Welcome to Anime for Everyone! We're an anime based discord server with a very chilled out vibe! We have waifu/husbando hunting bot as well as future giveaways, game nights and anime nights as well! When you join we have custom colours and roles which you can all choose freely! Also been having large amount of people playing Among Us as well!

We also have a dedicated Minecraft SMP server, so come and check it out! It has McMMO and Towny!

We have multiple ranges of bots from anime cards, Cards Against Humanity, Uno along with a few more! In future, we'll be having game nights as well as anime watching session which will be hosted! There is also a bot where you can search for any anime or manga with a simple command!

Currently is a 3 person staff team, all of us being very friendly! Always willing to talk to everyone and anyone!

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