A very chill adult 18+ petplay themed server dedicated to ALL things lewd. Roleplay, ERP, DDLG, BDSM, furry, hentai, member nudes, self promotional, etc. Open to every kink and fetish that doesn'...


Sanctuary is a panfandom survival game set in a frozen world. We are 18+ and allow both Original and Canon characters from a wide range of fandoms. We are literate to advanced.

The Cheese Realm

Anything can happen here!

Gage's Jojo RP - Two-Four Edition

A rather new jojo roleplaying server with a custom setting and a separate timeline, with some reincarnations of canon characters, and lots of new characters. It is based in a custom city in Canada ...

Gem Universe

A fun, family friendly place for chatting, rp, and gaming on this SU based server :) Helper Applications are currently open :>

rp · for · fun

Join us to RP in the World of Dragons. We have a bunch of custom items and self-created graphics.

Roleplayers' Lounge

Here you can make your own roleplays!


Join our religion. You don't have to be religious or anything... Honestly, the owners don't even believe in god...

Haa~Heavenly Ruins(RP)~aaH

Dead rp server, trying to revive it once more. Haves diferente types of channels for rp, bots and regular chats. Pin me when you enter to give out you roles. Thank you~❤️

Tokyo Ghoul: Dementia

Tokyo Ghoul: Dementia is a new roleplay server centered around the Tokyo Ghoul series. We have nice staff, active members, and are looking to grow!

|Android's Matrix|

Welcome to Android's Matrix! Where all roleplays and messing around happen!

GoldenMane Academy

Welcome to GoldenMane Academy! We provide

۩۞۩ Wesperia ۩۞۩

Empire of Vesperia is a literate role-playing server and made for all types of people (from those that enjoy simple combat without power to those that prefer to go full out magic) One liners not we...

Adramelech Castle

This castle is ruled by Astaroth and now has a few people here and a dragon guarding her. hope you will come and respect the princess of hell.

Tokyo Ghoul:Bloodlust

A fun Tokyo Ghoul roleplay server, you don't have to be a GREAT roleplayer or even a good one. Just be respectful and we'd love to have ya.

A True Roleplay Server

Are you a fan or roleplay? Looking to have a fun time? Well, then we might have found a place for you! This roleplay server aims to give people a fun time in our academy, with not much restrictions.

Ending Factor RP

Ending Factor is an MMO-like roleplay involving magic aspects, and other game-like features. Join us, as we indulge ourselves in guild quests, and conflicts alike!


EL mejor server de roleplay de la historia, Una gran Ciudad basada en Froopyland. Consigue un trabajo, compra una casa, un auto, o ve por la via sucia y consigue dinero cometiendo crimenes, claro, ...

For Silver and Red

Will you join the Reds and be pummeled by the Silver Royals or will you be a part of the "god-adored" Silvers who are given power and wealth by birth? Who will your loyalty be directed to? Or will ...

Barren Earth

A demonic apocalypse happens in 2020. 50 years later, humanity is struggling to survive. NEWER SERVER - LOOKING FOR PEOPLE

The Collapse

Welcome to The Collapse! We are a newly formed post-apocalyptic roleplay based in Michigan. It has been 17 years since the initial outbreak day, known as “The Collapse,” and nature has reclaimed to...

RP And Chat For Gamers, Anime, Etc.

Rp or chat here about sonic, sonamy, games, anime, anything really. Please join. We welcome you with love.

CHB: The Next Generation

✧・゚: ✧・゚:  Welcome to Camp Half Blood! :・゚✧:・゚✧ A new generation of Demigods are being welcomed Into Camp Half Blood! Everyone is welcomed in! What are you waiting for? We'll see you back in camp.

Armantor Medieval Fantasy RP

We are a roleplay group for our own, we are allowing nfsw in our borders also we wanna see you to between our home, I hope you all will like us, free yourself to join our lore can be change when we...

Ohio, 2036

Post-apocalypse RP, following a nuclear war! - Giant map, still growing! - Different factions, or go it alone! - In depth story and plot system! - Friendly, helpful staff!

One Piece: New Era

Hello wanderer! Welcome to the New Era, let's get you on your feet. This is a friendly One-Piece server that hopes to quench your thirst for roleplay. It's an OC alternate universe RP of One Piece,...

! Garmony

The largest international discord community where you can communicate using a variety of quality emojis. Partners: https://discord.gg/TVw8NKv https://discord.gg/uRbSmD6 https://discord.gg/nQ5dJvD h...

SKS Roleplay Server

SKS Roleplay is a multifandom roleplaying server. We're looking to expand and include more people. Our goal is to create an exciting and intriguing space where people can express themselves through...

The New Beginning

A legendary land inhabited by creatures thought to never exist. Here your wildest fantasies come to life. Live a peaceful life in the country or fight in the chaos of battle. Your life in this land...

Kelp Mocha

Kelp Mocha is a roleplay server with lore and background set by myself, the creator. All lore and information can be found in-server. It is only anthros in terms of roleplaying characters and being...

First Class Roleplay Community

We are a small but growing fivem gaming community which is based on GTA5 who is centered around ESX, our ESX server is custom, our devs are active and we would love for you to join us https://disco...


Balamb Garden is a major location in Final Fantasy VIII, situated east of the town of Balamb. Students (usually orphans) attend school in hopes of becoming SeeDs. Balamb Garden is one of the three ...


〖✰ Welcome to Roleplay Paradise! ✰〗 A Roleplay Community that Has multiple settings that are carefully mapped out! ✰Easy rules to understand! ✰Partnership is available! ✰ Self Assigned Roles! ...


IU2 is a server that is trying to create a catalog/active RP universe for all to enjoy. We feature many moons, planets, stars, and solar systems! For most planets, there are occupying races that yo...


This server is just starting up the 'Prime' experience in roleplay. And we're inviting anyone and everyone who enjoys roleplaying on Discord to our server. Please join, and invite your friends if y...

The City of Technio

The perfect vacation spot! Make Sure To Read The Rules.

RFA Host Club

Mystic Messenger meets Ouran High Host Club to bring fun and entertainment for all! A roleplay AU server currently looking for customers and more hosts!

The King's Court

A server with a medieval/fantasy theme. Complete with shitposting channels, a NSFW section, and many more. Plans to have regular structured RPG sessions (D&D and the like) are in the works. Relativ...

Friends & Friendship

Nerdiest server! Role play, tech talk and game chats! Other role play servers as well! Gamers, weebs and nerds all welcome! Tech talk with support as well. We got a lot to offer. DIY, recipes and c...

The Land of the Never Ending Winter

Roleplay Viking Server..Fantasy

Hidden Sources

Hidden Sources is a server mainly based off of SCP. It takes place is Site-61. It is a pretty decent roleplay server <3 Don't know what a SCP is? Join we will help teach you!

Extrium - Roleplay

Extrium is a large scale roleplay server that allows multiple different types of Roleplay. Unlike most other servers, we don't have a singular linear plot line, instead, our plot is more influenced...

Eldorum System

The "Eldorum System" is a ROLEPLAY server designed for dedicated RP fans. We're not talking the cringe kind. We're talking the essay-length biography kind. If you're not that kind of RPer, fear not...

The Phantom Zone⚔

Want a new , fun,cancer free server to join ?Well look no further because in the phantom zone you can be apart of a new innovative multiversal rp server complete with a fun and active community,coo...

Everybody's RP

This is a roleplay server with many different types of chats, for all kinds of roleplays, and also includes an RPG bot. This server is a fun, safe, and happy place for all kinds of people, and all ...

Stargate RP

A small, casual RP community that's easy to join and play in. No stats, all Stargate shows welcome- it's possible to make your own RP or play in existing ones with others! We are OC friendly, but...


Get to experience fun with the roleplays available! ROLEPLAY CHANNEL is now here, lots of roleplays like Ori and the Blind Forest, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Shuffler and the Dangerous Bionics, Minec...

Diurisu - Land of Eternal Happiness

In this roleplay, you will roam the features of the country of Diurisu, a utopian land known for its nearly perfect calming aura that brings happiness to even the most disturbed or hardened people!...

✎Yuri's Poetry Club

Welcome to the Poetry club! Made by me. Yuri! If you wanna roleplay, chat, have fun, and talk about Doki Doki Literture Club? Then this is the server for you, have fun and talk with fans about the ...

The Blood Trials

When 3 gods pluck you out of your home world and drop you into an arena where you're tasked either to kill or find the killer, who will survive? We have: Overarching murder mystery plot! Casual rp...