Frederick County Roleplay Official FiveM Community

We are an experienced Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay Community for FiveM actively recruiting for the following departments:

➣ Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) ➣ Maryland State Police (MSP) ➣ Frederick County Fire & Rescue (FCF&R) ➣ Frederick Civilian Department (FCD) ➣ Frederick Communications Operations (FCO)

Requirements To Join: ➣ Age 16+ ➣ Laptop/Gaming PC ➣ Working Headset/Mic ➣ Fluent Grammar & English

Benefits Of Joining: ➣ Custom Interiors, Cars, Peds, Etc ➣ Growing Staff Team & Community ➣ Fully Functional FiveM Server ➣ Great Development Staff ➣ Great Roleplay & Professionalism ➣ Many Departments To Apply For ➣ Custom Weapons ➣ Custom Interiors ➣ Custom Cars & Liveries ➣ Custom EUP

FCRP Discord Invite:

FCRP Official Website:

Coming Soon!

Thank You For Your Time! -Founder Chance

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