School is starting once more at Hogwarts. The teachers are waiting in the great hall as the returning faces flood in, all of them over their cups filled with pumpkin juice. So much has changed in the familiar halls. Even though it been rebuilt after the war it still was not quite the same. The faces of the teachers changed even more frequently and this year a new headmaster has stepped in place after McGonagall.

No one knows much about him and even the teachers seem skeptical of him as they eyed him lazily scrolling his muggle phone. There is one thing for sure and that this year is set to be an exciting one. The largest class year since the battle for Hogwarts is finally in their 7th year. The castle is decked out in fresh banners. Those whose lives were lost both students and teachers in battle hung about the corridors in new paintings. What adventures will you find yourself a part of next?

This is a new and blossoming Harry Potter Roleplay set in the year 2020. We are a friendly server with diverse members and staff. This server is 18+ due to the nature of the roleplay within. Come check us out, we look forward to Returning to Hogwarts with you! -LGBTQ+ friendly -Diverse staff and members -Friendly atmosphere -Opportunities to become students, teachers, and partake in leadership roles

  • RP and ERP

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