1. Hello, do you like youtubers and streamers?
  2. Well... I got something for you.
  3. If you join this server and you have a YouTube channel or you stream you will get that role and you can do a lot of things with that role.
  4. (We got nuked but we recovered very very fast - just wanted to say :))
  5. this server is for people to come and chat for small youtubers and streamers but we don’t care.
  6. Now... do you want to miss out on it?
  7. Come join us, or just pop in and say hi.
  8. We have:
  9. ➣ Roles - the more you type the more you level up!
  10. ➣ people - streamers, youtubers, friends, unknown people etc...
  11. ➣ channels - new channels to unlock and perms when you level up!
  12. ➣ events - sometimes game night or what ever the server wants to do!
  13. ➣ Public Simon says - working on private servers for it.
  14. ➣ Bots - we have are own bots aswell!
  15. ➣ and much more!
  16. First 5 people to join the server and DM me 837 and is in my server they will get the server premium - that’s means you can get premium adverts and more perms and partnership!**** ++++*******

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