Travelers Roleplay; A FiveM Server

About TRP

Travelers Roleplay is a new and fun FiveM roleplay server striving for a mature community. We have a lot of things to explore within our server and currently have open applications for active server staff, LSPD & EMS. We’re community based so we appreciate any feedback we can get.


Why join us?

We have an open mind. To give a description, We strive for a mature and formal police force whilst at the same time having some fun, our staff is fair and open minded with others, our development team has an open mind and are open to suggestions that benefit the server. __

What we have to offer within our server:

-Civilian jobs

-Custom vehicles (for purchase in PDM)

-Crafting (Illegal & Legal)

-Bank Heists

-Drug running

-Store robberies

-Fair economy

-Active development

-And so much more!

In the end…

If you’re looking for a serious roleplay server that strives for the a mature and fair community to provide fun roleplay for others & themselves with a fair economy you’ve come to the right place. Please help us as and join on in as we attempt to grow. We appreciate everyone who makes an effort to help out, and a personal thank you for taking time to read this! ?

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