Horror Gamers Welcome! Loads of active members and growing! Streamers Welcome! Welcome to Dying with Friends! We are a solid crew of friends from all over the world with two things in common: Playing Video Games, and Scaring the $#!* out of each other! We love to play Dead by Daylight, Phasmophobia, Home Sweet Home, Pacify, In silence, Pacify, The Forest. The List goes on! We aren't limited to just Multiplayer games. Single Player games are always a topic of conversation. We of course love Horror themed Movies and TV Shows. Who doesn't like a good ghost adventure?

Follow the Discord TOS. Don't be a dick. Other than that have fun! Everyone here is pretty cool. Voice chat is very active, Just join any channel and someone will surely join you. Also streamers are welcome to spam their link in the appropriate channel :).

no selling/advertising hacks for dbd or other multiplayer games, its no fun or fair for people who want to play legit will result in immediate ban.

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