*In our server, we aim to give you guys giveaways that are worth the time.

We'll have some bubblegum simulator giveaways - t1, t2, t3's, possibly even secrets! We'll be excepting donations if you're kind enough to offer - and we'll even provide credits and a donator role :)

Bloxburg giveaways will consist of bloxburg cash, and that's about it. There's not much you can do with bloxburg giveaways really - once again, we'll accept donations if you're able to! :)

Breaking point items will consist of Commons all the way up to divines, and sitting emotes too! - I think you can guess what I'm about to say here, following the pattern above; we accept donations if you're willing to!

Invite rewards may become a thing too!

If we get so fortunate, we may even offer discord nitro giveaways or even robux, possibly even other ingame items for games other than roblox - but this depends on our success :*

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