Welcome to ++GTA 5 Community Discord Server++!

Playing GTA V? Great, so we do so! Join us to our growing community and have a really nice place to meet new players of the game. This server includes:

Singleplayer Modding & LSPD First Response Communities

  • Mods showcase: list of and useful Mods, Graphics, Scripts, Vehicles, Weapons, Peds, Maps, LSPDFR Callouts & Plugins and such...
  • Announcements channel for Mod updates
  • A channel to share mods / vehicles you recommend
  • Mod Developer rank applications
  • Channels for streaming | Hangout
  • Support channels [Voice | Text]

GTA Online & Storymod Communities

  • Rockstar Games service
  • GTA 5 change logs, weekly discounts, announcements and new updates
  • Crews info + crew leader rank applications
  • Organizations codes for special tags (Rockstar verified and such)
  • Online Missions / Heists / Races info
  • Storymod FAQ / Missions / Characters info
  • Support channels [Voice | Text]
  • Vehicles / Weapons showcase
  • LFG | Hangout channels

FiveM Community

  • FiveM Service, Updates & Announcements
  • Plugins / Servers showcase
  • FiveM Server Owner rank applications
  • Support channels [Voice | Text]
  • LFG | Hangout channels

Server Features

  • General chat, hangout and media channels [Voice | Text]
  • Official events (Car meets, movie nights, etc...)
  • Custom emojis + emotes
  • Reaction roles
  • Music lounges for vibes
  • Language lounges
  • VIP Category
  • Nitro boosting rewards and much more...

Community Mod Applications Content Creator Program applications Requests for partnerships available

Hopefully you will enjoy this server!

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