serious discussions •Music lovers •Non toxic community •NSFW •Bot fun etc.

Dream Waifu Team

A small server of people from around the globe who enjoy making friends and participating in gaming, karaoke, movie watching, and other events! (18+ ONLY)


WHAT WE OFFER : frequent events and game nights, fun entertaining bots, a bunch of self-assignable roles, a safe and well-looked over community, interests and clubs chatrooms


Baldbears is discord server for people who want to play games, socialize and have fun with other people. We have alot of different channels drawing, gaming, memes, anime etc. Also we have entertain...

Twilight's Community

1k+ Users | 1-2k Messages / day | Levels / RPG / Games | Server Bot (~5k Servers) | 22+ Bots (Music/NSFW/Memes) | active | tons of updates | friendly staff | Advertise your own Server! | NSFW! | an...

Aizen House

Aizen House, as the name says, is a calm and friendly place for everyone to stay. You are more than welcome to join and chat & share stuff with us! We usually play games together and share funny co...


We are a low moderation, 18+ server that keeps it loose having as little rules as possible to let you be who you want in order to have the best possible discord experience. We are 18+but we are NOT...

Epic Team Community

"Epic Team" to uniwersalny serwer dla każdego, niezależnie od płci czy wieku. Poruszamy na nim różne tematy, od filmów, po gry. Mamy mnóstwo zaawansowanych botów, a nawet gry serwerowe! Serdecznie ...

Chat Hub

Chat Hub represents a community of people who come to find conversation and people to talk to on their free-time. While most servers have people only on to be annoying or to act retarded, on Chat H...

Anti-Social Society

PMA♡ A-SS is the most original, positive, friendly & chill place for making friends & relationships. Active chats & moderation! TECH⭐KPOP⭐ANIME⭐ART⭐GAMES⭐EVENTS

When In Need

We're When In Need, a server made by two friends who decided we wanted a way to talk to people whenever we felt like escaping the world for a bit. Our main goal is to make a community of people who...

Niggy Wiggys

Yo just chill here and stuff, we're new so if you're not annoying you can be staff. Whatever

Nutella Clan (Beta)

The Nutella Clan is a friendly gaming community hoping to become a large active server. You can show your art and talk or play with the community. A fun place for all! -SpacePanda

Poprock’s Playhouse

Hello! I would like to invite you to join my discord server "Death's Variety Group" everyone and anyone is allowed to join! Are you an :art: artist or just creative in general? We have chats for y...

Starstruck Gamers

We're a gaming community focused on building strong relationships with all types of gamers & people. Our main goal at Starstruck Gamers is to make everyone feel welcome, to enjoy all the games we k...


Pallina is an italian Discord Server. Pallina e' un server Discord Italiano. Pieno di bot, canali e molto divertimento. Siamo un server nuovo, quindi con pochi membri. Molti ruoli. Ci sono pochi me...