Welcome to SoD Community, a beautiful isle of berk bustling with life. this server is focused around the franchise of How to Train Your Dragon. (focused on the Dreamworks franchise, however readers of the books, SoD gamers, and people that love the game School of Dragons are also welcome).

[Here are a few of the rules]

  1. Respect everyone here, if someone is uncomfortable please listen and make sure to change to a different subject while they are here
  2. Make as many characters as you need but do not make your characters extremely powerful without a good reason. No superpowers, no magic, just dragons and humans being best buds.
  3. NSFW of any kind should be kept to a minimum, your characters can have a mate and have offspring but do not roleplay any active part of it in this server.

If you need help with anything, related to the server or not, reach out to me, I'm on a lot of the time and I want to help as best I can.

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