🎄 Tyrant's Social Hub 🎄

Make friends within my community through socializing, gaming etc. Looking for people who can fit in nicely within our community.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

TikTok is not your ordinary destination for short-form mobile video. It's raw, real, and without boundaries. Join our Discord server!


Chatear y hacer amigos en nuestra sala ¡Discordia o conoce los eventos interesantes en nuestra web! ;)


This place is very versatile, we try to suit everyone's needs. It's a fun server to be in if you like to make friends! We revolve around chatting, anime and gaming. We have giveaways from time to t...


A social refuge for the wandering soul. Come meet a welcoming, wholesome, & growing community!

Lunar Light 🎄

This is a general interests and hobby server. We have channels for most hobbies and there's something for everyone. We have regular events, a short list of rules, and a welcoming group that would l...

𝕌𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕄𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕖 🎄

Super chill community, wonderful staff, fun and active chats! Very simple setup, super organized and extremely welcoming! Want an awesome community to talk to and make friends with, while playing g...

🎄V a s t O c e a n❄

A server chalk full of randomness and activity. Mostly xbox friends that play a variety of different games and watch anime together. Join the server for occasional cancer and fun!

🌴The Jungle🌴

The jungle is a general hangout for all ages, races and religions. We aim to be the best when it comes to maturity, support, and discussion.


Howdy, we're open 24/7 and accept food stamps


Hi there, Hypermodernity is about communication, maybe language exchange in some way (russ-eng community) , we dont have this edgy roles, so as we haven't this kind of crap, there is no much rules ...


Felines' Cafe is a community to get to know new people, have fun conversations and exciting events. We have open staff applications. Just give it a try..? It's new with only 50 members and hopefull...

🐲Dragon Nation🔥

=Fun server to talk and hang in!= =Get a group and talk in game voice chat to arrange game times!= =NSFW anime and irl!= =Anime discussion chat!= =Rp!= =And more!= ...

🎄Cozy Cafe 🎄

Hello! This is a loving and welcoming cafe inspired server where you can come and relax, find friends and emotional support. Come join us!!

🎄Anna's Family🎄

This is a friendly community! We have gaming, music, support, art, food, and roleplay! Come join and meet some awesome people! <3

💗 Fruit-alicious 💗

A little Fruity server looking for new Members

・Life's Wonderland・

We're just a small and growing server full of people that just want some nice company! We've got a 24/7 Music Radio, chats with weird memes, and chatrooms to post your creations! Our goal is 100 me...

〄ℳega Server

We are an osu! theme community full of laid back fun and welcoming people! We hope to get more members so we can share moments and memories with!! c:

⭐Glowing Star

We are about to release an experimental Discord adventure involving many skills (gaming, drawing, solving enigmas...) A community revolved around a circle of people creating and playing games and ...

❄ 𝒽𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓁 𝔁 ❄

A newly created, chill server for you to talk about anything and make new friends!


We just talk and chill out. We accept all people and we try to be a welcoming community :)

♦ İnternational Server ♦

Welcome to International Server. We have different channels for different languages. Now we have English, Türk, Deutsche, Pусский, Français, Español Češka and Svensk channels. We are looking for mo...

♆ ID Community ☭

This server has no description!

※ Ќɨnǥđøm øf Ħɇłł ※

This kingdom comes with everything imaginable. From the daily regular chatting to the nastiest and most sexual things you can think of! There are also bi-weekly events with an amazing leveling syst...

ᛤᛤᛤThe Nocturne 2.0ᛤᛤᛤ

The Nocturne 2.0 is a laid-back, fun and chill place to chat. Our goal is to keep the place as nontoxic and friendly to everyone as possible. We have plenty of chat rooms, and are always open to ...


```Хей-хей-хей! Всевышний овощ на связи! Мой сервер под названием "Бунтарьград" ждёт вас! Регулярные ивенты и актив на сервере присутствуют

Zach's Community

Super chill community, wonderful staff, fun and active chats! Very simple setup, super organized and extremely welcoming! Want an awesome community to talk to and make friends with, while playing g...

Yumeko's Casino

This server has no description!

YouTube Squad

Youtube Squad is a great way to hangout with people, or just relax listening to music. We have partnerships open and we are hiring! The only requirements are..........nothing! So why don't you g...

Yggdrasil: The World Tree

Yggdrasil: The World Tree is a group for people to meet friends, talk about games, music, and much much more. We provide a multitude of bots to use in a bot channel, and we have a variety of people...

Yaoi Nation ♡

Just a community server for yaoi lovers to chill and talk in, come join the fun.

World Government

Le serveur la flotte est un serveur avec une hierachie basée sur celui de la marine nationale. C’est une communauté composée de personnes gentilles et accueillants mais surtout de gros chiens se qu...

When In Need

We're When In Need, a server made by two friends who decided we wanted a way to talk to people whenever we felt like escaping the world for a bit. Our main goal is to make a community of people who...

We Waz Communist

An amazing community for gaming or just chatting. We have fun roles and good staff to give you the best experience. We would love to see you!


The officially unofficial Warframe Partnered Discord server! Join the war, Tenno!


World Channel is a community of people interested in history, culture, politics, current events, and philosophy. While we may discuss many things, our foremost goal is to promote quality discourse ...


Community server that brings people on all platforms together for gaming a general fun. Official sponsored gaming events/youtube streams regularly, we provide a mature environment for people who lo...


We are a non-toxic community, where you can find new friends and be a part of a big family. There are many talented people, We hope you bring something new and want to share your talent with us and...

Vibes Hotel (Archived)

Community-focused server, few members, but willing to grow together. A place where you can chill, hangout with your friends or totally random people from around the world.

Vex's Grave Stone

Welcome to Vex's Grave Stone, A lovely, friendly tight knit community, with frequent events, polls, raids, and storytime. we are hiring for staff,


We are a small server in search for new members. Hoping that the server will grow soon and we’ll be able to build up an amazing, chill and friendly community. <3


there are many servers like us but this one can be 'ours'. we're a chill little group, we got an active management team, and we promise not to harass you. uwu stay epic.


Hey! Are you looking for a friendly server with a knack for bullying it's owner? Well join us! We have occasional movie nights and spontaneous bouts of spam!

Tokyo Night

Are you looking for a nice server which welcomes everyone? Well, look no futher! We are Tokyo Night, a chill community server themed around anime.

Throw tomato

We are Tomato throwers. Actually we looking for more active members. Hope you have fun in our server.


Hello everyone! This is a new server looking for nice and active members. We have gaming, anime, furry, roleplay, art, nsfw and meme channels. If you want a cool, non toxic community and new friend...

The Zone For Gamers

The zone for gamer's welcomes all gamer's feel free to come and join our friendly gaming community. The server has numerous gaming channels and music channels. We also have a leveling and rank sys...

The Wrong House

This is a server where everyone can join in! Though some things may be inappropriate, everything and everyone else are nice. The server is moderated and is quite active. Anyone can talk about anyth...

The Unique Business

The Executive Business where everybody can come together and chat with users all across the world! • Any Age Welcomed • Amazing Staff Team • New and slowly growing • Support The Server! Join To...

T̵̼͗h̴̝̽e̵͖̋ ̴̙̈́T̵̰͘w̸̄̄ì̶͒l̷͍̒i̵͈͊g̴̤͒h̶̓͜t̸͗͐ ̵̳̓Z̵̜̓o̶̒͂ṋ̷̏è̵͋

This is a new server that is empty, we are just looking for people that like to have fun with others. Whether that means gaming or just communicating with others. This server will definitely be a l...

The Tea Room

The Tea Room is a growing community of gamers, content creators, artists and enthusiasts. It is a great place to chat and meet new people. We host weekly/bi-weekly events such as movie nights and g...


we are a small server built around everyone is welcome with a dedicate nsfw area and games,music,so on the nsfw for bdsm and everything else everyone feel free to express your self the few members ...

The Silver Elk

We are a small server that was created by me and a couple buddies, and we want it to grow into a thriving community. We want to host a place where people can make friends, and talk about what they ...


We are a low moderation, 18+ server that keeps it loose having as little rules as possible to let you be who you want in order to have the best possible discord experience. We are 18+but we are NOT...

The Sauciest Server

Welcome to the Sauciest server on Discord!! We are a community that revolves around mostly everything from gaming to anime. Come hang out and chill with some new people. Everyone is welcome, we loo...

The Sauce

The Sauce is a server that lets people express themselves and enjoy themselves in multiple ways, you should join this server if you: 1) Like to watch/Talk about Anime 2) Play games on pc (steam) 3...

The Rebellion

We offer a strong moderation system and were always improving our server too. We accept feedback and we accept all kinds of people. We dont want anyone to feel like they arent safe to be in our dis...

The Rebel Fleet

The Rebel Fleet! A place for people to hang out, game, talk, meme, and much more! Looking forward to having you join!

The Qrew

COD: BO4, PUBG, Fortnite and more. Number #1 Looking for Group community https://the-qrew.com/

The Official Cyndanera Discord

The Official Cyndanera Discord Community Server. we do games, art, animation, chat, hangout.

The Natsuki Creator Club

Welcome to the Natsuki Creator Club~ If you enjoy showing your creative side, then you've found the right server! - Various Clubs - Open to New Ideas - Kind Staff - Accepting of Everyone - Fre...

The Nation

Glory to The Nation, dedicated to keeping its citizens within the protecting hands of justice, dependability, peace and freedom. Join for chat of all kinds and a friendly community.

The Mosh Pit

The mosh pit is a growing community server but we also have some NSFW for the 18+ of course.

The Meme Army

We are a very friendly server that has a lot to offer most of the people that join become regulars we have something for everyone. - Music - Gaming - Art - NSFW - Memes - Weed channels - Raids - W...

The Maned Wolf Pack

It's a small gaming community of people, sharing game news and free games when available, playing together, discussing things, but also talking about other topics, like TV Shows, Anime and Manga, R...

The Lost Souls Divisions

Welcome to TLS (TheLostSouls), were we give you respect, laughs, and have fun with each other. In this community, we have Gaming, memes, Streaming and much more. Requirements: Be 16 years old matur...

The Lost Minecraft Community

We Are a Growing Minecraft Community where you can meet other minecrafters and maybe make some friends while you here as well.

The Log Cabin

Welcome to the Log Cabin DIscord! We are a growing and new server that is focused on a strong community and games. We are building a Minecraft server which is going to be factions and minigames. I ...

The Keyboard Mafia

100-200 People only please! [Fair Staff] [Friendly Environment] [Well organized server] [Rules and regulations are simple to understand] [NSFW Categories (ANY)] [Ranks] [Self-running server]

The Jungle 🌴

Come join our server where you can talk about video games, music, memes, and whatever else you want,Fun Server for making new friends! Let's be friends!

The Infinity Gamer Community

A Gamer Friendly chat. We allow anyone to join and sell items such as skins, unique items and many more! Our friendly admins are always here to help and feel free to invite your friends or ask us ...

The Hub

The Hub is a community for people of all kind, we host regular giveaways daily and are happy to welcome anyone into our group. Upon joining, you'll be greeted by a community unlike any other. ▬▬▬▬▬...

The Hole

I just made this server! Join and stay and help out. i need staff members. THis group is about making friends and laughing ab stupid stuff, Helping others. everyone is welcome:)

The Fields

The fields and all his lovely members are waiting for visitors. We are a very small server hoping for expantion. There is a leveling system that gives permq to certain fun stuff. We have people fro...

The Deep End

A new community welcoming all new players to just hang out and meet new friends and play games together

The Community

A free and fun server! All are welcome to join.

The Clubhouse

Welcome to the clubhouse! this is a server that has many uses, mainly for building freindships and sharing hobbies with others from around the world, if you are willing, please check it out!

The Chunky Clan

Welcome! We're a community of chill, fun-loving people and we're just here for a good time. (12+ recommended.) We just want people on the server that we can have a good time with. If you're here f...

The Boring Server™

The Boring Server is a place where you can chat with strangers & gain XP to upgrade to higher levels. Each time you get higher level you get a new role. Every 10th level contains a special reward t...

The Big Room

╭━━━━━━━━━━━━   -The Big Room-  -Features:  •Active chat (Usually).  •Lots of cool bots.  •NSFW, for those interested in this kind of stuff.  •Custom roles, to tell everybody the things you're int...

The Asura Lounge

A very welcoming place, we mostly chat about random stuff and chill, join in on spotify songs, voice chat, watch movies on rabbit, play video games, etc. We have giveaways, roles, etc. It's a prett...

The Accuser's Party

We offer nothing different from any other server on the list besides the fact that we have a sparse amount of members, terrible management, and that this server is all out disgusting. Despite the n...

Ten Inch Cats

fire:Fun Games Community Advertisement Channel Where are you waiting for Link: https://discord.gg/sG5VqVN

Tedd's 🍻

A server for open discussion about all topics, few rules. Fast-growing server with 50+ self-assignable roles and NSFW channels.


This server was created to form a community of technology minded people, who are interested in all aspects of technology from programming to space travel. The aim is to form a place where like mind...

Team Mango: Offical Discord

Love mangos?..Yes? Wanna become a Mango? Well, You can in this server! It has cool channels such as gaming! Or General! You can also Chat With other Mangos! So what are you waiting for? Join now to...


Come join the TastyGaming team today. This server is for anything gaming. You are welcome to post anything as long as it is not offensive or inappropriate. Swearing is allowed but there is a limit....


Here lies a small, growing server with a great community, amazing memes, custom colors, nsfw for those who dare(don't worry its a separate channel with a warning), gaming channels, and much more. J...


NerfGard - Dobrze zorganizowany serwer z kompetentną administracją. Offerujemy -aktywność -kompetentną administrację -częste eventy -innowacyjne inicjatywy i projekty DOŁĄCZ DO NAS!

Starstruck Gamers

We're a gaming community focused on building strong relationships with all types of gamers & people. Our main goal at Starstruck Gamers is to make everyone feel welcome, to enjoy all the games we k...


Newly named Sad Tea Party! A place for people to feel less lonely! Used as both a support group and a gaming and entertainment appreciate and involvement hub! We hope you join our little tea party ...

SSA Rust Servers

Welcome To The SSA Community Server -- Friendly Community -- Friendly Staff -- Plenty of Bots! -- Economy System -- Roles - Ranks --

Space gamers

Love Error Remake -This server has : -Automatic server build which means it builds itself upon your interests -Everything included your heart desires -Dating -Gaming -Nsfw -Bots -Roles -And comed...

Slow's Frozen Laguna

Just a chill place for people to make friends. Trying to grow a community!

sidra ✰

A server to be yourself. No moderation and minimal rules. Bullshit around and do what you want. Anything goes, the place is yours. Make friends and enjoy your time here. 100+ members currently, and...

Shit Posting Central

A fun little gaming community that is for fun and friends. We are very slack on the rules and nice people. We do have Pokecord and friendly staff.

Shin-Tai Empire

Welcome to Shin-Tai Empire ●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● We are a united community that respects all guidelines and people ●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Gaming - SFW - Active community - Knowledgeable Staff - NSFW and


Hello, welcome to the server! This is a place to make new friends and have a sense of community! We'd love it if you'd join! Hope you'll come to check it out.


-We are a borderline anarchy server the doesn't retail to anything. Overall it's just a melting pot made by friends and random people. -the most "culturally" different autists in one place (Oh a...

Server Baiters HQ

~Still-growing community based server with a game category to play with others and to have fun~ --> We have a variety of bots --> We host monthly nitro giveaways --> We are open to suggestions to a...

Serenity 静寂

Serenity is a new server where everyone is welcome! We're a community with diverse channels and roles for all kinds of interests. Here, you can meet many people and make new friends. We'd just like...


smelly trash compactor with cute traps

Rose Community

Welcome! I would love if anyone could join my dead server. It's supposed to be a community but there is no people ever talking. If people had the time to check it out it would be great.

Roi's Community Server

MTNTWarz Community Server

Reign Network

Reign Network is a close community of players that originally based around our Garry's Mod servers. Since then we have grown out to other games and have become a great place to make friends and gen...

Red Moon Community

We are a public community that welcomes anybody, no matter what your interests are. We are primarily a gaming group, but welcome everyone with open arms. Though we are small, we are looking for mor...

Real Retro™

Games, Social, Music & other. Friends hanging out. CAH, Music bot, Mee6 ranks.

RC Central

RC Central is a primarily gaming community with a large focus on socializing and meeting new people. We also include a dating portion of the server for those looking to spice up their online life. ...

Quiznos Server

Looking for an active, chill community server? Quiznos is looking for new members and all are welcome! Feel free to join and invite your friends!

Purple Gorillas Community

WELCOME TO PURPLE GORILLAS !! WHAT WE ARE ABOUT : 1) Fortnite Shop for Accounts 2) Fantastic Community of Gamers 3) Find Friends to Play With 4) Separate Channels to Play with Friends! 5) Mini-Ga...


community server with cool people :d

Prox Studios

This group is a hangout and a community for gamers, youtubers, twitch steamers, and anyone in general.

Prisma [UNCAGED]

✨ (16+) ✨ Amazing community that opens its arms to everyone! Economy | Events | Active | Bot Games | Pokecord | Waifu Bot | Color Roles | Anime | And More! ?

Practical America

Welcome to Practical America! Here you can: Chat With Friends! Play With Bots! Play Games! Make New Friends! Listen (And Make) Music! Discover a New (And Only) Species of Space Creature! Okay ma...

Potato Land

Welcome to Potato Land!! Our dream is to have a community where we provide a fun and relaxing environment for all members. Our server includes many different categories from gaming to anime. For th...


Ein deutscher Community Server zum unterhalten und spaß haben. Der Server wächst momentan. Wir freuen uns über jeden neuen Mitglied.

Pizza Lounge

Come chillax and eat pizza on the cheesiest server on Discord! We crave for a friendly, active community as we are a tiny server. Vent about life, share funny stories, post pictures of your pets, a...


please join i'm lonely (this is a new server so don't join if you like servers that are actually active)

Photo Madness

This server is created to surround uploading, critiquing, learning, and discussing topics surrounding photography. We're inviting to new members and are hoping to see you there!

Phantom Lodge

The Phantom Lodge is a multi-game guild full of fun-loving gamers who enjoy regular events, mature leadership, and a lack of real requirements. If you're casual or skilled it doesn't matter. We ev...

PF Aquarius

Hey! We're the PF Aquarius-a friendly community discord with tons of stuff to explore! Join us on our gaming adventures, our huge giveaways, or just have fun together. Everyone counts. That's what ...


WHAT WE OFFER : frequent events and game nights, fun entertaining bots, a bunch of self-assignable roles, a safe and well-looked over community, interests and clubs chatrooms

Pastime Paradise

If you are looking for a kind, thriving community full of love and compassion where you can truly relax, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place!

Oceanic Discovery

Welcome to Oceanic Discovery, from Oceanic Cruises, a chill cruise server offering amenities like free movies, partnering, an arcade with 5 bots, and more. See our website for more details! (Websi...

O.S.S. Hangout

✓ A place to talk with other people ✓ Fleshed out leveling system with mee6 ✓ a variety of subjects to talk about ✓ allows suggestions from people to be incorporated into the server! A server abou...


A discord for Neurolinguistics Programming, whether you're a pro, amateur, or of any skill. Here we discuss and learn NLP and integrate it into our lives. We trust you'll enjoy your time here!

Neko's Festive House

Neko's Fun House is a place to relax with people, play games, and make new friends.


G'day!! Nebula community here, we are a gaming/hangout community that focus mainly on minecraft

Nebul Island

The every persons paradise in the middle of the sea, a population of 50 and a nice breeze with some clear skys and a great sandy beach, so, come on down and grab ya sandals! https://discord.gg/DTc...

Nate's Pro Fishing

I just started a new fishing community server, please come join if you like to fish or anything fishing related. We also have a section where you can show off your tank/pond setup. Please join so y...




Up-and-coming chill server to meet new people, and will have game servers added (Minecraft, etc.)!


**Welcome to Minimal a Discord server for you and everyone a like.** A Discord server where you can just sit back and relax. Join a growing community. We have many things to offer from minigam...


A community loosely focused around online gaming. Our ambition is to create a community in which you'll always find a friend to play with, whatever game you're on.


Welcome to Meraki' -- A place to just sit back, chillax and meet some new people. What is Meraki? Meraki: Greek Word of the day; Doing something with love, passion and a lot of soul. Refer a mo...

Memes & Depression

Friendly server with same minded people that like memes and like to chat with others. We organize meme contests with rewards and giveaways.

Mayos big boi Server

Here on this server you can play games, talk about whatever but just have a good time

Marble | Roblox Community

Welcome to the Marble | Discord Server! we are a professional discord server where we post the latest news & u can have fun talking to the other 200 members & playing with the bots!! https://discor...

Mad Men Inc

MMI other wise know as Mad Men Inc Is a fun strange server looking for people to join are family and have good time so give the MMI a shot and join the madness that is the MMI


The Official Server for Artist LUVELLI. Join and be a part of a community that helps artists, gamers and creatives expand their networking and promotion. We also play a lot of games and are super...

lonely club

The lonely club should be a place where everyone can be themselves, and have a good time or get help during rough times.

Loli Academy

Here at the Loli bunker we have lots of features, such as bot commands, to an economy, let me explain what we have here. We have therapy channels, active staff, and many channels


Infinity is a community server and Official Server for the Youtuber ItzScorpacula that is made for everyone. Our Features: - Music Bots - Media and Art Channels - Fun and Games eg. Spam - Friendly ...

LM Gaming [Dead]

This server is just to have fun with the community / friends. I will do some giveaways in this server.

Livida Network

FG is an international charity soon to be registered in the UK dedicated to cyber bullying and helping people are going through it. Amazing Community, Helpful staff, Dyno Premium and Rythm Donator...

Le Friends

Is your Ultimate quest to have an Epic experience regardless of what you do, and or have to be better and improve your communities? Then Welcome to more than a group or an ideal. Welcome to this ex...

Knights Of The Nexus

Knights of the Nexus is a Heroes of the Storm community with +500 active members and growing. This is a great place to meet fun people to play with of a variety of skill and experience for Quick Ma...

Kingdom of Dornamatai

"I got bored" -Dr. Fib Liarsburg, 2/18/2018

Keeping Up Wth The Montessorians

Chill People Looking For more chill people

Kami Guild

This is where everyone gather and have fun! We plan to build a community so everyone could have fun together as a 'family'. Also, we have friendly staffs. Recruiting roles to member sometime soone...

Jugendtreff 2.0

Deutscher Discord-Server für Jugendliche aller Alterklassen

Judahs Witnesses

Discord server for chatting, anime, manga, music, gaming, nsfw and more!


A basic community Discord server. Interact with people and not feel lonely

Jewbois Regime

I'm currently working on building this server and this will be its first launch! Very basic right now, im just posting to test some bots and role commands. Anyone is welcome to join.


Interloper is a small community that partition fish.

Innovative Gamers

This server was created for all games and gamer's, utilizing what discord was made for the gaming community. This server features gaming news, music channels, gaming channels, chat channels and mu...


We are a growing community of gamers. Join us! We also have an unboxing bot where you can unbox loot and attack others.

Humble Christmas tree

We are a new server made to bring people together and make new friends. We have Pokemon games, A few NSFW channels, Self roles ( more are being added asap ), Rankings, and more! Come stop by! [ 13+ ]


New server, so suggestions are greatly appreciated, but these are the role channels we have thus far: -Gaming -Music -Art -Anime -NSFW Access locked channels with reaction roles :p Everyone is welc...

House of Lies

House of Lies is a social discord with roles based of the Zoroastrian mythos. /Join our social chat and meet friendly people! /Have a debate in the #debate channel /Dank memes in the #glorious-mem...

Hotel Bing

This is Hotel Bing! A Community based discord server. We do not have any admins, and we only have limited rules with active events and hopefully, friends. We have a number of activities here. (Leve...

Hobby Central

This server has no description!


Open community ranging from GFX,Anime, Music, Mugen. Everyone is welcomed!


Hey peeps! This is a server just to do pretty much what you want! At this point, it's not that popular but with your help, it will flourish into a server that will make everyone happy!

Heaven Stones

welcome to Heaven Stones! The place with nice people in a relaxed place. With several channels where you can share your intrest with others, free of judgment! Features: Including: Anime ,Furrys N...

ℍeart & Seoul

We are a friendly community server based around anime, music, gaming, Pokecord, and Asian culture! 1:1 M/F Ratio & various events and games!

Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life is a community server that has friendly, active members, weekly events, anime, kpop, games, and memes.

Hang Out Together!

Welcome to HOT! Hang Out Together! A place for EVERYONE! Be nice and happy! Positivity is a good thing!

Hakumei Grove

We are a new small community looking for fun people to talk with. All are welcome!!

H & Clog's Shitposting Extravaganza

A server for the most rad e-boys and e-grills out there. Join in to fuck around and become the coolest kid on the block.

Gucci Bakery🍞

Welcome to the Gucci Bakery! This is a chill discord community in which you can find people to play games with or just chill out and have a good time! Come in and enjoy yourself!

Goat Testees

We are a server which has recently started and are wanting to build up a community. When you join this server you are able to do a range of things from meme-posting to bot fun. Feel free to swing by!

Global Hub

We're a small group of friends who have literally no idea how to run a server. Just join and meet us. It may seem inactive but we're actually alive, I swear.

Global Chat

Global chat is a server for people to come and meet new people, we have Voice channels, selfies, Self Assignable Roles, Bots, Active members, ect. We are a new fast growing server.

Geometry Dash Community

One of the biggest community Discord servers for the platformer game "Geometry Dash"!

Genesis Gaming

Genesis is a gaming server for various games and has a friendly community and is a great place to hangout

Garden Of Darkness

Age limit: 15-19 This is a welcoming and accepting server I created for metalheads, hard rockers, punk rockers, outcasts, and simply just awesome laid back people to join and hangout with us. We h...

Gaming Chill Room🎮

Yo! if You need a place where you can chill and find friends to play with on Xbox Or PS4. Come and join this server. We help people find friends that they can play their Games with. Come and join ...


An open gaming community for adults. GamersUnitedFront.com

Gambling and Chill

This server has no description!

Future Vision

A community server for people interested in the future.

Frog's Media Gallery

A brand new, non-toxic community of all sorts of artists looking to share and discuss each others work. Whether you're a musician, artist, writer, photographer, filmmaker, or the like, you are welc...

Friendly Friends

Small community hoping to bloom into a friendly place for people to chat and share anything from games to music to art etc! looking for staff and ideas constantly, welcoming everyone!


FOX NEWS is a mature (16+) community based discord server. It features levels, a great community, and lots of fun. Join now and you won't be disappointed!

Forever Innocents

[ENG] A group of good Polish friends, who likes spicy memes, multiplayer games and NSFW images ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [PL] Grupa dobrych polskich przyjaciół, którzy lubią memy, gry komputerowe i złe obrazki (...

Forever Country

We are a Dynamic Server that wants to work around what its members want to see in a community server. This server strives to be a spot where you come to enjoy yourself. Just be sure to put what you...

Fliplike's Evil Inc.

We are a small community all about evil schemes... JK we have no clue what it is about, but YOU can help us become something special.

Flakkori's Corner

Welcome to Flakkori's Corner. We are a community based server with the hopes to grow with an active base of people. We welcome all. We are currently attempting to mold our community based on those ...

Fellowship of the Gamers

Group of Gamers trying to make a fun community playing video games, board games and even make videos or karaoke. Feel free to join if you're a chill individual looking for online friends and a plac...

Farfouille Community

Parler de tout et de rien sur 1 seul serveur discord !


FandomHub.com is a server intended to house multiple broad discussion channels, all in one server. Chat about the latest season of your favorite show, and a comic book series you just picked up all...

Fallen kingdom

Hi! welcome to fallen kingdom where we group together to form a community for all, we have bots for music, games, and plenty more~ Invite your friends and anyone else that you would want to hang...

Evii's Game Palace

VGP (Vivi's Game Palace) is a server centered around playing games and having fun. Come join us and help us grow.

Escape Reality

A helpful, friendly, gaming(?) community that has a ready player one-ish theme to it. Basically like the oasis. Join for a community experience like no other!

Error 404

This is the Server ERROR 404 Here are some things to look forward to! Daily Activities / Advertising / No Ping Role / Events / Leveling Up System / And More!

Epic Squad

Epic Squad is one of the best international gaming communities. The server discord of this community offers many features. [DISCORD]: https://discord.gg/mQn3Xxt [GUILDED]: http://www.guilded.gg/i/...

Enchanted Reality ♠

Fun Server to talk about anything. Has channels for programming, anime, writing, and anything really. Has people from around the world to talk to. We host party games every once in a while :D


We are a holistic gaming community with a medieval flair. We have an ecosystem of gaming guilds and social environments neatly tied up in a Discord server made to facilitate community-wide communic...

ecks dee

Looking for anyone who is looking for a community to be a part of! We welcome anyone willing to join for fun and friends.Gaming, Anime, or any other thing you're into we welcome you!So come to join...

Echo Drone / Echoes

The official Echo Drone Discord server is a community targeted towards musicians and producers, but is also targeted at anyone that does anything! In this server, you can talk about music, talk abo...


Friendly community! Here, you can make friends, talk with others, and have fun! You can also advertise your server! We are also willing to partner other servers. Enjoy!