Originally a group of friends just wanting to enjoy Arma in our Holdfast regiment, we came to realize the community we could create in Arma 3.

We run multiple genres of operations currently: Modern, WW2, Vietnam, Warhammer 40k, Star Wars, and Halo are all the genres we currently run. Our main operation day is on Sundays at 4 PM EST, but we have other OPs throughout the week. We are semi-serious, meaning although we ask you behave in operations, we won't make you call people sir, or any of the boring IRL stuff. We have multiple specialities roles you can play, and a cool medal cabinet to work towards to deck out your discord tags!

Even though we've only been active for about 6 months, we have grown exponentially, to currently having around 120 enlisted members, with an active attendance of 20-30 per operation.

Only requirements to enlist are: -13+ of age -Speak fluent english

No DLCs, no minimum hours, and we are very welcoming of new players!

We hope you will join us on our endevour to continue enjoying Arma MIlsim!

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